Jakes, John (ed) - A Century of Great Western Stories / Джейкс, Джон (ред) - Век великого вестерна [2018, EPUB, ENG]

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John Jakes (ed) - A Century of Great Western Stories

Название: A Century of Great Western Stories / Век великого вестерна
Год выпуска: 2018
Под редакцией: Jakes, John / Джейкс, Джон
Издательство: Tor
ISBN: 978-1-250-20590-2
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

Антология вестерна типа "лучшее за прошлый век". Среди авторов: Louis L'Amour, Jack London, Bill Pronzini, Marcia Muller, Ed Gorman, Donald Hamilton, Max Brand, Zane Grey ...
The Gift of Cochise by Louis L'Amour
The Tin Star by John M. Cunningham
Killers' Country! by Dan Cushman
Timberline by Owen Wister
All Gold Canyon / Золотой Каньон by Jack London
The Lamb of the Flying U by B. M. Bower
Gun Job by Thomas Thompson
The Burial of Letty Strayhorn by Elmer Kelton
Hell on the Draw by Loren D. Estleman
The Attack on the Mountain by Glendon Swarthout
Fear by Bill Pronzini
Geranium House by Peggy Simson Curry
The Trouble Man by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
The Weight of Obligation by Rex Beach
Top Hand by Luke Short
Sergeant Houck by Jack Schaefer
Manitow and Ironhand by John Jakes
The Killing at Triple Tree by Evan Hunter
Sweet Cactus Wine by Marcia Muller
Peace Officer by Brian Garfield
Wolf Moon by Ed Gorman
Gamblin' Man by Dwight V. Swain
Candles in the Bottom of the Pool by Max Evans
Stage to Lordsburg by Ernest Haycox
King of the Buckskin Breed by Les Savage, Jr.
Burn Him Out by Frank Bonham
The Shaming of Broken Horn by Bill Gulick
The Guns of William Longley by Donald Hamilton
Wine on the Desert / Вино среди пустыни by Max Brand
Tappan's Burro / Мечтатель в горах by Zane Grey
The Guns of William Longley

Donald Hamilton

We’d been up north delivering a herd for Old Man Butcher the summer I’m telling about. I was nineteen at the time. I was young and big, and I was plenty tough, or thought I was, which amounts to the same thing up to a point. Maybe I was making up for all the years of being that nice Anderson boy, back in Willow Fork, Texas. When your dad wears a badge, you’re kind of obliged to behave yourself around home so as not to shame him. But Pop was dead now, and this wasn’t Texas.
Anyway, I was tough enough that we had to leave Dodge City in something of a hurry after I got into an argument with a fellow who, it turned out, wasn’t nearly as handy with a gun as he claimed to be. I’d never killed a man before. It made me feel kind of funny for a couple of days, but like I say, I was young and tough then, and I’d seen men I really cared for trampled in stampedes and drowned in rivers on the way north. I wasn’t going to grieve long over one belligerent stranger.
It was on the long trail home that I first saw the guns one evening by the fire. We had a blanket spread on the ground, and we were playing cards for what was left of our pay—what we hadn’t already spent on girls and liquor and general hell-raising. My luck was in, and one by one the others dropped out, all but Waco Smith, who got stubborn and went over to his bedroll and hauled out the guns.
. . .
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