Salmonson, Jessica Amanda (ed) - Heroic Visions / Сальмонсон, Джессика Аманда (ред) - Героические образы [1983, EPUB, ENG]

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Jessica Amanda Salmonson (ed) - Heroic Visions

Название: Heroic Visions / Героические образы
Год выпуска: 1983
Под редакцией: Salmonson, Jessica Amanda / Сальмонсон, Джессика Аманда
Издательство: Ace Fantasy Books
ISBN: 0-441-32821-0
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Антология героической фэнтези. Среди авторов: Fritz Leiber, Robert Silverberg, Alan Dean Foster, Michael Bishop ...
The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars / Звёздная болезнь и тихое помешательство novella by Fritz Leiber
Sister Light, Sister Dark short story by Jane Yolen
Tales Told to a Toymaker short story by Phyllis Ann Karr
Prophecy of the Dragon novelette by Charles E. Karpuk
Before the Seas Came short story by F. M. Busby
Thunder Mother short story by Alan Dean Foster
Dancers in the Time-Flux short story by Robert Silverberg
Sword Blades and Poppy Seed short story by Joanna Russ
The Nun and the Demon short story by Grania Davis
Vovko short story by Gordon Derevanchuk
The Monkey's Bride novelette by Michael Bishop

Robert Silverberg

Under a warm golden wind from the west, Bhengam the Traveler moves steadily onward toward distant Crystal Pond, his appointed place of metamorphosis. The season is late. The swollen scarlet sun clings close to the southern hills. Bhengam’s body—a compact silvery tube supported by a dozen pairs of sturdy three-jointed legs—throbs with the need for transformation. And yet the Traveler is unhurried. He has been bound on this journey for many hundreds of years. He has traced across the face of the world a glistening trail that zigzags from zone to zone, from continent to continent, and even now still glimmers behind him with a cold brilliance like a thread of bright metal stitching the planet’s haunches. For the past decade he has patiently circled Crystal Pond at the outer end of a radial arm one-tenth the diameter of the Earth in length; now, at the prompting of some interior signal, he has begun to spiral inward upon it.
The path immediately before him is bleak. To his left is a district covered by furry green fog; to his right is a region of pale crimson grass sharp as spikes and sputtering with a sinister hostile hiss; straight ahead a roadbed of black clinkers and ashen crusts leads down a shallow slope to the Plain of Teeth, where menacing porcelaneous outcroppings make the wayfarer’s task a taxing one. But such obstacles mean little to Bhengam. He is a Traveler, after all. His body is superbly designed to carry him through all difficulties. And in his journeys he has been in places far worse than this.
Elegantly he descends the pathway of slag and cinders. His many feet are tough as annealed metal, sensitive as the most alert antennae. He tests each point in the road for stability and support, and scans the thick layer of ashes for concealed enemies. In this way he moves easily and swiftly toward the plain, holding his long abdomen safely above the cutting edges of the cold volcanic matter over which he walks.
. . .
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