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139000 Stormer C. - Remarks on a Paper Note on the Nature of Cosmic Rays, by Paul S. Epstein (1930) (2s) 9b631e51006da521c8a2d4a86d6bcd78.pdf
139001 Alexander J. W. - Remarks on a Point Set Constructed by Antoine (1923) (3s) 355653fcfed617612919c59d8e9095c9.pdf
139002 Karamata J. - Remarks on a Theorem of D. V. Widder (1932) (3s) b169d65af2b8ccbe6794b11a4ae0e8c2.pdf
139003 Condon E. - Remarks on Penetrating Radiation (1926) (4s) 325de1acbd619f4f3d9cd47c0d5c3de4.pdf
139004 Tolman R. C. - Remarks on Professor Lewiss Note on the Path of Light Quanta in an Interference Field (1926) (2s) 5042b47c4dbc6d3a18b98316e72f8098.pdf
139005 Wintner A. - Remarks on the Ergodic Theory of Birkhoff (1932) (4s) 00fed69fd25b6e35ef64fc512d5e4cd9.pdf
139006 Ehrenfest P. - Remarks on the Quantum Theory of Diffraction (1927) (9s) df650f03248ba7de1ce16a9064039fdf.pdf
139007 Nayak S. (ed.), Zlatanova (ed.) - Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies for Monitoring and Prediction of Disasters (2008) (270s) eb144e3c72022660bd8f9f900ca6ba0a.pdf
139008 Marshall D.E. - Removable sets for bounded analytic functions (0) (3s) d6349672e1fd735976d4dc2cd1f76515.pdf
139009 Masters G. M. - Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems (2004) (654s) 60eb6753a650bb0ae3db21b2cb8c590d.pdf
139010 Graziani M. (ed.), Fornasiero P. (ed.) - Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy: A Global Challenge (2007) (368s) 6d6d5590804dfe4b4f8ebf74514c72a3.pdf
139011 Schrag P.G. - Repay As You Earn: The Flawed Government Program to Help Students Have Public Service Careers (2002) (157s) 0e5076e9b59048c65cce92cf70623f95.pdf
139012 Chappell D.M. - Report Writing for Architects and Project Managers (1996) (160s) 8a0db38c573281c319749fffa687ffd5.pdf
139013 Ammari H., Kang H. - Representation of Solutions (2004) (11s) d72aa6d90b879551c621e1140d48dbe2.pdf
139014 Borel A. - Representations de Groupes Localement Compacts (1972) (108s) 77871f7ebf85d5b972236f2a6d0099e5.rar
139015 Garrett P. - Representations of GL(2) and SL(2) over finite fields (2007) (23s) cb00c2550fcc683570ccfa6b73bfcf21.pdf
139016 Garrett P. - Representations of moderate growth (2004) (9s) f18131238ce87e79ce4292830f28c3c6.pdf
139017 Garett P. - Representations with Iwahori-fixed vectors (2005) (12s) c9e7a8ea320d1f566dea6186578e9323.pdf
139018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations (BS7671): I.E.E. Wiring Regulations (1992) (266s) 59f3083b4836e76953ef711fabd0d5dd.pdf
139019 Bamfield P. - Research and Development in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (2006) (290s) ba36ae1b50c380b2119ca36d1c05d3c2.pdf
139020 Bamfield P. - Research and Development Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (2003) (280s) 4a8784ca6de5b4163c32f11db4d7170d.rar
139021 Zerbe R.O., Kirkwood J.B. - (Research in Law and Economics. Vol. 22) (2007) (257s) 3d8c422e8f331e7aa94086164fba33fd.pdf
139022 Gillham B. - Research Interviewing: The Range of Techniques (2005) (173s) 57d444140d2dc1129063974f7ba3b5a3.pdf
139023 Chemical Sciences Roundtable - Research Teams and Partnerships: Trends in the Chemical Sciences. Report of a Workshop (1999) (143s) 0cb6559377861e0e2f3ce98431b7c33e.pdf
139024 Bogert M.T. - Researches on Selenium Organic Compounds V. A Simple Method for the Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzoselenazoles (1925) (2s) fd69697de70c7dd2c255c03c15730b57.pdf
139025 Bogert M.T., Corbitt H.B. - Researches on Thiazoles X. The Synthesis of Some 2-Phenyl-benzothiazole Arsonic Acids (1925) (5s) 68da4b39e45f6d922dec5eb56e891d4a.pdf
139026 Reed D.W., Field E. K. - Reservoir Flood Estimation (1992) (94s) 45968566835410038c69de120e5d43f5.pdf
139027 Berg R. - Reservoir Sandstones (1985) (576s) ad2afe4e42fc642850777bfec4649c32.pdf
139028 Deligny P., Tuck N. - Resins for Surface Coatings. Alkyds & Polyesters volume 2 (2001) (161s) 0b71f7d1ac00b6b07ad4b0d4e127f63b.pdf
139029 Dridoman P. W. - Resistance and Thermo-Electric Phenomena in Metal Crystals (1928) (4s) 7dfa8f16138bf5faced716e361fbc306.pdf
139030 Barus C.B. - Resonant Acoustic and Electric Oscillations Released by the Relatively Slow Spring Break (1926) (4s) bd425d956c1e5dcc95fe6fd049d9bf0a.pdf
139031 Brandas E., Jensen H.J. - (Response Theory and Molecular Properties: A Tribute to Jan Linderberg and Poul Jorgensen, Vol. 50) (2005) (350s) 2217f76de1e0b5ef67c2f3db056bb187.pdf
139032 Muller-Bungart M. - Revenue Management with Flexible Products: Models and Methods for the Broadcasting Industry (2007) (297s) 9b8a80042fafca296b46b61b3e3bc4fd.pdf
139033 Bancroft W. D. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue I (1931) (7s) 9a4f2b649ebc09a102abe00550e99423.pdf
139034 Bancroft W. D. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue II (1931) (7s) 74e700e43d0012b43b216216edaf0a07.pdf
139035 Bancroft W. D. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue III (1931) (8s) 7407d2cb4ece927dae85a0b5c9a0847d.pdf
139036 Bancroft W.D., Richter G.H. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue IV (1931) (3s) 17711e74cac99b71c821cb60982e0e4c.pdf
139037 Bancroft W.D., Rutzler J.E. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue V (1931) (3s) 3fb4aaa3409f62d814cc46f1aed6a7d2.pdf
139038 Bancroft W. D., Rutzler Jr. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue VII (1931) (5s) 1ec06fa9f860e61be213d771f61c43ab.pdf
139039 Bancroft W. D., Rutzler Jr. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue VIII (1931) (5s) cb2f68dd985385d911e961357c7e00cc.pdf
139040 Bancroft W.D., Rutzler J.E. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue X (1931) (6s) f3fef0dab51539b00fb0ca3a5bf02b31.pdf
139041 Bancroft W. D., Rutzler J. E. Jr., Gutsell R. S. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue X (1932) (8s) 4bffd873bb11257054f99d505cae13d5.pdf
139042 Bancroft W. D., Gutsell R. S., Rutzler J. E. - Reversible Coagulation in Living Tissue XI (1933) (7s) 8c281a468202bc3e859c6604f2cafbf5.pdf
139043 Lederman P.B. - Review of Chemical Agent Secondary Waste Disposal and Regulatory Requirements (2007) (92s) c89103bee966dea7a8a2923f91f88a46.pdf
139044 Matthew S. Platz, Maitland Jones, Robert A. Moss - Review of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry (2007) (472s) 073be9016e61a010e07cc8a15b935926.pdf
139045 Standing Committee to Review the Research Programs of t, National Research Council - Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles: Fourth Report (1998) (136s) 8f30af177cb55b16933d5de36024eb03.chm
139046 Standing Committee to Review the Research Programs of t, National Research Council - Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles: Fourth Report (1998) (136s) 34d98b305bb59d51722ef58e31183cba.chm
139047 Reinhard E. Schielicke (Ed.) - Reviews in Modern Astronomy #16: The Cosmic Circuit of Matter (2004) (331s) 060e4a6de7fc5922a8c39cacc8fedd5b.pdf
139048 Ware G.W. - (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 184) (2005) (156s) 9b45ce1c7ed77d5b85a18a4f1504fab6.pdf
139049 Ware G.W. - (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 1848) (2006) (225s) 889e63f00b04cec7767992c09fee0135.pdf
139050 Ware G.W. - (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 185) (2006) (185s) efd9a036b2afae680cedacb61b732cf0.pdf
139051 Ware G.W. - (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 187) (2006) (261s) cf2b21c6ea89c9d7ffd4a91defbdd8cb.pdf
139052 Whitacre D. M. - (Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, Volume 194) (2007) (196s) 303359db420491fa8e6b45f63e33218c.pdf
139053 King E. S. - Revised Magnitudes and Color Indices of the Planets (1923) (2s) 5807cad3a0810ca3a1c8fb2d196bd013.pdf
139054 John Ch. E. - Revision of Rowlands Preliminary Tables of Solar Spectrum Wave-Lengths (0) (6s) 4a43c4fa4b1c8db87f68dbabd5d5472f.pdf
139055 Heaton J. - Reworking Qualitative Data (2004) (160s) 3a501961eafa2c293e209ddb3096bb2d.pdf
139056 Bowman D., Bradley D.M. - Rezolution of Some Open Problems Concerning Multiple Zeta Evaluations of Arbitrary Depth (1999) (6s) aaf187ef5f5713e3706be10a11c30846.ps
139057 Golio M., Golio J. (ed.) - RF and Microwave Applications and Systems (2008) (690s) e6e3ff5d131c65600c719f96b72f7957.pdf
139058 Golio M., Golio J. (ed.) - RF and Microwave Circuits, Measurements, and Modeling (2008) (776s) 494558f98b4a2b69124c8674b20de571.pdf
139059 Golio M., Golio J. (ed.) - RF and Microwave Passive and Active Technologies (2008) (736s) 0e0985767146f9b31bd0c55864c39836.pdf
139060 Brown R. - Rf Microwave Hybrids (2003) (283s) 8cd6b70a83632e2287a896bbf0750070.rar
139061 Chang Dae Han - Rheology and Processing of Polymeric Materials: Polymer Rheology volume 1 (2007) (736s) 9379973f63a7ecb8cb140f0e9f51279d.pdf
139062 Eisenhart L. P. - Riccis Principal Directions for a Riemann Space and the Einstein Theory (1922) (3s) 3336a223e9bb2ac930567c2fa90d66f7.pdf
139063 Keating R. - Richard Keating: Selected and Current Works (1996) (256s) c53e22d0cfe96b7faa44f626077277d1.pdf
139064 Richard Meier - Richard Meier Architect (2000) (304s) 91a8d8652b6470ca525f60e981fff931.pdf
139065 Flaschel P., Klingenberg W. - Riemannsche Hilbertmannigfaltigkeiten. Periodische Geodatische (1972) (224s) 5bb7d0e320f151d5e78fa6a582936f53.rar
139066 Scarpignato C. (ed.) - Rifaximin: A Poorly Absorbed Antibiotic. Pharmacology and Clinical Use (2005) (132s) 19942dcb318986cf8ac1548fbca06bf2.pdf
139067 Wang P - Rigid Flexibility: The Logic of Intelligence (2006) (414s) cebfe07263eeef2939e7be2465065616.pdf
139068 Gonzalez C.G.F. - Risk Management of Natural Disasters (2006) (153s) 2b4f18830f3d993a2350e73a7c17f8a8.pdf
139069 Morita S. (ed.) - Roadmap of Scanning Probe Microscopy (2007) (201s) 02a296a58760424a12811524474ce673.pdf
139070 Ulivi P., Harland D. M. - Robotic Exploration of the Solar System. The Golden Age 1957-1982 part 1 (2007) (534s) 575763f07ac24f0cd9064dd451171e32.pdf
139071 Appin Knowledge Solutions - Robotics (2007) (343s) 94a2c677b83220653cf6b96129bc6c39.pdf
139072 Angelo J.A. - Robotics: A Reference Guide to the New Technology (2007) (417s) 219da6ac959d95236c67cb39c0704155.pdf
139073 Bhattacharyya S. P., Chapellat H., Keel L. H. - Robust Control: The Parametric Approach (1995) (648s) d60836c2c5a29b46d7440034d82e1a7e.pdf
139074 Hendriks M. (ed.), Boer J. (ed.), Smilde A. K. (ed.) - Robustness of analytical chemical methods and pharmaceutical technologxal products (1996) (346s) 4569b7021bef8cc85e01f05181aa8339.pdf
139075 Marks G., Mauldin J. - Rocking Wall Street: Four Powerful Strategies That will Shake Up the Way You Invest, Build Your Wealth And Give You Your Life Back (2007) (197s) 10c8e5ae92b839b6d6c40314da6f73a3.pdf
139076 Wasan K. M. (Ed) - Role of Lipid Excipients in Modifying Oral and Parenteral Drug Delivery: Basic Principles and Biological Examples (2006) (216s) 7dd51ddc5332bcd7b2132600301726fa.rar
139077 Колисниченко Д. - Rootkits под Windows. Теория и практика программирования ''шапок-невидимок'', позволяющих скрывать от системы данные, процессы, сетевые соединения (2006) (298s) 71ce6b391d23f72312802d5d335c0ba0.djvu
139078 Garrett P. - Roots of unity (2005) (15s) 4be9ac9c65cf7ed4c5c9550654f0b01f.ps
139079 Pratt L. L.J., Whitehead J. A. - Rotating Hydraulics: Nonlinear Topographic Effects in the Ocean and Atmosphere (2007) (589s) 8a50673b98e4205e858df12d9926d3f1.rar
139080 Eddington A. S. - Rotation of the Galaxy (1930) (32s) d8f2e1215c70f6c2a512b33975d9005e.djvu
139081 Crawford R.J. - Rotational Moulding of Plastics (1996) (272s) 18eb4a3b16f85fbba63aaf73d21799df.pdf
139082 Houston W. V. - Rotational Raman Spectrum of CO2 (1931) (3s) f8645e04a43d3eab8abd1ba616acbc81.pdf
139083 Lutz Roth, Gabriel Rupp - Roth Collection of Natural Products Data (1995) (512s) 9e6ec2325f4ef0ad7333be030dae9fef.pdf
139084 Saxena P., Shelar R.S., Sapatnekar S.S. - Routing Congestion in VLSI Circuits: Estimation and Optimization (2007) (248s) 5dc931ae9959b5874263a842a3dd853e.pdf
139085 Forrest M.J. - Rubber Analysis ї Polymers, Compounds and Products (2001) (147s) 757eaf66871f14e38c2e1083d9b95a78.pdf
139086 Mark J,E., Erman B. - Rubberlike Elasticity: A Molecular Primer (2007) (260s) 8b4e1f3b6efc6a2d3737c30f9ebf9f11.pdf
139087 The Inspection and Standards Division of the Medicines - Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors 2007 (2007) (430s) 180502b00272411c0697fa9abb9a01be.pdf
139088 Branan C.R. - Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers: Amanual of Quick, Accurate Solutions to Everyday Process Engineering Problems (2005) (479s) 5393768e0eab0cf3e1ddf34d61d41d6b.pdf
139089 Goldsmith D. W. - Runaway Universe: The Race to Discover the Future of the Cosmos (2001) (256s) e164d09ea7c85ecb833e8dfd18d2e540.pdf
139090 Tapiador F. J. - Rural Analysis and Management: An Earth Science Approach to Rural Science (2007) (331s) b5378afc8cacb5d1418d9e83a48182a3.pdf
139091 Lohwater A.J. - Russian-English Dictionary of the Mathematical Sciences (1990) (439s) 43ed402ff6837b208e5132e8df550926.chm
139092 Bruneau C., Dixneuf P.H. - Ruthenium Catalysts And Fine Chemistry (2008) (360s) 23a9db5b53e2eb17e38ea2a13a315579.rar
139093 Lamel B. - S 8-Regularity Theorem for Nondegenerate CR Mappings (2004) (12s) 931893548b59bf2a2d93f9ea068c8e31.pdf
139094 - SAE Fatigue Design Handbook (1997) (470s) dd17104f21081f69abc8880a4bb33265.pdf
139095 Committee on the Safety and Security of Commercial Spen - Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage: Public Report (2006) (126s) 4664ee2436e65d30733f475ae094978f.pdf
139096 Steinbach J. - Safety Assessment for Chemical Processes (1999) (318s) e69c45c92ecfa754e329effa98b33f0f.pdf
139097 Wilpert B., Itoigawa N. - Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations (2001) (376s) d2c26914cb23465f9712e3c16be7fb20.pdf
139098 Gruhn P., Cheddie H. - Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis, and Justification (2006) (306s) 7afd9eaa51836c95e603bd6f57548dfa.rar
139099 - Safety Pharmacology in Pharmaceutical Development and Approval (2003) (208s) bd836be6b94b16ffce3b86249c674e3e.chm
139100 Gately L. A. (ed.) - Salonovations Cosmetology Dictionary (1996) (506s) e67cef3017373a3d7fc3c7b287326cb7.pdf
139101 Hess S.M. - SalonOvations' Guide to Aromatherapy (1996) (207s) a2fef95462a904b7cbdfc1b075c70942.pdf
139102 Chua S. - Sammy Chua's Day Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom (2007) (200s) a1fdb8b19f1a12c8cdac24f68305fb4c.pdf
139103 Barcelo D. (ed.) - Sample Handling and Trace Analysis of Pollutants. Techniques, Applications and Quality Assurance (Techniques and Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry) volume 21 (2000) (1138s) a5e1d0cd63c292783ba3b2cd3109ae80.pdf
139104 Mester Z., Sturgeon R.E. - Sample Preparation for Trace Element Analysis (2003) (1286s) fffefc79117dfb18b8c11e47656fe854.pdf
139105 Moldoveanu S. C., David V. - Sample Preparation in Chromatography (2002) (930s) 3eb5e70ce939c189e16cc4699ed521a1.pdf
139106 Szenberg M. (ed.), Ramrattan L. (ed.), Gottesman A.A. (ed.) - Samuelsonian Economics and the Twenty-First Century (2006) (350s) ac998212c43267e2c202a13fc5b81f7f.pdf
139107 Gopel W. (ed.), Hesse J. (ed), Zemel J. N. (ed.) - Sansors vol.1 (1989) (641s) ff1e73dbc91f8ba410828f65765cd7d8.rar
139108 Gopel W. (ed.), Hesse J. (ed), Zemel J. N. (ed.) - Sansors vol.2 (1990) (716s) 2eb95f466ec41341a7935b3ffc865119.rar
139109 Gopel W. (ed.), Hesse J. (ed), Zemel J. N. (ed.) - Sansors vol.4 (1990) (411s) db83a8f328d7eb731878899338c69379.rar
139110 Gopel W. (ed.), Hesse J. (ed), Zemel J. N. (ed.) - Sansors vol.5 (1989) (513s) 5df2a57f1daa2b98866e86b650175ace.rar
139111 Gopel W. (ed.), Hesse J. (ed), Zemel J. N. (ed.) - Sansors vol.9 (1996) (162s) ea797a99e96de2fc6ff2bdc7c57e25f4.rar
139112 Druitt T. H., Davies M., Edwards L. - Santorini Volcano (1999) (176s) add2359c74a440598fa3ec66e978458a.pdf
139113 SAS Institute - SAS/ETS 9.1 User's Guide (2004) (448s) 2eba83e4a2a8c4a4bfcb72ee0da4e753.rar
139114 Garrett P. - Satake parameters versus unramified principal series (1999) (4s) 8019912ecae81c221a394293f2a094ed.pdf
139115 Fu L.-L. - Satellite Altimetry and Earth Sciences: A Handbook of Techniques and Applications (2000) (463s) fe29fee09874852c7e63f4cb194de92b.pdf
139116 Oh S. - Satellite-UMTS - Specification of Protocols and Traffic Performance Analysis (2005) (191s) b6079e3a37007ee2c17b4d72efe298d2.pdf
139117 MacLane S. - Saunders MacLane: A Mathematical Autobiography (2005) (374s) f0f3c45b033b0231a2c7842fda3caf02.djvu
139118 Lewis R.J. - Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials (2004) (4860s) 442c984510233f08f2c9adbd7f3c8652.rar
139119 Zelazny G. - Say It with Charts: The Executive's Guide to Visual Communication (2001) (226s) b66adcb004a9249ef878e55982a84f5c.pdf
139120 Wu J. - Scaling and Uncertainty Analysis in Ecology: Methods and Applications (2007) (351s) f09394c069ea4e5ef7b6c57a2f966994.pdf
139121 Ross P.A. - Scattered X-Rays (1924) (3s) e71edee679a54fd488a8f4204f0fa54d.pdf
139122 Minh N.Q., Takahashi T. - Science and Technology of Ceramic Fuel Cells (1995) (366s) 78765b7f26b7de0c86d6bd1a3d01709a.pdf
139123 Eddington A. S. - Science and the Unseen World (1929) (56s) fce2cf90e9a78f2bc609e0cabb30e35e.djvu
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139126 Inkpen R. - Science, Philosophy and Physical Geography (2004) (164s) eb1acd36f5d7a056a1cc44cf10dab463.pdf
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139129 Barker A. - Scientific Method in Ptolemys Harmonics (2004) (281s) b42f322c1e3d01f50b28e22b80d2ad08.pdf
139130 Annandale G. W. - Scour Technology: Mechanics and Engineering Practice (2006) (430s) 8191143ed55a922e901ef69594ace55f.pdf
139131 Rainich G.Y. - Second Note Electrodynamics in the General Relativity Theory (1924) (5s) e83e99de70c1f06b2c1691825410d8aa.pdf
139132 Davis M. N. - Secondary Electrons from Cobalt (1928) (6s) c8ad10d54bd013a9aa9d0a370a10a629.pdf
139133 Bouroudjian H.J. - Secrets of the Trading Pros: Techniques and Tips That Pros Use to Beat the Market (2007) (200s) ac0f051701fd70130a73ff4dbef0f318.pdf
139134 - Section operators (0) (7s) f8a0bea3329b4253551a992092dd3a41.pdf
139135 Kusuda T. (Ed), Yamanishi H. - (Sediment and Ecohydraulics: INTERCOH 2005, Vol. 9) (2007) (520s) e327cf08b599247aed0c640a89f5aeb5.pdf
139136 Jones S. J. (Ed) - Sediment Flux to Basins: Causes, Controls and Consequences (2002) (300s) 7520af19639e5b7776e9cb304469ef0c.pdf
139137 Tucker M.E. - Sedimentary Rocks in the Field (2003) (236s) ff442da6453bb4f590d6cda1bf6a2862.pdf
139138 Shikazono N. - Geochemical and Tectonic Evolution of ARC-Backarc Hydrothermal Systems: Implications for the Origin of Kuruko and Epithermal Vein-Type Mineralizations and the Global Geochemical Cycle (2003) (463s) 117d4cc55ffadb45565932f29a8fdb5c.pdf
139139 Liberty J., Jones B., Rao S. - See Inside! Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day (Sams Teach Yourself Series) by Jesse Liberty: Book Cover * Cover Image * o Table of Contents Forewords & Introductions Sams Teach Yourself C++ in On (2008) (857s) 245e52c8b0dbdece990b3317b6c3eee8.pdf
139140 McHardy J., Sawan S. P. - See Inside! Supercritical Fluid Cleaning by Samuel P. Haber: Book Cover * o Table of Contents Supercritical Fluid Cleaning: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications (1998) (304s) 0b8f95e50340089dd47767f2dcf0731e.djvu
139141 - Seismic Behavior and Design of Steel Shear Walls (2000) (71s) 95942626766f96f0c004fa6687672c05.pdf
139142 Englekirk R.E. - Seismic Design of Reinforced and Precast Concrete Buildings (2003) (848s) f933cbe44f1d822e91d23c33220edab0.zip
139143 Tsavkin V. - Seismic Signatures and Analysis of Reflection Data in Anisotropic Media (2001) (456s) be6e0513ab9e2fa42fbed2e1ce4b04e3.pdf
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