Crowther, Peter (ed) - Mars Probes / Краутер, Питер (ред) - Марсианские зонды [2002, EPUB, ENG]

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Peter Crowther (ed) - Mars Probes

Название: Mars Probes / Марсианские зонды
Год выпуска: 2002
Под редакцией: Crowther, Peter / Краутер, Питер
Издательство: DAW Books
ISBN: 0-7564-0088-0
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (Jerry eBooks)
Язык: английский

Фантастика о Марсе. Среди авторов: Ray Bradbury, Alastair Reynolds, Ian McDonald, Stephen Baxter, Gene Wolfe, Brian W. Aldiss, Michael Moorcock ...
The Love Affair / Любовная история short story by Ray Bradbury
Myths of the Martian Future short story by Eric Brown
A Martian Theodicy / Марсианская теодицея short story by Paul Di Filippo
The Real Story / Подлинная история novelette by Alastair Reynolds
Flower Children of Mars short story by M. Shayne Bell and Mike Resnick
Out of the Blue, Into the Red short story by James Lovegrove
Mom, the Martians, and Me short story by Scott Edelman
The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars novelette by Ian McDonald
A Walk Across Mars novelette by Allen Steele
Martian Autumn short story by Stephen Baxter
Shields of Mars short story by Gene Wolfe
Under Mars short story by Paul J. McAuley
The War of the Worldviews short story by James Morrow
Near Earth Object short story by Brian W. Aldiss
The Me After the Rock short story by Patrick O'Leary
Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel / Волшебница Безмолвной Цитадели novelette by Michael Moorcock
by Michael Moorcock

Whispers of an Ancient Memory

“That’s Captain John MacShard, the tomb-thief.” Schomberg leaned his capacious belly on the bar, wiping around it with a filthy rag. “They say his mother was a Martian princess turned whore, and his father—”
Low City’s best-known antiquities fence, proprietor of the seedy Twenty Capstans, Schomberg murmured wetly through lips like fresh liver. “Well, Mercury was the only world would take them. Them and their filthy egg.” He flicked a look toward the door and became suddenly grave.
Outlined against the glare of the Martian noon a man appeared to hesitate and go on down the street. Then he turned and pushed through the entrance’s weak energy gate. Then he paused again.
He was a big, hard-muscled man, dressed in spare ocher and brown, with a queer, ancient weapon, all baroque unstable plastics and metals, prominent on his hip.
. . .
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