Hartwell, David G. (ed) - The Dark Descent / Хартвелл, Дэвид (ред) - Родословная тьмы [1997, EPUB, ENG]

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David G. Hartwell (ed) - The Dark Descent

Название: The Dark Descent / Родословная тьмы
Год выпуска: 1997
Под редакцией: Hartwell, David G. / Хартвелл, Дэвид
Издательство: Tor
eISBN: 0-312-86217-2
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Становление литературы в жанре "хоррор". Среди авторов: Stephen King, H. P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Michael Shea, Fritz Leiber, Theodore Sturgeon, Gene Wolfe, Philip K. Dick ...
The Reach / Протока short story by Stephen King
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The Ash-Tree / Ясень short story by M. R. James
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There's a Long, Long Trail A-Winding / Длинной-длинной тропинкой в лесу novelette by Russell Kirk
The Call of Cthulhu / Зов Ктулху novelette by H. P. Lovecraft
The Summer People / Летние люди short story by Shirley Jackson
The Whimper of Whipped Dogs / Визг побитой собаки short story by Harlan Ellison
Young Goodman Brown / Молодой Браун short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Mr. Justice Harbottle / Судья Харботтл novelette by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
The Crowd / Толпа short story by Ray Bradbury
The Autopsy / Вскрытие novella by Michael Shea
John Charrington's Wedding / Роковой обет short story by E. Nesbit
Sticks / Палки novelette by Karl Edward Wagner
Larger Than Oneself / Что-то большее by Robert Aickman
Belsen Express / Экспресс «Берген-Бельзен» short story by Fritz Leiber
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Shirley Jackson

The Summer People

The Allisons’ country cottage, seven miles from the nearest town, was set prettily on a hill; from three sides it looked down on soft trees and grass that seldom, even at midsummer, lay still and dry. On the fourth side was the lake, which touched against the wooden pier the Allisons had to keep repairing, and which looked equally well from the Allisons’ front porch, their side porch or any spot on the wooden staircase leading from the porch down to the water. Although the Allisons loved their summer cottage, looked forward to arriving in the early summer and hated to leave in the fall, they had not troubled themselves to put in any improvements, regarding the cottage itself and the lake as improvement enough for the life left to them. The cottage had no heat, no running water except the precarious supply from the backyard pump and no electricity. For seventeen summers, Janet Allison had cooked on a kerosene stove, heating all their water; Robert Allison had brought buckets full of water daily from the pump and read his paper by kerosene light in the evenings and they had both, sanitary city people, become stolid and matter-of-fact about their back house. In the first two years they had gone through all the standard vaudeville and magazine jokes about backhouses and by now, when they no longer had frequent guests to impress, they had subsided to a comfortable security which made the backhouse, as well as the pump and the kerosene, an indefinable asset to their summer life.
In themselves, the Allisons were ordinary people. Mrs. Allison was fifty-eight years old and Mr. Allison sixty; they had seen their children outgrow the summer cottage and go on to families of their own and seashore resorts; their friends were either dead or settled in comfortable year-round houses, their nieces and nephews vague. In the winter they told one another they could stand their New York apartment while waiting for the summer; in the summer they told one another that the winter was well worth while, waiting to get to the country.
Since they were old enough not to be ashamed of regular habits, the Allisons invariably left their summer cottage the Tuesday after Labor Day, and were as invariably sorry when the months of September and early October turned out to be pleasant and almost insufferably barren in the city; each year they recognized that there was nothing to bring them back to New York, but it was not until this year that they overcame their traditional inertia enough to decide to stay at the cottage after Labor Day.
. . .
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