Bulbeck, Laura (ed) - Science Fiction Short Stories / Булбек, Лаура (ред) - НФ рассказы [2016, EPUB, ENG]

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Laura Bulbeck (ed) - Science Fiction Short Stories

Название: Science Fiction Short Stories / НФ рассказы
Год выпуска: 2016
Под редакцией: Bulbeck, Laura / Булбек, Лаура
Издательство: Flame Tree Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78664-510-4
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook (retail)
Язык: английский

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WHEN I WAS some fifteen years old, I once made the remark, “Why, that’s impossible.”
The man to whom I spoke was a scientist. He replied gently, “My boy, when you are grown older and wiser you will realize that nothing is impossible.”
Somehow, that statement stayed with me. In our swift-moving wonderful world I have seen it proven many times. They once thought it impossible to tell what lay across the broad, unknown Atlantic Ocean. They thought the vault of the heavens revolved around the earth. It was impossible for it to do anything else, because they could see it revolve. It was impossible, too, for anything to be alive and yet be so small that one might not see it. But the microscope proved the contrary. Or again, to talk beyond the normal range of the human voice was impossible, until the telephone came to show how simply and easily it might be done.
I never forgot that physician’s remark. And it was repeated to me some ten years later by my friend, Captain Derek Mason, on that memorable June night of 1929.
. . .
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