Hitchcock, Alfred (ed) - Fireside Book of Suspense / Хичкок, Альфред (ред) - Увлекательная книга у камина [1947, EPUB, ENG]

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Alfred Hitchcock (ed) - Fireside Book of Suspense

Название: Fireside Book of Suspense / Увлекательная книга у камина
Год выпуска: 1947
Под редакцией: Hitchcock, Alfred / Хичкок, Альфред
Издательство: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: не указан
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Антология саспенса. Среди авторов: Graham Greene, John Dickson Carr, Robert Bloch, James M. Cain, Lord Dunsany ...
The Second-Class Passenger short fiction by Perceval Gibbon
The News in English short fiction by Graham Greene
Leiningen Versus the Ants novelette by Carl Stephenson
If You Don't Get Excited short fiction by Edwin Corle
Fire in the Galley Stove short story by William Outerson
The Liqueur Glass / Одним меньше short story by Phyllis Bottome
The Alarm Bell short fiction by Donald Henderson
The Room on the Fourth Floor / Номер на четвёртом этаже short story by Ralph Straus
With Bated Breath short fiction by Ross Santee
Flood on the Goodwins short story by David Divine
Sunset short fiction by Sidney Herschel Small
The House of Ecstasy short story by Ralph Milne Farley
The Hangman Won't Wait short story by John Dickson Carr
The Second Step / Вторая ступенька short story by Margery Sharp
The Tunnel short story by John Metcalfe
Triggers in Leash short fiction by Allan Vaughan Elston
The Blue Paper short fiction by Albert Payson Terhune
The Three Good Witnesses short story by Harold Lamb
R. M. S. Titanic short story by Hanson W. Baldwin
The Ringed Word short story by T. O. Beachcroft
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper / Ваш друг Джек Потрошитель short story by Robert Bloch
The Baby in the Icebox / Младенец в холодильнике short fiction by James M. Cain
Two Bottles of Relish / Две бутылки приправы short story by Lord Dunsany
Smee short story by A. M. Burrage (as by Ex-Private X)
His Brother's Keeper / Сторож брату твоему short story by W. W. Jacobs
Elementals novelette by Stephen Vincent Benét
The Baby in the Icebox


Of course there was plenty pieces in the paper about what happened out at the place last Summer, but they got it all mixed up, so I will now put down how it really was, and specially the beginning of it, so you will see it is not no lies in it.
Because when a guy and his wife begin to play leapfrog with a tiger, like you might say, and the papers put in about that part and not none of the stuff that started it off, and then one day say X marks the spot and next day say it wasn’t really no murder but don’t tell you what it was, why I don’t blame people if they figure there was something funny about it or maybe that somebody ought to be locked up in the boobyhatch. But there wasn’t no boobyhatch to this, nothing but plain onriness and a dirty rat getting it in the neck where he had it coming to him, as you will see when I get the first part explained right.
Things first begun to go sour between Duke and Lura when they put the cats in. They didn’t need no cats. They had a combination auto-camp, filling-station, and lunchroom out in the country a ways, and they got along all right. Duke run the filling-station, and got me in to help him, and Lura took care of the lunchroom and shacks. But Duke wasn’t satisfied. Before he got this place he had raised rabbits, and one time he had bees, and another time canary birds, and nothing would suit him now but to put in some cats to draw trade. Maybe you think that’s funny, but out here in California they got every kind of a farm there is, from kangaroos to alligators, and it was just about the idea that a guy like Duke would think up. So he begun building a cage, and one day he showed up with a truckload of wildcats.
. . .
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