Saberhagen, Fred (ed) - A Spadeful of Spacetime / Саберхаген, Фред (ред) - Полная лопата пространства-времени [1981, EPUB, ENG]

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Fred Saberhagen (ed) - A Spadeful of Spacetime

Название: A Spadeful of Spacetime / Полная лопата пространства-времени
Год выпуска: 1981
Под редакцией: Saberhagen, Fred / Саберхаген, Фред
Издательство: Ace Books
ISBN: 0-441-77766-X
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Путешествия во времени.
Среди авторов: Roger Zelazny, Chad Oliver, Orson Scott Card, Connie Willis, R. A. Lafferty ...
Decyphered with the Potshards of Time poem by Robert Frazier
Go Starless in the Night / Беззвёздной ночью в пути short story by Roger Zelazny
To Whom It May Concern novelette by Chad Oliver
St. Amy's Tale / Рассказ святой Эми novelette by Orson Scott Card
The Final Days short story by David Langford
Recessional short story by Fred Saberhagen
Encased in the Amber of Time poem by Robert Frazier
The Child Who Cries for the Moon short story by Connie Willis
Grain of Truth short story by Charles A. Spano, Jr.
Forward short story by Steve Rasnic Tem
Strata novelette by Edward Bryant
Forefather Figure novelette by Charles Sheffield
Experimentum Crucis short story by Rivka Jacobs
Bank and Shoal of Time / Мелководье времени novelette by R. A. Lafferty
Animated by the Fossils of Time poem by Robert Frazier
Roger Zelazny

Darkness and silence all about, and nothing, nothing, nothing within it.
The first thought came unbidden, welling up from some black pool. Me? That's all.
Me? he thought. Then, Who? What ...?
Nothing answered.
Something like panic followed, without the customary physical accompaniments. When this wave had passed, he listened, striving to capture the slightest sound. He realized that he had already given up on seeing.
There was nothing to hear. Not even the smallest noises of life—breathing, heartbeat, the rasping of a tired joint—came to him. It was only then that he realized he lacked all bodily sensations.
But this time he fought the panic. Death? he wondered. A bodiless, dark sentence beyond everything? The stillness ...
. . .
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