Whates, Ian (ed) - Fables from the Fountain / Уэйтс, Йен (ред) - Сказки из "Фонтана" [2011, EPUB, ENG]

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Ian Whates (ed) - Fables from the Fountain

Название: Fables from the Fountain / Сказки из "Фонтана"
Год выпуска: 2011
Под редакцией: Whates, Ian / Уэйтс, Йен
Издательство: NewCon Press
ISBN: не указан
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook (сконвертировано из .mobi - Kindle Edition)
Язык: английский

Трибьют к «Сказкам Белого Оленя» ("Tales from the White Hart") Артура Кларка, приуроченный к 25-летию "Arthur C. Clarke Award".
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The Fountain had reopened after the recent difficulties. Indeed, Michael said, they had got away lightly. There were properties only a block away that had been reduced to rubble: the older ones burnt to carbonised beams, the newer melted in the heat like giant candles into sluggy heaps of plasconcrete. But the rioting had made a loose knight's-move west across city, and spared the Fountain's neighbourhood. There had been some looting, of course. A whole city doesn't spasm into riotous chaos without some looting. But two windows at the back broken, and a few crates of booze carried away wouldn't have been too bad, if some friendly folk hadn't kicked their way into the bar itself – apparently, to smash up glasses, tip up tables, and then leave, for the spirit bottles were still in their racks, optics in their mouths like baby pacifiers, unmolested.
Michael poured a half-dozen whiskies from one of these, and distributed the glasses around the table. Then he returned to his broom, sliding the shards over the floor into neater piles. “Don't you have a Roh for that?” asked Peston.
“Broken,” was the laconic reply.
. . .
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