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304000 Pete Brown - Silverlight 4 in Action (2010, Manning Publications) ISBN13:9781935182375(800s) 9cdb893b1bd141265cfb8548fb4ff362.pdf
304001 Norman M. Naimark - Stalin's Genocides (Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity) (2010, Princeton University Press) ISBN13:9780691147840(176s) a00bb9cf9f20dc534fc02351f3239210.pdf
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304003 Marziah Karch - Android for Work: Productivity for Professionals (2010, Apress) ISBN13:9781430230007;ISBN13:9781430230014(312s) ce469c1b9d1d649db91c9516549621a6.pdf
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304006 Jose Argudo Blanco - Joomla! 1.5 JavaScript jQuery (2010, Packt Publishing) ISBN13:9781849512046(292s) e03a0d2a2fbe0dedb2cba0d510b54958.pdf
304007 David Wengrow - What Makes Civilization?: The Ancient Near East and the Future of the West (2010, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN13:9780192805805(224s) e1397339f8c9e0011ba0dcbb89eda874.pdf
304008 Herb Tyson - Word 2010 Bible (2010, Wiley) ISBN13:9780470591840(984s) e53690d0ee662744473d22fe920466b1.pdf
304009 Vladimir Vivien - JavaFX 1.2 Application Development Cookbook (2010, Packt Publishing) ISBN13:9781847198945(332s) ee4f8d67c5332b9807094a1cb7cdda74.pdf
304010 Ted Padova, Kelly L. Murdock - Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible (2010, Wiley) ISBN13:9780470584767(1272s) f002033e93ded5e6e9827e20d2de5914.pdf
304011 Gil Alterovitz, Marco Ramoni - Knowledge-Based Bioinformatics: From analysis to interpretation (2010, Wiley) ISBN13:9780470748312(396s) f8e1dbc8e5ea22200e374ff093b6ff14.pdf
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304013 Xinzhong Yao - An Introduction to Confucianism (Introduction to Religion) (2000, Cambridge University Press) ISBN13:9780521643122(372s) 62264bf381108552d9473a495661bb00.pdf
304014 Cristina Bicchieri - The Grammar of Society: The Nature and Dynamics of Social Norms (2005, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521573726;ISBN13:9780521854313(276s) 006614dc7ce5198a5e6d0f981ca1e00a.pdf
304015 Keller Pierre - Kant and the Demands of Self-Consciousness (2001, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521004691;ISBN10:0511040091;ISBN10:0521630770(296s) 043326393d478097ae5fbf8be1470e56.pdf
304016 Paul Joannides - The Drawings of Michelangelo and his Followers in the Ashmolean Museum (2007, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521551331;ISBN13:9780521551335(508s) 07575b23fa04c245c05b07b725b7e603.pdf
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304018 Robert Piercey - The Uses of the Past from Heidegger to Rorty: Doing Philosophy Historically (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521517532;ISBN13:9780521517539(234s) 0d6ece3e56c621446551c4786fb3cabc.pdf
304019 Martin J. Wiener - An Empire on Trial: Race, Murder, and Justice under British Rule, 1870-1935 (2008, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521513650;ISBN13:9780521513654(270s) 0ec8535bf01d730f5ce7ba249cc784b8.pdf
304020 A. G. Hamilton - Linear Algebra: An Introduction with Concurrent Examples (1990, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521310423;ISBN10:052132517X(340s) 10225de165011158b02058fd2f631e3d.pdf
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304028 Simon Woolley - Sources of Value: A Practical Guide to the Art and Science of Valuation (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521519071;ISBN13:9780521519076(642s) 2c4363d8c43bb95051b1b1bc5a40ff5d.pdf
304029 Christina Boswell - The Political Uses of Expert Knowledge: Immigration Policy and Social Research (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521517419;ISBN13:9780521517416(280s) 2fc06ee43c1dd8f0665e344d711b3425.pdf
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304031 Ruth Rubio-Marin - The Gender of Reparations: Unsettling Sexual Hierarchies while Redressing Human Rights Violations (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521517923;ISBN13:9780521517928(432s) 3aff352dd72751b40878483463be7164.pdf
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304034 James Tully - Strange Multiplicity: Constitutionalism in an Age of Diversity (The Seeley Lectures) (1995, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521476941(271s) 4b0976cbe189cbeae10066c4ff187cdd.pdf
304035 Aristotle, Roger Crisp - Nicomachean Ethics (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy) (2000, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521632218;ISBN10:0511040172;ISBN10:0521635462(258s) 5713d150505dad1b2d8150d2c2f809ed.pdf
304036 Ian Hacking - Representing and Intervening: Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science (1983, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521282462(302s) 5b43e4b47c1d0ddf07a42bc659fdb076.pdf
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304040 Roderick MacFarquhar, John K. Fairbank - The Cambridge History of China, Vol. 15: The People's Republic, Part 2: Revolutions within the Chinese Revolution, 1966-1982 (1991, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521243378(1134s) 66cf0ec6dcac38a2394001a0722b9bf6.pdf
304041 Déirdre Dwyer - The Judicial Assessment of Expert Evidence (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:052150970X;ISBN13:9780521509701(468s) 6de6925db729aee98b5f62e62f223785.pdf
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Ive managed to use MWS only a pair of times, but, that was enought for me to think its usefull for my master plancought.

The problem is the next:

Ive created a new master library
Ive created some cards
Ive compiled it into a .mwSet
Ive sent it to some friends.

Theyve uncompiled the .mwSet
Theyve created a deck sucesfully.
Theyve loaded the uncompiled .mwBase into their copy of Magic Workstation.
They get a not found in database error when load the deck into MWS Play.

I have absolutely no clue of what to do.

Help please?
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