Greenberg, Martin (ed) - SF Anthologies / Гринберг, Мартин (ред) - НФ антологии [1950-1953, EPUB, ENG]

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Martin Greenberg - SF Anthologies

Название: SF Anthologies / НФ Антологии
Год выпуска:1950-1953
Под редакцией: Greenberg, Martin / Гринберг, Мартин
Издательство: Gnome Press
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (Jerry eBooks)
Язык: английский

Мартин Гринберг (Martin Greenberg, 28.06.1918 - 20.10.2013) - американский издатель и редактор-составитель антологий НФ. В 50-е годы выпустил восемь антологий, пять из которых были найдены Jerry и возвращены читателям в электронном виде.
Не путайте с другим знаменитым редактором-составителем антологий (Martin H. Greenberg, 01.03.1941 - 26.06.2011).
01 Men Against the Stars 1950, epub, Gnome Press
Trends / Маятник short story by Isaac Asimov
Men Against the Stars novelette by Manly Wade Wellman
The Red Death of Mars / Красная смерть Марса novelette by Robert Moore Williams
Locked Out short story by H. B. Fyfe
The Iron Standard / Железный стандарт novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore (as by Lewis Padgett)
Schedule short story by Harry Walton
Far Centaurus / Далёкий Центавр short story by A. E. van Vogt
Cold Front novelette by Hal Clement
The Plants short story by Murray Leinster
Competition novelette by E. Mayne Hull
Bridle and Saddle (= The Mayors) / Мэры novelette by Isaac Asimov
When Shadows Fall short story by L. Ron Hubbard
02 Travelers of Space 1951, epub, Gnome Press
The Interstellar Zoo short story by David A. Kyle
The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears novella by Keith Bennett
Christmas Tree (= Christmas Roses, New Year Roses) / Новогодние розы short story by John Christopher (as by Christopher Youd)
The Forgiveness of Tenchu Taen / Прощение Тенчу Тэйна short story by Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Episode on Dhee Minor short story by Harry Walton
The Shape of Things (= Tomorrow's Child) / И всё-таки наш... short story by Ray Bradbury
Columbus Was a Dope / Колумб был остолопом short story by Robert A. Heinlein (as by Lyle Monroe)
Attitude novella by Hal Clement
The Ionian Cycle / Ионийский цикл novelette by William Tenn
Trouble on Tantalus / Злоключения на Танталусе novelette by P. Schuyler Miller
Placet Is a Crazy Place / Планетат — безумная планета short story by Fredric Brown
Action on Azura novelette by Robertson Osborne
The Rull / Рулл novelette by A. E. van Vogt
The Double-Dyed Villains / Закоренелые мошенники novelette by Poul Anderson
Bureau of Slick Tricks short story by H. B. Fyfe
03 Journey to Infinity 1951, epub, Gnome Press
False Dawn novelette by A. Bertram Chandler
Atlantis short story by Edward E. Smith
Letter to a Phoenix / Письмо Фениксу short story by Fredric Brown
Unite and Conquer / Объединяй и захватывай novelette by Theodore Sturgeon
Breakdown / Распад novelette by Jack Williamson
Dance of a New World short story by John D. MacDonald
Mother Earth / Мать-Земля novelette by Isaac Asimov
There Shall Be Darkness / Грядёт тьма novelette by C. L. Moore
Taboo / Табу short story by Fritz Leiber
Overthrow novella by Cleve Cartmill
Barrier of Dread short story by Judith Merril
Metamorphosite / Метаморф novella by Eric Frank Russell
04 The Robot and the Man 1953, epub, Gnome Press
Mechanical Answer short story by John D. MacDonald
Self Portrait novelette by Bernard Wolfe
Deadlock / Порочный круг short story by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore (as by Lewis Padgett)
Robinc short story by Anthony Boucher (as by H. H. Holmes)
Burning Bright novelette by Robert Moore Williams (as by John S. Browning)
Final Command / Окончательное решение short story by A. E. van Vogt
Though Dreamers Die novelette by Lester del Rey
Rust short story by Joseph E. Kelleam
Robot's Return short story by Robert Moore Williams
Into Thy Hands / В руки твои short story by Lester del Rey
Five Science Fiction Novels 1952, epub, Gnome Press
But Without Horns novella by Norvell W. Page
Destiny Times Three / Трижды судьба novel by Fritz Leiber
Crisis in Utopia novella by Norman L. Knight
The Chronicler (= Siege of the Unseen; The Three Eyes of Evil) / Три дурных глаза novella by A. E. van Vogt
The Crucible of Power / Третий фактор novelette by Jack Williamson
Destiny Times Three

The ash Yggdrasil great evil suffers,
Far more than men do know;
The hart bites its top, its trunk is rotting.
And Nidhogg gnaws beneath.
Elder Edda.

IN GHOSTLY, shivering streamers of green and blue, like northern lights, the closing hues of the fourth Hoderson symchromy, called “the Yggdrasil,” shuddered down toward visual silence. Once more the ancient myth, antedating even the Dawn Civilization, had been told—of the tree of life with its roots in heaven and hell and the land of the frost giants, and serpents gnawing at those roots and the gods fighting to preserve it. Transmuted into significant color by Hoderson’s genius, interpreted by the world’s greatest color instrumentalists, the primeval legend of cosmic dread and rottenness and mystery, of wheels within cosmic wheels, had once more enthralled its beholders.
In the grip of an unearthly excitement, Thorn crouched forward, one hand jammed against the grassy earth beyond his outspread cloak. The lean wrist shook. It burst upon him, as never before, how the Yggdrasil legend paralleled the hypothesis which Clawly and he were going to present later this night to the World Executive Committee.
More roots of reality than one, all right, and worse than serpents gnawing, if that hypothesis were true.
. . .

by John D. MacDonald

JANE Kayden, the traces of dried tears on her pretty face, said, in a hopeless tone for the hundredth time, “But why does it have to be you, Joe?”
Joseph Kayden, Director of Automatic 81, paced back and forth through the room of their apartment that they called the Main Lounge. After they were married, when permission was given for Jane to live on the premises at Automatic 81, she had designed the apartment. Automatic 81 was in the Mesilla Valley, eighteen miles from Albuquerque.
The two opposite walls of the Main Lounge were of clear glass. One wall looked out across the valley. The other looked out across the vast production floor of Automatic 81, where the humming machine tools fabricated the portable tele sets. Automatic 81 was a nearly average government facility, with all unloading and sorting of incoming raw materials, all intraplant transportation of semifabricated and completed parts, all assembly and all inspection, all packing and labeling accomplished by the prehensile steel fingers of automatic equipment. Joe Kayden, lean and moody, was the director and only employee.
. . .
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