Greenberg, Martin H. (ed.) - Space Stations / Гринберг, Мартин (ред.) - Космические станции [2004, epub, ENG]

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Martin H. Greenberg (ed.) - Space Stations

Название: Space Stations / Космические станции
Год выпуска: 2004
Под редакцией: Greenberg, Martin H. & Helfers, John / Гринберг, Мартин & Хелферс, Джон
Издательство: DAW Books
ISBN: 0-7564-0176-3
Формат: epub
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Фантастика на тему космических станций. Среди авторов: Jack Williamson, Gregory Benford, Robert J. Sawyer ...
The Battle of Space Fort Jefferson by Timothy Zahn
Redundancy by Alan Dean Foster
Dancers of the Gate by James H. Cobb
Mikeys by Robert J. Sawyer
The Franchise by Julie E. Czerneda
Follow the Sky by Pamela Sargent
Auriga's Streetcar by Jean Rabe
Falling Star . Падающая звезда by Brendan DuBois
Countdown by Russell Davis
Serpent on the Station by Michael A. Stackpole
First Contact Café by Irene Radford
Orbital Base Fear by Yoji Kondo
Black Hole Station by Jack Williamson
Station Spaces by Gregory Benford
by Alan Dean Foster

AMY was only ten, and she didn’t want to die.
Not that she really understood death. Her only experience with it had come when they’d buried Gramma Marie. Now the funeral was a wisp of a dream that hung like cobweb in the corners of her memory, something she didn’t think of at all unless it bumped into her consciousness accidentally. Then it was no more than vaguely uncomfortable without being really hurtful.
She didn’t recall a whole lot about the ceremony itself. Black-clad grown-ups speaking more softly than she had ever heard them talk, her mother crying quietly into the fancy lace hankerchief she never wore anywhere, strange people bending low to tell her how very, very sorry they were: everything more like a movie than real life.
Mostly she remembered the skin of Gramma Marie’s face, so fine and smooth as she lay on her back in the big shiny box. The fleshy sheen mirrored the silken bright blue of the coffin’s upholstery. It was a waste of pretty fabric, she remembered thinking. Better to have made skirts and party dresses out of it than to bury it deep, deep in the ground. She liked that idea. She thought Gramma Marie would have liked it, too, but she couldn’t ask her about it now because Gramma Marie was dead, and people couldn’t talk to you anymore once they were dead. Not ever again. That was the thing she disliked most about death; not being able to talk to your friends anymore.
Thinking about it made her shiver slightly. She knew she was in big trouble, and she didn’t want to end up looking like Gramma Marie.
. . .
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