Rusch, Kristine Kathryn (ed) - The Best of Pulphouse / Раш, Кристин Кэтрин (ред) - Лучшее из журнала "Pulphouse" [1991, EPUB, ENG]

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Kristine Kathryn Rusch (ed) - The Best of Pulphouse

Название: The Best of Pulphouse / Лучшее из журнала "Pulphouse"
Год выпуска: 1991
Под редакцией: Rusch, Kristine Kathryn / Раш, Кристин Кэтрин
Издательство: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: не указан
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

"Pulphouse" - странный журнал. Ограниченный тираж. Твердый переплет. И странные, экспериментальные истории ...
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Harlan Ellison

This morning I woke to the infinitely sweet, yet lonely sound of Clair de Lune coming to me through closed windows, upstairs in a high-ceilinged suite of this century-old hotel; in a land that is not my own. I lay in bed and at first thought I was still in the dream: it was so ethereal and melancholy. Then I heard Camilla stir, where she lay wrapped in blankets on the floor, and I knew the dream was past. The bed had been too soft for her, an old fluffy mattress with a gully down the middle. She had chosen to sleep beyond the foot of the bed, even a scintilla, of the dream. It was the memory of something I was certain I’d lost among the ruins of the years that lay strewn behind me. Years in which Camilla and I had fled from place to place, neither citizens of a certain land nor citizens of the world: simply refugees whose most prominent baggage was fear. Years that bore our footprints on their every hour. Years like a pale golden desert stretching back and back, on the side of me that has no eyes; a desert in which lay items from my life’s rucksack; items that I had jettisoned so I could continue walking. Because there was no possibility of ending the flight.
I had untied those items and dropped them to lighten my load, because the flight had grown ever more arduous: the walking through years. . .the caretakership of the woman I loved.
Like a wanderer without water, or a soldier separated from his companions, I moved forward with her minute by minute, discarding casual acquaintances and toys I had outgrown; names and faces of people with whom we had briefly traveled; the taste of candy no longer manufactured and songs no longer sung; books I had read simply because they had been at hand when there was time to be filled waiting for a train; all dropped in the shifting sand and quickly covered by time, and all that I retained, all that sustained me, was this love we shared, and the fear we shared.
. . .
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