Various - Science Fiction: The Complete Fiction / Разные авторы - Полная коллекция произведений из журнала "Science Fiction" [2021, EPUB, ENG]

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Science Fiction: The Complete Fiction

Название: Science Fiction: The Complete Fiction / Полная коллекция произведений из журнала "Science Fiction"
Год выпуска: 2021
Издательство: Jerry eBooks
ISBN: отсутствует
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Антология, составленная из художественных произведений, опубликованных в журнале "Science Fiction". Сканирование, вычитка, форматирование, создание электронной книги - Jerry.
"Science Fiction" - НФ журнал, издавался с марта 1939 по сентябрь 1941, далее был объединен с журналом "Future Fiction".
Среди авторов: Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett, John Russell Fearn, Henry Kuttner, Frank Belknap Long, Manly Wade Wellman ...
Under the White Star / Под белой звездой - Edmond Hamilton
Martian Martyrs - John Coleridge (Earl Binder and Otto Binder)
The Conqueror's Voice - Robert Castle (Edmond Hamilton)
Valley of Pretenders - Dennis Clive (John Russell Fearn)
The Machine That Thought - William Callahan (Raymond Z. Gallun)
The Sea Things - Guy Arnold
Outlaw of Saturn - John Cotton (John Russell Fearn)
Death by Fire - Amelia Reynolds Long
Leeches from Space - Ephriam Winiki (John Russell Fearn)
Where Eternity Ends - Eando Binder (Otto Binder)
Short-Wave Madness / Безумие на коротких волнах - Robert Castle (Edmond Hamilton)
Moon Heaven - Dom Passante (John Russell Fearn)
Brothers of Fate - Manly Wade Wellman
“Telepathy is News!” / Новости телепатии! - Paul Edmonds (Henry Kuttner)
The Traitor - Thomas S. Gardner
The Black Comet - John Coleridge (Earl Binder and Otto Binder)
Sphinx of the Spaceways - Ed Earl Repp
The Man Who Solved Death / Человек, который узнал тайну смерти - Edmond Hamilton
The Mogu of Mars - John Coleridge (Earl Binder and Otto Binder)
Strange Creature - Raymond Z. Gallun
The Jewels from the Moon - Ephriam Winiki (John Russell Fearn)
The God That Science Made - Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
The Silent World - Guy Arnold
Swordsmen of Saturn - Neil R. Jones
Dweller in the Darkness / Обитатель тьмы - Edmond Hamilton
Earth Asunder! - Ephriam Winiki (John Russell Fearn)
Little Planet - Thorp McClusky
Flame of Life / Пламя жизни - Frank Belknap Long, Jr.
Thoughts That Kill - John Russell Fearn
Planet of the Knob-Heads - Stanton A. Coblentz
The Atom Prince - Ray Cummings
Upon the Dark Moon - John L. Chapman
Women's World - David C. Cooke
Lever of Destruction - Tom Erwin Geris (Mort Weisinger)
Men Without a World - Dom Passante (John Russell Fearn)
The New Life - John Coleridge (Earl Binder and Otto Binder)
Eclipse Bears Witness - Ephriam Winiki (John Russell Fearn)
The Scourge of a Single Cell - Bob Olsen
Sky Trap - Carl Jacobi
The Voice Commands - Dennis Clive (John Russell Fearn)
The Mad Virus / Безумный вирус - Paul Edmonds (Henry Kuttner)
Proxies on Venus - Nelson S. Bond
Castaways in Space - Amelia Reynolds Long
Doom from the Void - John Coleridge (Earl Binder and Otto Binder)
The Price of Escape - Henry J. Kostkos
“The Shadows from Hesplon” - Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
Rhythm Rides the Rocket - Bob Olsen
Death and the Dictator - Raymond Z. Gallun
The Brain of Many Bodies - E.A. Grosser
Life Cycle - Wilbur S. Peacock
The Man Who Sold the Earth - Thornton Ayre (John Russell Fearn)
Space-Flight of Terror - Ray Cummings
Destiny Made to Order - Ed Earl Repp
Forgotten Future / Заброшенные в будущее - Arthur K. Barnes
Habits Via Radio - E.A. Grosser
Space Satan - Arthur G. Stangland
Masters of Madness - Bradner Buckner (Ed Earl Repp)
The Life Beyond - John Coleridge (Earl Binder and Otto Binder)
Beings of the Ooze - John M. Taylor
Star of Blue - Milton Kaletsky
Science from Syracuse - Polton Cross (John Russell Fearn)
Wisdom of the Dead - Ed Earl Repp
Bargain with Colossus - Helen Weinbaum
The Man Who Was Millions - Willard E. Hawkins
An Old Martian Proverb - John M. Taylor
Lord of the Earthquake - Leigh Brackett
The World in Wilderness - Thornton Ayre (John Russell Fearn)
Lunar Concession - Thornton Ayre (John Russell Fearn)
The Sky Terror - Ed Earl Repp
Revolving World - Millard Verne Gordon (Donald A. Wollheim)
Day of the Micro-Men / День микро-людей - Edmond Hamilton
Master of Emotion - Willard E. Hawkins
Heavy Cargo - Milton Kaletsky
A Matter of Philosophy - Wilfred Owen Morley (Robert A. W. Lowndes)
Devil Dogs of Space - Helen Weinbaum

Manly Wade Wellman

Karlas Jann lived the life of a guinea pig until his brain reached the highest degree of intelligence ever derived in a man! But the great experiment back-fired when the super-brain became a ruthless tyrant!

KARLAS JANN, self-proclaimed Master of the World, gazed in manifest ennui at the three old scientists who faced him across the desk in his office. He was spare, red-haired, stern-faced, and his eyes held far too much wisdom.
“You’ve been sent to plead with me,” he summed up. “You invoke my ‘gratitude’ to you, my ‘duty’ as to parents and benefactors.” They cringed before his glare. “What do I owe you? It chanced that I was born a twin. You professors, having gained control of my brother and me, thought to experiment with diverse environments for identical creatures. My brother, Paul, was left to a normal life; I was super-schooled, superstimulated, super-groomed mentally and spiritually. I surpassed my brother, and you forthwith decreed that I should surpass the race. Education, artificial changes by medicine and surgery, hypnosis, diet—” He broke off to laugh fiercely. “Quite a guinea pig I’ve been, eh? A guinea pig that’s become a world-swallowing dragon! And it’s your fault, not mine.”
“We admit our error,” tremblingly ventured one of the three doctors. “Yet it must be understood that—”
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