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228000 Christine Hine - Systematics as Cyberscience: Computers, Change, and Continuity in Science (Inside Technology) (2008, The MIT Press) ISBN10:026208371X;ISBN13:9780262083713(320s) 9fd706e45d4cab59f66b77b85ac15e83.pdf
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228002 Craig Riecke, Rawld Gill, Alex Russell - Mastering Dojo: JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences (Pragmatic Programmers) (2008, Pragmatic Bookshelf) ISBN10:1934356115;ISBN13:9781934356111(555s) a200dd3c7e59476d3c58808f852d9e9f.pdf
228003 Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon, Steve Wozniak - The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security (2002, Wiley) ISBN13:9780471237129(304s) a205add698ba8ba7e12f1cdef80ece88.pdf
228004 Xiaogang Peng, David Michael P. Mingos, A.J. Bard, Z. Ding, P. Guyot-Sionnest, F. Liebau, N. Myung, X. Peng, D. Santamaría-Pérez, J. Thessing, A. Vegas - Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Silicate Nanoparticles (Structure and Bonding) (2005, Springer) ISBN10:3540278052;ISBN10:3540253254(189s) a2e33d349db9b9544226901e7c5ee58e.pdf
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228006 Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, Craig Stinson - Windows Vista Inside Out (2007, Microsoft Press) ISBN10:0735622701(1136s) a7391215b5a7975e9224b79566d8058e.pdf
228007 Radyadour Zeytounian - Topics in Hyposonic Flow Theory (Lecture Notes in Physics) (2006, Springer) ISBN10:3540255494(285s) ab2e921315b04d3d3701c149665f696a.pdf
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228010 Joan Breibart - Standing Pilates: Strengthen and Tone Your Body Wherever You Are (2004, Wiley) ISBN10:0471566551(240s) b2e2b083d92215c6d1575a66cdcb9fdf.pdf
228011 Bob Clyatt, Robert Clyatt - Work Less, Live More: The New Way to Retire Early (2005, NOLO) ISBN10:1413302009(321s) b3138178213980cca9862755ee4ff9c3.pdf
228012 John Proakis - Digital Communications (2000, McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math) ISBN10:0072321113(1024s) b4009312c36323ca48c80611c5c69d2d.pdf
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228016 Joe Armstrong - Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World (2007, Pragmatic Bookshelf) ISBN10:193435600X;ISBN13:9781934356005(536s) bc0cd6cd9d0d254a692cc83a9856d3d3.pdf
228017 A.E. Roy, D. Clarke - Astronomy: Principles and Practice, Fourth Edition (PBK) (2003, Taylor & Francis) ISBN10:0750309172(475s) bcdbc3ab4b2692545985c4261f48a136.pdf
228018 Gabriela Lindemann-v. Trzebiatowski, Jörg Denzinger, Ingo J. Timm, Rainer Unland - Multiagent System Technologies: Second German Conference, MATES 2004, Erfurt, Germany, September 29-30, 2004, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) (2004, Springer) ISBN10:3540232222;ISBN10:3540300821(341s) bdf34343d3ce4666cdfbe16170cdff3f.pdf
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228030 Jayaram Krishnaswamy - Beginners Guide to SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio 2005 (2007, Packt Publishing) ISBN13:9781847193315(320s) d6964ca92f9037ebe8f8debefb700485.pdf
228031 Professor Brian Martin - Nuclear and Particle Physics: An Introduction (2006, Wiley) ISBN10:0470019999;ISBN13:9780470019993;ISBN13:9780470025321;ISBN10:0470025328;ISBN13:1397804700199(428s) d77c1b0a71e2048ea35dff1884b1e2f2.pdf
228032 Phillip James Edwin Peebles - Quantum Mechanics (1992, Princeton University Press) ISBN10:0691087555(444s) dbf5a80c227f0d7e1f30665a4790edd8.pdf
228033 John Sharp - Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft)) (2005, Microsoft Press) ISBN10:0735621292(592s) dd4193268621cff28bfaab4bed49632d.pdf
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228036 Friedrich Sauvigny - Partial Differential Equations: Vol. 1 Foundations and Integral Representations (Universitext) (2006, Springer) ISBN10:3540344578(437s) e10b6bfb71793cc23aa6f901512dc391.pdf
228037 Walter Glenn, Michael T. Simpson - MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-297): Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure: (Exam 70-297); Designing ... Active Directory and Network Infrastructure (2003, Microsoft Press) ISBN10:0735619700(480s) e12eb717235c3385fa6ec410df321602.pdf
228038 Chad Fowler - The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development (Pragmatic Life) (2009, Pragmatic Bookshelf) ISBN10:1934356344;ISBN13:9781934356340(200s) e17679cd58537156069b8d98458eb7c0.pdf
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228043 Josef Andreas Holzer - Sepp Holzers Permakultur (2004, Stocker Leopold Verlag) ISBN10:3702010378(304s) e7f96bf6df263c93b8408319dbdc4bfe.pdf
228044 William Siler, James J. Buckley - Fuzzy Expert Systems and Fuzzy Reasoning (2004, Wiley-Interscience) ISBN10:0471388599;ISBN10:9786468600;ISBN10:3175723993(424s) e95e8e0daff157e2c6b1254b8505ddcc.pdf
228045 John L. Nazareth - Differentiable Optimization and Equation Solving (2003, Springer) ISBN10:0387955720(240s) ea2eab8b6f5c3463c703312ae765dc17.pdf
228046 Michael Regester, Judy Larkin - Risk Issues and Crisis Management: A Casebook of Best Practice (PR in Practice) (2005, Kogan Page) ISBN10:0749443820(256s) ebed4f323c1e23f4fc4b3d4111a9010f.pdf
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228051 Vladmir Plekhanov - Isotope Effects in Solid State Physics, Volume 68 (Semiconductors and Semimetals) (2000, Academic Press) ISBN10:0127521771(268s) f00f530805a2c344712a4381e377dda6.pdf
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228053 Chris Pine - Learn to Program (Pragmatic Programmers) (2006, Pragmatic Bookshelf) ISBN10:0976694042(176s) f09fd0b4e1e706eaa9153d65ac7728a5.pdf
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