Dozois, Gardner (ed) - Galileo's Children / Дозуа, Гарднер - Дети Галилея [2014, EPUB, ENG]

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Gardner Dozois (ed) - Galileo's Children: Tales of Science vs. Superstition

Название: Galileo's Children / Дети Галилея
Год выпуска: 2014
Под редакцией: Dozois, Gardner / Дозуа, Гарднер
Издательство: Baen
ISBN: 978-1-62579-344-7
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

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The Way of Cross and Dragon

George R. R. Martin

“Heresy,” he told me. The brackish waters of his pool sloshed gently.
“Another one?” I said wearily. “There are so many these days.” My Lord Commander was displeased by that comment. He shifted position heavily, sending ripples up and down the pool. One broke over the side, and a sheet of water slid across the tiles of the receiving chamber. My boots were soaked yet again. I accepted that philosophically. I had worn my worst boots, well aware that wet feet are among the inescapable consequences of paying call on Torgathon Nine-Klariis Tûn, elder of the ka-Thane people, and also Archbishop of Vess, Most Holy Father of the Four Vows, Grand Inquisitor of the Order Militant of the Knights of Jesus Christ, and councilor to His Holiness, Pope Daryn XXI of New Rome.
“Be there as many heresies as stars in the sky, each single one is no less dangerous, Father,” the Archbishop said solemnly. “As Knights of Christ, it is our ordained task to fight them one and all. And I must add that this new heresy is particularly foul.”
. . .
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