Greenberg, Martin H. (ed.) - Future Crimes / Гринберг, Мартин (ред.) - Преступления будущего [1999, epub, ENG]

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Martin H. Greenberg (ed.) - Future Crimes

Название: Future Crimes / Преступления будущего
Год выпуска: 1999
Под редакцией: Greenberg, Martin H. & Helfers, John / Гринберг, Мартин & Хелферс, Джон
Издательство: DAW Books
ISBN: 0-88677-854-9
Формат: epub
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Фантастика на тему преступлений будущего: какими они могут быть и как может измениться само понятие "преступление".
Среди авторов: Ron Goulart, Alan Dean Foster ...
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Ron Goulart

THE dog started complaining even before he was completely unpacked. “Quit goosing me with that crowbar,” he requested in his piping voice as he spit out twists of plaz excelsior.
“You might as well stay in the crate. Tinker,” suggested Jack Bowers, setting the crowbar down on his lucite desk next to the packing container. “You’re obviously far from repaired.”
“And you, Jack, are still a dim bulb,” said Tinker/236-HMX, poking his chrome-plated nose over the edge of the partially opened neowood crate. “My quick wits and gift for sparkling repartee are innate qualities of this particular model of Forensic Computerbot/Compact Policehound Format.”
. . .
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