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140000 Allison S.K., Clark G.L., Duane W. - The Influence on Secondary X-Ray Spectra of Placing the Tube and Radiator in a Box II (1924) (6s) 2b393b30083189e394bbc2a2b3fa3b15.pdf
140001 Meyer Ch. F. - The Infra-Red Absorption Spectra of Acetylene (C2H4), Ethylene (C2H4) and Ethane (C2H6) (1927) (5s) 539344ffe733920f03a9ac8d26e0d608.pdf
140002 Corbelli E., Palla F., Zinnecker H. - The Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later (2005) (576s) accae457d8b9ffd12930dd9e0a875844.pdf
140003 Rudin W. - The inner function problem in balls (0) (3s) e183303f2f58ecd30e0d6df8c8316031.pdf
140004 Zvara I. - The Inorganic Radiochemistry of Heavy Elements: Methods for Studying Gaseous Compounds (2008) (225s) 5999d1d4f2b6119956346aeca0d53dd0.pdf
140005 Garett P. - The integers (2004) (11s) 42112305b33bf2c1e8fc1496803355b5.ps
140006 Brennan J. - The integrability of the derivative of a conformal mapping (0) (3s) ffe7bc6f82e7e047cb97aafe93468c17.pdf
140007 Russell H.N. - The Intensities of Lines in Multiplets I. Theory (1925) (9s) ea4fc2d86a6afb45b32ec2e41d9ad89c.pdf
140008 Russell H.N. - The Intensities of Lines in Multiplets II. Observed Data (1925) (7s) cf130c5ac9a68b9501941483cf00390a.pdf
140009 Websrer D. L., Clark H. - The Intensities of X-Rays of the L Series (1917) (5s) a347da92424be42d98dbf029dbd9778b.pdf
140010 Webster D. L. - The Intensities of X-Rays of the L Series II. The Critical Potentials of the Platinum Lines (1920) (10s) fc83a0091d47d573a56b0a6aaa3e4011.pdf
140011 Hoyt F. C. - The Intensities of X-Rays of the L-Series III. Critical Potentials of the Platinum and Tungsten Lines (1920) (7s) 49e50d351a45a87768fb7c154841c5f9.pdf
140012 Havighurst R. J. - The Intensity of Reflection of X-Rays by Lithium, Sodium and Calcium Fluorides (1926) (6s) 64c389518fb612c200306a62f15b9303.pdf
140013 Lenher S. - The Intensive Drying of Liquids (1928) (4s) 3626b787b7367798108a96a73da2bbb4.pdf
140014 Breit G. - The Interference of Light and the Quantum Theory (1923) (6s) 3dfd0366cffd8a8e4dbde476113afac5.pdf
140015 Barus C. - The Interferences of Spectra Both Reversed and Inverted (1917) (3s) 32af92616117aeb127d39369aff8c9ac.pdf
140016 Barus C. - The Interferometer U-Gauge with Closed Auxiliary Reservoirs (1928) (3s) 9813aad4cf07d75338ecc08c30d55699.pdf
140017 Barus C. - The Interferometry of Rapid Vibrations Chiefly in Relation to Telephone Currents (1919) (10s) f49ae737a0a9c98d469eb9d05c3c5e4e.pdf
140018 Barus C. - The Interferometry of Small Angles, etc. Methods by Direct and Reversed Superposed Spectra (1917) (8s) 4ec6d891fd383434c651a997e72f70d9.pdf
140019 Barus C. - The Interferometry of Vibrating Systems (1918) (6s) 8c14a806917bdc06496a0bda84f8fcbd.pdf
140020 Eddington A. - The Internal Consitution of the Stars (1930) (418s) 9ef4b1d9c3f101d4acac9026190cdcae.djvu
140021 Neumann M. (ed.), Weigand J. (ed.) - The International Handbook Competition (2004) (352s) 14d39ebf1d10ed9bff4fa4a348df080d.pdf
140022 Hall M.J.B. - The International Handbook on Financial Reform (2003) (307s) 161690c08533c5145a389132918b060c.pdf
140023 Dular P. (ed.), Hameyer K. (ed.), Henneberger G. (ed.) - (The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Vol.23. Num 24) (2004) (309s) eb466b7fcfe73be90f3a93fa52a9dedd.pdf
140024 Ramsperger H.C., Waddington G. - The Interpretation of the Thermal Decomposition of Nitrous Oxide (1931) (3s) c9f2debcd429047c6e8000e36edee420.pdf
140025 Scarborough J.B. - The invalidity of a common used method for computing a certain probable error (1929) (4s) 8d7b3565e6e8d6f90c1abef3d3b4b9bf.pdf
140026 Kadets M.I. - The inverse problem of the best approximation of bounded, uniformly continuous functions by entire functions of exponential type and related problems (0) (1s) 29f99eb65336e8a17515b8da9086b1b0.pdf
140027 Papantonopoulos L. - The Invisible Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy (2007) (436s) fb18d35390961069d32274843f6052fb.pdf
140028 Verschuur G.R. - The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy (2006) (162s) bc974a991c2eaac847833b821d0d46d7.pdf
140029 Noyes A. A., MacInnes B. A. - The Ionization and Activity of Largely Ionized Substances (1920) (7s) 24d7944a3698b739faeefbd063d7afb6.pdf
140030 Beeck O. - The Ionization of Argon and Neon by Neutral Argon Beam (1932) (3s) 1753a6210236204818a36bbcd8737ea7.pdf
140031 Harkins W. D. - The Ionization of Strong Electrolytes (1920) (5s) 8d861c05f57ef5991bbee51ffc48e498.pdf
140032 Hogness T.R., Lunn E.G. - The Ionization Potentials of Hydrogen as Interpreted by Positive Ray Analysis (1924) (8s) 41a3d6f1c8293b5ca36b2f6310dc46fc.pdf
140033 Johnson B., Brown E. B. - The Isolation of Pyrimidines from the Nucleic Acid of Tubercle Bacillus (1922) (2s) b93b13eb4f8f0d1e379b538868418f89.pdf
140034 Harkins W.D., Stone S.B. - The Isotopic Composition of the Element Chlorine in the Meteorites The Atomic Weight of Meteoric and Terrestrial Chlorine (1925) (3s) 2aa3d62c51143e14eef6a24c2f26cca8.pdf
140035 Garett P. - The Jacobi product formula (2001) (2s) 72df76af9e30ab0acd6765f0684f64fa.pdf
140036 Bass H., Connell E. H. - The Jacobian conjecture: Reduction of degree and formal expansion of the inverse (1982) (44s) 77e63b50ce1a167334244b7c9b71b84d.pdf
140037 Roebuck J.R. - The Joule-Thomson Effect in Air (1925) (4s) 35058e480746ef0dc0b6882a0680df03.pdf
140038 Lockshin R. A. - The Joy of Science: An Examination of How Scientists Ask and Answer Your Questions Using the Story of Evolution as a Paradigm (2007) (440s) 399fa87b27f3db3c3846ffd0d56e67b9.pdf
140039 Pisier G. - The Kadison Similarity Problem (0) (14s) 87fd0845f31ab46e5c445ec36ba77187.pdf
140040 Kalyuzhnova Y. - The Kazakstani Economy (1998) (168s) b6778cd604ad9422118ff63d4c936776.pdf
140041 Ratliff T.A. - The Laboratory Quality Assurance System: A Manual of Quality Procedures and Forms (2002) (248s) 6aacb67d6801796fc3f812dbf7b41318.pdf
140042 Humanson M.L. - The large radial velocity of N.G.C. 7619 (1929) (2s) aa793c4c27ed0eb6daaf075ba9012276.pdf
140043 Abbot C G. - The Larger Opportunities for Research on the Relations of Solar and Terrestrial Radiation (1920) (14s) 31fcfae6e2296165d4dd5a717f76b77b.pdf
140044 Abbot C G., Fowle F. E., Aldrich L. B. - The Larger Results of 20 Years of Solar Radiation Observations (1922) (5s) 7809b6e2c38afb0a81e2a5871cfa37d6.pdf
140045 Hecht J. - The Laser Guidebook (1999) (485s) 60e97b4a5de901340a31474d5d924005.pdf
140046 Hate G. E. - The Law of Sun-Spot Polarity (1924) (3s) 4b6acef3dc286358a9bcfc4f783e4d13.pdf
140047 Michelson A. A. - The Laws of Elastico-Viscous Flow (1917) (5s) 0ce8f51ae2fa8eb27323553736d25bff.pdf
140048 Michelson A. A. - The Laws of Elastico-Viscous Flow II (1920) (6s) b36c6e4131777fda66faa7fc52cde6ff.pdf
140049 Douglas J. - The Least Area Property of the Minimal Surface Determined by an Arbitrary Jordan Contour (1931) (6s) 18245bd2dd7450095050df573fdc2897.pdf
140050 Bowen I. S. - The Life of Atomic States and the Intensity of Spectral Lines (1927) (3s) 3c3bff8bf13e9eef07c5c2ba713b75ba.pdf
140051 Dempster A. J. - The Light Excitation by Slow Positive and Neutral Particles (1916) (3s) f534daa317b62ba0a6ec1ae9fe4f58b5.pdf
140052 Ruark A. E. - The Limits of Accuracy in Physical Measurements (1928) (7s) 50740dc3259d862298a6dddda97f7c62.pdf
140053 National Research Council - The Limits of Organic Life in Planetary Systems (2007) (116s) bf7b08973a18a15734c8d9354771bbf0.pdf
140054 Krasichkov - Ternovskii I. F. - The local description of closed submodules and the problem of supersaturation (0) (3s) a71574f4b42ba38dfd938053a0f23bfc.pdf
140055 Murdock C. C. - The Location of the Electromotive Force in a Photo-Active Cell Containing a Fluorescent Electrolyte (1926) (5s) f03c2972385b2806eecc3e8c52a7bf20.pdf
140056 Seares F. H., van Maanen A., Ellerman F. - The location of the sun's magnetic axis (1918) (6s) c4633cc95979079e6b5f8d70b08c04c5.pdf
140057 Birkhoff G., Neumann J. - The Logic of Quantum Mechanics (1936) (21s) 9c9781fd84da8e0419973d60506c432a.pdf
140058 Wilson E.B. - The Logistic or Autocatalytic Grid (1925) (6s) c893db781128f2caa4c532dfedb93e2b.pdf
140059 Struve O. - The longitude of the galactic center as derived from the intensities of detached calcium lines (1929) (4s) ab24ac1fadedf9ab291d15204292c148.pdf
140060 Wulf O. R. - The Magnetic Behavior of Ozone (1927) (5s) 47f3d637e119c38dcd4fc23b14634c45.pdf
140061 Epstein P. S. - The Magnetic Dipole in Undulatory Mechanics (1927) (6s) d772cca0a3aa9c130d774ed69ef04d04.pdf
140062 Kronig R. L. - The Magnetic Moment of the Electron (1926) (3s) ee14b6021991a9851d9d5056abc0552e.pdf
140063 Neuman L.J. - The magnetism of spark discharge (1929) (7s) 084c308c2d1e43701fa1ab331c10f681.pdf
140064 Barnett S. J. - The Magnetization of Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt by Rotation and the Nature of the Magnetic Molecule (1917) (4s) 82563228f3afafe99c11ea34438c54dc.pdf
140065 Fritz T.A., Fung S.F. - The Magnetospheric Cusps: Structure and Dynamics (2005) (414s) 65f60d3e79dd2b3431f7f8f05520a96a.pdf
140066 Raphael Ikan - The Maillard Reaction: Consequences for the Chemical and Life Sciences (1996) (232s) 72013f017b9f250d5761295126a0bb26.pdf
140067 Arthur J.Hale - The manufacture of chemicals by electrolysis (1919) (92s) ae4aaf037a78fccbba5604b345ac9eac.pdf
140068 Chartrand G. (ed.) - The Many Facets of Graph Theory (1969) (290s) b7973147d122f6776a01b0676b1256b1.rar
140069 del Toro Iniesta J.C. (ed.), Alfaro E.J. (ed.), Gorgas J.G. - The Many Scales in the Universe (2006) (295s) 7345f70a0d4adefb3ad85661c7a8e076.pdf
140070 Tolman R. C., Stewart T. D. - The Mass of the Electric Carrier in Copper, Silver and Aluminium (1916) (2s) 921f121499b7674553fb3b7274a76da3.pdf
140071 Duane W. - The Mass of the Electron (1932) (4s) 71cc68b74724f6415a7623ce52e14351.pdf
140072 Chandrasekhar S. - The Mathematical Theory of Black Holes (1983) (667s) bc96a0faa33176d4d2fcb6b5e23317b5.djvu
140073 Huntington E. V. - The Mathematical Theory of the Apportionment of Representatives (1921) (5s) 61422e163b4b6eea2294c27ea3c27f02.pdf
140074 Maxwell L. R. - The Mean Free Path of Electrons in Mercury Vapor (1926) (6s) 71d7f0a4fac5ba3f9f46eb6d145364b5.pdf
140075 Van Vleck J.H., Frank A. - The mean square angular momentum and diamagnetism of the normal hydrogen molecule (1929) (6s) f0777f317adf832584b74adabecf9222.pdf
140076 Franklin P. - The Meaning of Rotation in the Special Theory of Relativity (1922) (4s) bce5512ce766807621b5249441e94a56.pdf
140077 Thompson L. T. E., Hickman C. N., Riffolt N. - The Measurement of Small Time Intervals and Some Applications, Principally Ballistic (1920) (10s) 526cd39b12221c223cb5e1dbbd943ae5.pdf
140078 Rodebush W.H., Fiock E.F. - The Measurement of the Absolute Charge on the Earths Surface (1925) (3s) 9fa0bd0ad613f29bd86c418e1205b83c.pdf
140079 Paige S. - The Mechanics of Intrusion of the Black Hills (S. D.) Precambrian Granite (1916) (2s) 116967f779b3a820e0211c6815174f5f.pdf
140080 Abdolahi F., Moosavian M.A., Vatani A. - The Mechanism Action Antifoams (2005) (8s) 2ab3628b0f6108134fe0849c6527f1ed.pdf
140081 Raymond A.L. - The Mechanism of Carbohydrate Utilization (1925) (3s) 11592df45082bc7906f2ef3cf115cf1c.pdf
140082 Davis T.L. - The Mechanism of Reactions in the Urea Series (1924) (6s) 03ad4454cc98a55ee869c336e8dcf50f.pdf
140083 O'Neil M. J. (ed.), Smith A. (ed.), Heckelman P. E. (ed.) - The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals (1996) (1607s) a72befe7b179023c3215f12f2d0a5787.djvu
140084 Domingue D.L., Russell C.T. (ed.) - The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury (2008) (623s) 9cb2a3597e6ffdf7cfa1c72039f8d464.pdf
140085 Israelian G. - The Metal-Rich Universe (2008) (360s) a71497d2c69f920a1badf8cdc50c4230.pdf
140086 Loria S. - The Metastable 2p 3-State of Mercury Atoms (1925) (7s) c35d74e213f92991a7af46aee7d7e880.pdf
140087 Olivier C. P. - The Meteor System of Pons Winnecke's Comet (1916) (3s) 1b3334e0bf482027373a7352e7bbdaa7.pdf
140088 Ovchinnikov V.I. - The Method of Orbits in Interpolation Theory (1984) (177s) 3435a3376985cadfa0c5ff5428558ad9.djvu
140089 Roger Cliff - The Military Potential of China's Commercial Technology (2001) (100s) 5400597a97acb1e877c1e8880abc1e31.pdf
140090 Radach R. (ed.), Hyona J. (ed.), Deubel H. (ed.) - The Mind's Eye: Cognitive and Applied Aspects of Eye Movement Research (2003) (762s) 27931e07503f4e9777d711ce7a4ee889.pdf
140091 Oppenheim A. - The minima of indefinite quaternary quadratic forms (1929) (4s) 4d2c0b149c9e17c24c7a037467b64879.pdf
140092 Hale G.E., Ellerman F. - The Minute Structure of the Solar Atmosphere (1916) (8s) f6c31fe72dc1578106c4675e47df71fe.pdf
140093 Evans G.C., Haskell R.N. - The mixed problem for laplaces equation in the plane discontinuous boundary values (1930) (6s) 997dbe741671d0eab39624ce51811ce0.pdf
140094 Loeb L. B. - The Mobilities of Electrons in Air (1923) (6s) 4713acd27e1daee2776ce7fdb965e892.pdf
140095 Loeb L. B. - The Mobilities of Electrons in Air (1921) (4s) e8c1a5ceb9e22ce8c66a356592074fc3.pdf
140096 Loeb L. B. - The Mobilities of Gaseous Ions in H2S-H2 Mixtures (1927) (8s) 5f8e9f02b5be68817074fa2b42dc7c6d.pdf
140097 Wahlin H.B. - The Mobilities of the Positive Ions in Helium (1924) (4s) 968d80196f40d3e86229732eb92040f5.pdf
140098 Loeb H.B. - The Mobility of Gas Ions in HCl Mixtures and the Nature of the Ion (1925) (7s) 6386b3c3293ea1f1810df969a4d63772.pdf
140099 Loeb L.B. - The Mobility of Gaseous Ions in HCl Gas and HCl Air Mixtures (1925) (7s) df2e4dcc77ca90db59437dab162227df.pdf
140100 Wood C. A. - The Modern Moon: A Personal View (2007) (209s) 63cad18ee93606a00a31489b4711b6de.pdf
140101 Crowell B. - The Modern Revolution in Physics (2005) (138s) c52295b5eda7060e4464fca21c1186be.pdf
140102 Morse J. K. - The Molecular Structures of Methane (1928) (6s) a2649340417d0032556520ad95d1228f.pdf
140103 - The Molecular Weights of Proteins in Phenol (1926) (6s) 5195080dcd76c467a628d9cb537f010b.pdf
140104 Epstein P. S. - The Molecular Weights of Proteins in Phenol (1926) (5s) 9ced6f7644c3ea0af01db110b75e5f7c.pdf
140105 Gomerg M., Schoepfle C. S. - The Molecular Weights of the Triarylmethyls (1917) (8s) ebeaed5916dfe229bd637023f55ce14d.pdf
140106 Grem J. - The Money Manipulators (1971) (166s) 3467b8b417aa2571fee4cfe312a39437.pdf
140107 Thompson L. - The Motion of a Falling Chronograph Projectile (1923) (6s) 2fd3c056c6b889284d1d96615ae5b2b9.pdf
140108 Adams W. S., Joy A. H . - The Motions in Space of Some Stars of High Radial Velocity (1919) (3s) a42fb03d4910a032f818cccd310fce62.pdf
140109 Bernstein D.J. - The Multiple-Lattice Number Field Sieve (1991) (5s) 2a3cfc203e6c1c55290aa58e00a2d5da.ps
140110 Kemmer F. N. (ed.) - The NALCO Water Handbook (1988) (985s) efe1adc0ea8c5b3905771ef3d79e2747.djvu
140111 Guelberth C.R., Chiras D. - The Natural Plaster Book: Earth Lime and Gypsum Plasters for Natural Homes (0) (241s) 0f8dab350e4f8ee8027d94da2b637cc0.djvu
140112 Dutcher R. A. - The Nature and Function of the Antineuritic Vitamine (1919) (5s) c875d65c5844e9538527278d08808544.pdf
140113 Lewis G.N. - The Nature of Light (1926) (8s) 81603f6e2d67faa5afc323a617de66ae.pdf
140114 Conant J.B., Humphrey W.G. - The nature of prosthetic group in limulus hemocyanin (1930) (4s) 3629e878308a0872e05e55d6a7dbeb23.pdf
140115 Pauling L. - The Nature of the Chemical Bond and the Structure of Molecules and Crystals: An Introduction to Modern Structural Chemistry (1960) (656s) 1b0b6a2b547833df118c74cb974a54c4.djvu
140116 Ellis J.W. - The near infra-red absorption spectrum of calcite (1930) (6s) 418728f3aaa40227e6835d5c00f27608.pdf
140117 Vermeylen K. - The Neoclassical Growth Model - and Ricardian Equivalence (0) (21s) ddb141296879fb466d8b414817df96dd.pdf
140118 Fisher W. J. - The Newton-Denning Method for Computing Meteor Paths with a Celestial Globe (1933) (4s) 3170a7f0fb390e1a2a568c17fc9c4c3f.pdf
140119 Nicholson S. B. - The Ninth Satellite of Jupiter (1917) (3s) d142e4eade28ce1d804fd5d78819149f.pdf
140120 Da Vinci L., Richter J.P. - The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci volume 1 (1888) (526s) 08d9c76cf89587f2e4bfed10532d9665.pdf
140121 Hall E.H. - The Number of Free Electrons with a Metal (1924) (3s) ffbf7c1cf2d4cf56512d1a5335f363d2.pdf
140122 Gordon P. - The Number of Representations Function for Positive Binary Quadratic Forms (1931) (3s) 67ed05dd35e388b6836cc962d9adbe43.pdf
140123 Neal T.L. - The Offshore Advantage (1999) (272s) f970044845aec5f50115c0ce16c512df.pdf
140124 Barus C. - The Open Mercury Manometer Read by Displacement Interferometry (1921) (5s) 1f338aa68d54621a565ffd274c094bb8.pdf
140125 Kronig R. - The optical basis of the theory of valence (1935) (263s) 19bfd61d8396dbbdf0e84174126efc28.djvu
140126 Morse M. - The Order of Vanishing of the Determinant of a Conjugate Base (1931) (2s) d32afb3c9a9c38a377e5f565dccf11d9.pdf
140127 Allen T.J., Henn G. - The Organization and Architecture of Innovation (2007) (136s) a910a4e6d0525f60ea50d317275338c4.pdf
140128 Harkins W.D., Beeman N. - The Oriented Wedge Theory of Emulsions (1925) (7s) 40f0a9a1e5bf57d4b169355e8ddb9bdf.pdf
140129 Lind S.C. - The Origin of Terrestrial Helium and Its Association with Other Gases (1925) (8s) efca52cca146ecdb8d56bd8ca8be8ff7.pdf
140130 Winans J.G. - The Origin of the Continuous Spectrum of the Hydrogen Molecule (1928) (5s) 854f645c8cbc74775959ab1300cdb293.pdf
140131 Harkins W. D., Hall R. E., Roberts W. A. - The Osmotic Pressure and Lowering of the Freezing-Point of Mixtures of Salts with One Another and with Non-Electrolytes in Aqueous Solutions (1916) (5s) e8b83457c0e46319b6e629b5e1df9bfa.pdf
140132 Garcia-Rio E. - The Osserman Conditions in Semi-Riemannian Geometry (2002) (20s) 27dbd9799d5254b5def59fdad533c641.pdf
140133 Vermeylen K. - The Overlapping Generations Model and the Pension (0) (17s) 1af33e403e60622e2cfd0e700e27ff24.pdf
140134 Harger R. N. - The Oxidation of Hydroquinol in the Presence of Aliphatic Amines (1922) (3s) fb5bb0aa9afc1e64d6c6b46d60015cb7.pdf
140135 Wendt G. L. - The Ozone Form of Hydrogen (1919) (4s) f6244f4536f9fc782947578753202431.pdf
140136 Hochbruck M. - The Pade Table and ins Relation to Certain Numerical Algorithms (1996) (159s) 5ae6fcf9f2060b49f46a6279ab1250f2.ps
140137 - The Papers of Independent Authors volume 7 (2008) (114s) bea4375b7d0b79568b2a438ca9f5ff9c.pdf
140138 van Maanen A. - The Parallax of the Planetary Nebulae (1916) (4s) e0aade5ec265d022aa1369b13fad02ad.pdf
140139 Taylor N. W. - The Paramagnetism of Odd Molecules (1925) (2s) a996c934c7f0c7d3de5d953561d8ae96.pdf
140140 Dempster A.J. - The Passage of Slow Canal Rays through Hydrogen (1925) (3s) 74eb3f30b105e43d11802cbd1d24feee.pdf
140141 Lewis G. N. - The Path of Light Quanta in an Interference Field (1926) (2s) b0cd3d4373bacba55ae78a787fb3e367.pdf
140142 Kingsley-Hughes A. - The PC Doctor's Fix-it-Yourself Guide (2004) (480s) 82d9f96382fbe7f460dd6fd6248f97f3.pdf
140143 Hall E. H. - The Pelter Effect (1921) (5s) 5b71f17b8248da5626d990617da59976.pdf
140144 Meggers W.F. - The Periodic Structural Regularities in Spectra as Related to the Periodic Law of the Chemical Elements (1924) (9s) 996264e2c6ba7aa752ca771f9a1cd29d.pdf
140145 Welch G. B. - The Periodicity of Photoelectric Thresholds (1927) (3s) d019ea0bed0ef847eb4826b76513793b.pdf
140146 Eisenhart L. P. - The Permanent Gravitational Field in the Einstein Theory (1920) (5s) 176b73cc5934d1a66785997ace258121.pdf
140147 Ira R. Berry, Robert P. Martin - The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process (2008) (650s) 3ec79d20a186f4a413c45c199e4bac3c.pdf
140148 Lewis B. - The Photochemical Decomposition of Hydrogen-Iodide; the Mode of Optical Dissociation (1927) (7s) a65e984eec5ca549241481392b9d1080.pdf
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140996 Кусраев А.Г., Тибилов К. . - Бесконечномерные банаховы пространства. Избранные главы (1996) (115s) 893cc9609dcc7587c646612066c21441.djvu
140997 Воробьев Н. Н. (ред) - Бесконечные антогонистические игры (1963) (505s) afb97daae9cf8acc096823ebcf0934fc.djvu
140998 Коток А. - Беспощадная иммунизация. Правда о прививках (2006) (592s) e19864324217e4175ecd99605e7622f8.pdf
140999 Михаил Фленов - Библия Delphi (2008, БХВ-Петербург) (799s) cf9570d8395e22bf44e0b43011877355.pdf
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