Ings, Simon (ed) - We, Robots / Ингс, Саймон (ред) - Мы, роботы [2020, EPUB, ENG]

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Simon Ings (ed) - We, Robots

Название: We, Robots / Мы, роботы
Год выпуска: 2020
Под редакцией: Ings, Simon / Ингс, Саймон
Издательство: Ad Astra / Head of Zeus
ISBN: 978-1-78954-092-5
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

100 лучших научно-фантастических рассказов об искусственном интеллекте. Начиная с 1837 года и до наших дней, от Чарльза Диккенса до Кори Доктороу.
It's Alive! essay by Simon Ings
The Golem Runs Amuck short story by Chayim Bloch
Fandom for Robots short story by Vina Jie-Min Prasad
Moxon's Master / Хозяин Моксона short story by Ambrose Bierce
The Land Ironclads / Сухопутные броненосцы novelette by H. G. Wells
The Revolt of the Machines short story by Emile Goudeau
Microcosmic God / Бог микрокосмоса novelette by Theodore Sturgeon
Ancient Engines / Древние механизмы short story by Michael Swanwick
Beachcomber / Любитель закатов short story by Mike Resnick
Non Serviam / Не буду служить novelette by Stanisław Lem
Adam Robots short story by Adam Roberts
Solar Plexus short story by James Blish
I Made You / Я сотворил тебя short story by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
The Bell Tower / Башня с колоколом short fiction by Herman Melville
First to Serve / Служба превыше всего short story by Algis Budrys
Malak / Малак short story by Peter Watts
The Toymaker's Daughter short story by Arundhati Hazra
Following the Money essay by Simon Ings
Nightmare Number Three poem by Stephen Vincent Benét
With Folded Hands / Со сложенными руками novelette by Jack Williamson
Full Report of The Second Meeting of The Mudfog Association for The Advancement of Everything Section B - Display of Models and Mechanical Science / Полный отчёт о втором съезде Мадфогской Ассоциации short fiction by Charles Dickens
Fully Automated Nostalgia Capitalism short fiction by Dan Grace
The Man-Ufactory short fiction by Frederick B. Perkins
A Robot Walks Into a Bar short fiction by Romie Stott
Men of Iron / «Новая эра» short story by Guy Endore
A Bad Day for Sales / Плохой день для продаж short story by Fritz Leiber
The Greatest One-Star Restaurant in the Whole Quadrant short story by Rachael K. Jones
The Reading Machine short story by Morris Bishop
Baby H. P. / BABY H. P. short story by Juan José Arreola
The Steam-Driven Boy / Мальчик на паровом ходу short story by John Sladek
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Caspar D. Luckinbill, What Are You Going to Do? short story by Nick Wolven
The Next Scene short story by Robert Reed
Overseer and Servant essay by Simon Ings
Old Robots Are the Worst poem by Bruce Boston
Virtuoso / Виртуоз short story by Herbert Goldstone
Saying Goodbye to Yang short story by Alexander Weinstein
The Perfect Egg short story by Tania Hershman
The Caretaker short story by Ken Liu
Hi Ho Cherry-O short story by Becky Hagenston
Robot short story by Helena Bell
Rosie Cleans House short story by Lauren Fox
Super-Toys Last All Summer Long / Суперигрушек хватает на всё лето short story by Brian W. Aldiss
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The Peacemaker short story by T. S. Bazelli
Sexy Robot Mom short story by Sandra McDonald
I Am Crying All Inside / Я весь внутри плачу short story by Clifford D. Simak
Changing Places essay by Simon Ings
Transformer short fiction by GPT-2
The Man / Человек short story by Paul J. McAuley
The Birds of Isla Mujeres short story by Steven Popkes
That Laugh short story by Patrick O'Leary
Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance short story by Tobias S. Buckell
Dolly Sodom short story by John Kaiine
The Robot Who Looked Like Me / Мой двойник — робот short story by Robert Sheckley
Bokko-Chan short story by Shinichi Hoshi
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"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman / «Покайся, Арлекин!» — сказал Тиктакщик short story by Harlan Ellison
The Machine Stops / Машина останавливается novelette by E. M. Forster
All Hail The New Flesh essay by Simon Ings
The Hammer poem by Carl Sandburg
Good to Go short fiction by Liz Jensen
Tender short story by Rachel Swirsky
Masks / Маски short story by Damon Knight
Hostbods short story by T. L. Huchu
Scanners Live in Vain / Сканнеры живут напрасно novelette by Cordwainer Smith
Musée de l'Âme Seule short story by E. Lily Yu
The Winter Market / Зимний рынок novelette by William Gibson
The One Who Isn't short story by Ted Kosmatka
Suicide Coast / Берег самоубийц short story by M. John Harrison
Memories and Wire short story by Mari Ness
Ganger (Ball Lightning) short story by Nalo Hopkinson
Learning to Be Me / Учись быть мною short story by Greg Egan
No Woman Born / Нет женщины прекраснее novella by C. L. Moore
Flight short fiction by Joanna Kavenna
Praxis short story by Karen Joy Fowler
Tongtong's Summer / Лето Тунтун short story by Xia Jia
These 5 Books Go 6 Feet Deep short story by Ted Hayden
Succession essay by Simon Ings
Darwin Among the Machines / Естественный отбор среди машин essay by Samuel Butler
Mechanopolis short story by Miguel de Unamuno
Big Dave's in Love short fiction by T. D. Edge
I, Row-Boat / Я — Роби-бот novelette by Cory Doctorow
Fulfillment / Завершение novelette by A. E. van Vogt
Making the Connections short story by Barry N. Malzberg
Director X and the Thrilling Wonders of Outer Space short story by Brian Trent
The Next Move short story by John Cooper Hamilton
Like You, I Am a System short story by Nathan Hillstrom
My Favourite Sentience short fiction by Marissa Lingen
London, Paris, Banana short story by Howard Waldrop
Lost Memory short story by Peter Phillips
Starcrossed short story by George Zebrowski
The Narrow Road short fiction by Tad Williams
The Golem / Голем short story by Avram Davidson

Cordwainer Smith

Martel was angry. He did not even adjust his blood away from anger. He stamped across the room by judgment, not by sight. When he saw the table hit the floor, and could tell by the expression on Luci’s face that the table must have made a loud crash, he looked down to see if his leg was broken. It was not. Scanner to the core, he had to scan himself. The action was reflex and automatic. The inventory included his legs, abdomen, chestbox of instruments, hands, arms, face and back with the mirror. Only then did Martel go back to being angry. He talked with his voice, even though he knew that his wife hated its blare and preferred to have him write.
“I tell you, I must cranch. I have to cranch. It’s my worry, isn’t it?” When Luci answered, he saw only a part of her words as he read her lips: “Darling… you’re my husband… right to love you… dangerous… do it… dangerous… wait…”
He faced her, but put sound in his voice, letting the blare hurt her again: “I tell you, I’m going to cranch.”
. . .
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