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250000 Derek Partridge - Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering: Understanding the Promise of the Future (1998, AMACOM) ISBN10:0814404413(240s) 3665fd35d2824e9b1a4aa0db416fbb45.pdf
250001 Adrian A. Hopgood - Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition (Electronic Engineering Systems) (2000, CRC Press) ISBN10:0849304563(488s) 40440fd7deae31da0ce677ca82f72c75.pdf
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250003 William Raynor - The International Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence (2000, AMACOM) ISBN10:0814404448(380s) 4c1de87c0d1b876400f44ec75307f9e4.pdf
250004 Kathy Ivens - (Osborne Complete Reference Series)Windows Server 2003: The Complete Reference (2003, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media) ISBN10:0072194847;ISBN10:0072230282(1008s) 4d14f29402d4f3fdcf3ac2fa5bed855a.pdf
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250007 Laurie Ann Ulrich - Photoshop(R) 7: The Complete Reference (2002, McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media) ISBN10:0072223111(768s) 5aa9aa32a6bf18fe45b3ca77c22dd579.pdf
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250009 Jr., Jerry Lee Ford - Microsoft Windows Shell Script Programming for the Absolute Beginner (2003, Course Technology PTR) ISBN10:1592000851(400s) 5fab29a158fa696733c1d3e19b216b9c.chm
250010 Jatinder Prem, Bernard Ciconte, Manish Devgan, Scott Dunbar, Peter Go - BEA WebLogic Platform 7 (2003, Sams) ISBN10:0789727129(1464s) 6727526f31c4ce87b95057f7fdbc2065.chm
250011 Elias Khasner, Laura E. Hunter - MCSE Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network: Exam 70-298 (2004, Syngress) ISBN10:1932266550(600s) 6ad9662eb91ffb9a61f3f3cdf8bb3571.chm
250012 Valluru B. Rao, Hayagriva Rao - C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (1995, M & T Books) ISBN10:1558515526(549s) 6c589d57ac9363f6cf183796bb4e599c.pdf
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250014 Kevin Yank - Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL (2003, Sitepoint) ISBN10:0957921810(272s) 718dbbe83329e5f3743b429e9f25cdb3.pdf
250015 QuantumPM LLC - Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Unleashed (2007, Sams) ISBN13:9780672329210;ISBN10:0672329212(1320s) 71e4487630f5a0ed1eef29db9f136cba.pdf
250016 T. Padmanabhan - Gravitation: Foundations and Frontiers (2010, Cambridge University Press) ISBN 0521882230(728s) 44cee5a5e7971c8c2dc57a93078701ee.pdf
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250019 Jozef J. Zwislocki - Sensory Neuroscience: Four Laws of Psychophysics (2008, Springer) ISBN10:0387848487;ISBN13:9780387848488;ISBN13:9780387848495(174s) 47f50b5d6b4dd2a2224591ec1aa74d9b.pdf
250020 Hub Zwart - (The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics)Understanding Nature: Case Studies in Comparative Epistemology (2008, Springer) ISBN13:9781402064913;ISBN13:9781402064920;ISBN10:2007939282(288s) 765c02074010e5bce283715ce3000343.pdf
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250027 Roger O. Anderson, Marvin Druger - Explore the World Using Protozoa (1997, National Science Teachers Association) ISBN13:9780873551595(240s) d506f5e250c36675aecec4c460a0b7b1.pdf
250028 Anton Yuryev - (Methods in Molecular Biology)PCR Primer Design (2007, Humana Press) ISBN13:9781588297259;ISBN13:9781597455282(431s) e575e9313315af73e78e31058e649407.pdf
250029 Stephen Jay Gould - Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History (1990, W. W. Norton & Company) ISBN10:039330700X;ISBN13:1112131415161(352s) ed7cb02a0b6f1e928550b3f0d7cacb01.pdf
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250036 Shaoguang Li - Mouse Models of Human Blood Cancers: Basic Research and Pre-clinical Applications (2008, Springer) ISBN13:9780387691305;ISBN13:9780387691329(294s) 2253e5aaa23e722e49a307a5b765f947.pdf
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250039 Ian Newton, Rodney Kavanagh, Jerry Olsen, Iain Taylor - Ecology and Conservation of Owls: Proceedings of the Owls 2000 Conference (2002, CSIRO Publishing) ISBN10:0643067949;ISBN10:0643069887(380s) 2ac55d428cbbcd9e42fe28a8169fb344.pdf
250040 Juan Domínguez-Bendala - (Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine)Pancreatic Stem Cells (2009, Humana Press) ISBN13:9781607611318;ISBN10:2009926048(154s) 2c6deb5b9cad76003c8069d31b09da48.pdf
250041 Jon Aars, Nicholas J. Lunn, Andrew E. Derocher - Polar Bears: Proceedings of the 14th Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group, 20-24 June 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA (IUCN Species Survival Commission Occasional Paper) (2006, World Conservation Union) ISBN13:9782831709598;ISBN10:2831709598(189s) 2f97af1541535ce89a53f438f3e7fd93.pdf
250042 P. Narayanasamy - Postharvest Pathogens and Disease Management (2005, Wiley-Interscience) ISBN13:9780471743033;ISBN10:0471743038(578s) 2fec6c643eb48eb3d1e1d88c6044501f.pdf
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250047 Kevin Gaston, Tim Blackburn - Pattern and Process in MacroEcology (2000, Wiley-Blackwell) ISBN10:0632056533;ISBN13:9780632056538(377s) 3915e63ff3edb830ca0e0e6ae6f8f1f6.pdf
250048 Donald Worster - A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir (2008, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN13:9780195166828(544s) 39727a8d44de410987d352828c9c6bda.pdf
250049 Corrado Priami - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Transactions on Computational Systems Biology 9)Transactions on Computational Systems Biology IX (2008, Springer) ISBN10:3540887644(153s) 3f23821dd31c181229905997564d3a00.pdf
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