Manson, Cynthia (ed) - More Mystery Cats / Мэнсон, Синтия (ред) - Еще детективные коты [1993, EPUB, ENG]

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Cynthia Manson (ed) - More Mystery Cats

Название: More Mystery Cats / Еще детективные коты
Год выпуска: 1993
Под редакцией: Manson, Cynthia / Мэнсон, Синтия
Издательство: Signet
ISBN: 0-451-17689-8
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Антология детективов из "Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine" и "Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine". Вторая антология Синтии Мэнсон на кошачье-детективную тему.
Среди авторов: P. G. Wodehouse, Edward D. Hoch, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ellis Peters ...
CATSPAW by Sandra Woodruff
THE SIN OF MADAME PHLOI / Грех мадам Флой by Lilian Jackson Braun
CALL TO WITNESS by Nancy Schachterle
A CASE OF CATNAPPING / Похищение кошки by A.H.Z. Carr
CAT BURGLAR by Gene DeWeese
CAT OF DREAMS by Frances & Richard Lockridge
DEATH AT THE EXCELSIOR / Урок сыщику by P. G. Wodehouse
ANIMALS / Зверьё by Clark Howard
THE CYPRIAN CAT by Dorothy L. Sayers
THE TRINITY CAT by Ellis Peters
LITTLE MIRACLES by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
by Ellis Peters

He was sitting on top of one of the rear gate-posts of the churchyard when I walked through on Christmas Eve, grooming in his lordly style, with one black leg wrapped round his neck, and his bitten ear at an angle of forty-five degrees, as usual. I reckon one of the toms he’d tangled with in his nomad days had ripped the starched bit out of that one, the other stood up sharply enough. There was snow on the ground, a thin veiling, just beginning to crackle in promise of frost before evening, but he had at least three warm refuges around the place whenever he felt like holing up, besides his two houses, which he used only for visiting and cadging. He’d been a known character around our village for three years then, ever since he walked in from nowhere and made himself agreeable to the vicar and the verger, and finding the billet comfortable and the pickings good, constituted himself resident cat to Holy Trinity church, and took over all the jobs around the place that humans were too slow to tackle, like rat-catching, and chasing off invading dogs.
Nobody knows how old he is, but I think he could only have been about two when he settled here, a scrawny, chewed-up black bandit as lean as wire. After three years of being fed by Joel Woodward at Trinity Cottage, which was the verger’s house by tradition and flanked the lych-gate on one side, and pampered and petted by Miss Patience Thomson at Church Cottage on the other side, he was double his old size, and sleek as velvet, but still had one lop ear and a kink two inches from the end of his tail. He still looked like a brigand, but a highly prosperous brigand. Nobody ever gave him a name, but he wasn’t the sort to get called anything fluffy or familiar. Only Miss Patience ever dared coo at him, and he was very gracious about that, she being elderly and innocent and very free with little perks like raw liver, on which he doted. One way and another, he had it made. He lived mostly outdoors, never staying in either house overnight. In winter he had his own little ground-level hatch into the furnace-room of the church, sharing his lodgings matily with a hedgehog that had qualified as assistant vermin-destructor around the churchyard, and preferred sitting out the winter among the coke to hibernating like common hedgehogs. These individualists keep turning up in our valley, for some reason.
. . .
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