Dozois, Gardner (ed) - The Book of Magic / Дозуа, Гарднер - Книга магии [2018, EPUB, ENG]

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Gardner Dozois (ed) - The Book of Magic

Название: The Book of Magic / Книга магии
Год выпуска: 2018
Под редакцией: Dozois, Gardner / Дозуа, Гарднер
Издательство: Bantam Books
ISBN: 978-0-399-59379-6
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

Волшебники, чародеи, сверхлюди, обладающие воинственным, а порой и склочным характером и ведущие весьма странный образ жизни...
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The Staff in the Stone


The low, dry stone walls that delineated the three angled commons belonging to the villages of Gamel, Thrake, and Seyam met at an ancient obelisk known to everyone simply as “the Corner Post.” Feuds between villagers would be settled at the Corner Post, by wrestling and challenges of skill, or the more serious in a formal conclave of elders from all three villages. Twice in the last hundred years the obelisk had been the site of full-scale battles between Gamel and Thrake against Seyam, and then Gamel and Seyam against Thrake.
Every spring, the ploughs would stop well short of the Corner Post, for fear of disturbing the bones of some bygone relative or enemy. In consequence, a small copse of undistinguished trees and shrubs grew around the obelisk, dominated by a single, tall rowan tree, often remarked on, for there were no other rowans for leagues around, and no one living knew how it had come to be planted there.
Small children played under the rowan in the early morning, evading their chores, and lovers met there for trysts in the early evening. No one went near stone and copse by dead of night, because of the bones, and the stories that were told of what might rise there, or perhaps be drawn there, come midnight.
. . .
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