Elwood, Roger (ed) - The Far Side of Time / Элвуд, Роджер (ред) - Другая сторона времени [1974, EPUB, ENG]

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Roger Elwood (ed) - The Far Side of Time

Название: The Far Side of Time / Другая сторона времени
Год выпуска: 1974
Под редакцией: Elwood, Roger / Элвуд, Роджер
Издательство: Dodd, Mead & Co.
ISBN: 0-396-06857-X
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (Jerry eBooks)
Язык: английский

В антологию вошли 13 произведений ведущих авторов фантастики начала 70-х. Составитель не определял авторам никакой тематики: "Пишите то, что вам действительно хочется написать".
Среди авторов: Barry N. Malzberg, Robert Silverberg, John Brunner, Fritz Leiber, Lloyd Biggle, Jr. ...
Capricorn Games short story by Robert Silverberg
Annie Mae: A Love Story short story by Dennis O'Neil
Fireday: Firenight short story by Barry N. Malzberg
Lostling short story by John Brunner
The Ambiguities of Yesterday short story by Gordon Eklund
Minna in the Night Sky short story by Gail Kimberly
Waif novelette by Fritz Leiber
The Great Supersonic Zeppelin Race novelette by Ben Bova
Cues short story by Gene Wolfe
Slugging It Out short story by Jack C. Haldeman, II
Flauna novelette by Raymond F. Jones
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream short story by Nancy Mackenroth
Eye for an Eye novelette by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

Lloyd Biggie, Jr.

Walter Dudley and his wife paused at the top of the ramp for their first glimpse of the independent world of Maylor. The bleak landscape stretched unbroken to the taut line of the horizon. “It doesn’t look very interesting,” Dudley observed.
Eleanor Dudley was more emphatic. “It stinks.”
“Maybe it’ll be better in town,” Dudley said, though he knew it wouldn’t. One could not expect to find much of the tinsel of civilization on a world that was, admittedly, the last refuge of the failure.
A noisy, vilely malodorous groundcar arrived in a choking swirl of dust and fumes, and they climbed aboard with their hand luggage. Minutes later, bounced and jolted to the verge of nausea, they were deposited at the diminutive passenger terminal.
. . .
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