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133000 Alspach B., Xu M.Y. - 1/2-Transitive Graphs of Order 3p (1994) (9s) 8cd14a61c11064f7a34e34cba3917d14.pdf
133001 Li Y., Zhang N., Yang G. - 1/3 subharmonic solution of elliptical sandwich plates (2003) (11s) 4ea5996e9d9fc16237922e28a001f6f8.pdf
133002 Arefeva I.Y. - 1/N expansion for scalar fields (1983) (15s) 24dd58be94581568b913a4d3d7ea3c36.pdf
133003 - 1+1 Dimensional Integrable Systems (0) (64s) be73321828d67a48807a5cda690c0480.pdf
133004 Martin-Lof P. - 100 Years of Zermelos Axiom of Choice What was the Problem with It (0) (11s) d32f2e06a5f03a6d1d0ad80a8c84476f.pdf
133005 Киппенхан Р. - 100 миллиардов солнц: Рождение, жизнь и смерть звезд (1990) (149s) 7df08397ffde32d5220f0235439bd848.djvu
133006 Сергеев И. Н. - 1000 вопросов и ответов. Математика: Учебное пособие для поступающих в ВУЗы (2001) (208s) dda6d015d917fc2ca0eb01a5cea94c9b.rar
133007 Prochnow D. - (Evil Genius)101 Outer Space Projects for the Evil Genius (2007, McGraw-Hill) (350s) 252dc34499ce19cef5b16e333130a15f.pdf
133008 Qin Z., Du W., Zeng Q. - 10Gbs transmission over 100 km of standard single-mode fiber with a dispersion tunable chirped fiber grating (1999) (5s) 152581be169f44946a332eb98cc0b7eb.pdf
133009 Zwiesler H.-J. - 10-jahriges Jubilaum Verleihung des SCOR-Preises f ur Aktuarwissenschaften in Verbindung mit der Universitat Ulm 2006 (2007) (4s) 9c55b758dcaa65963e39c22815aae2b8.pdf
133010 Alt R., Vignes J. - 10th GAMM - IMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic, and Validated Numerics (2002) (2s) 3e5f3c6cf4180242af8d25cfceab8d0c.pdf
133011 Alt R., Vignes J. - 10th GAMM-IMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic, and Validated Numerics (2002) (2s) bb4ace1b7a0fdecd18a562d9bae5de2b.pdf
133012 Keith W.L., Rand R.H. - 11 and 21 phase entrainment in a system of two coupled limit cycle oscillators (1984) (20s) b4723867489e8bf2024909155fa6deb9.pdf
133013 - 11th Conference of the International Federation of Classification Societies (2008) (2s) 553c5f1313a77b4e326914db34849dc8.pdf
133014 Schaeffer A., Fuchs A. - 1400 mathematische Abiturientenaufgaben (1910) (1s) 58fbc2abed59f9417dcc7ff951520e37.pdf
133015 - 14th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (1998) (2s) 92937383d699bb1c878050aa28173aba.pdf
133016 Brehm U., Kuhnel W. - 15-vertex triangulations of an 8-manifold (1992) (27s) 8417f77ff7107a357c7aa148ba11abc8.pdf
133017 Salzmann H. - 16-dimensional compact projective planes with a collineation group of dimension >= 35 (2008) (5s) 92730d89fd64b9e68bf974b5225d0ea1.pdf
133018 Hahl H., Salzmann H. - 16-dimensional compact projective planes with a large group fixing two points and two lines (2005) (12s) ca5efe7badd611d78b6e3a6226f20aaa.pdf
133019 Ribenboim P. - 17eme probleme de Hilbert (1974) (25s) bb7f7709c9132ce90236e37abbb8e7f0.pdf
133020 Plesu V., Agachi P.S. - 17th European Symposium on Computed Aided Process Engineering (2007) (1392s) f86f93f24e67996edd53ae7652038ed0.pdf
133021 Hersch R. - 18 Unconventional Essays on the Nature of Mathematics (2005) (352s) 9434794f0e1c6c870b90db691d6b1575.rar
133022 Dorfel G., Muller F. - 1857 Julius Plucker, Heinrich Geibler und der Beginn systematischer Gasentladungsforschung in Deutschland (2006) (20s) 21d30d82bc7bc8fc519514472aa98767.pdf
133023 Evangelaras H., Koukouvinos C., Lappas E. - 18-run nonisomorphic three level orthogonal arrays (2007) (31s) 764ed576bd7767b09000c43294117952.pdf
133024 Hart B., Pillay A., Starchenko S. - 1-based theories - the main gap for a-models (1995) (16s) 8e114da68cad91d92265c2d64938a24b.pdf
133025 Kleshchev A.S. - 1-Cohomologies of a special linear group with coefficients in a module of truncated polynomials (0) (7s) c156fe069e368e3615112c812f315316.pdf
133026 Feferman S., Kreisel G., Orey S. - 1-Consistency and faithful interpretations (1960) (12s) 01454931fdaa190761df1fa53e1d77cd.pdf
133027 Alessandrini L. - 1-Convex Manifolds are p-Kahler (2002) (14s) 3b96baaa88c923347f89d786ce1dceec.pdf
133028 Al-Zanaidi M. - 1D-grid generation by monotone iteration discretization (1990) (14s) 6d390569f80c53001c8242ffd94607e2.pdf
133029 Leader S. - 1-differentials on 1-cells: a further study (0) (15s) 49d2a7e8a9924d4a783837427bf96d94.pdf
133030 Levitt G. - 1-formes ferm6es singuli6res et groupe fondamental (1987) (33s) 36115bb951ab3a575e07592a84f69212.pdf
133031 Pei J., Zhang X. - 1-Generator Quasi-Cyclic Codes (2007) (8s) 70daffe7287008c3a5dca1c4b143493d.pdf
133032 Jurisic A. - 1-Homogeneous Graphs with Cocktail Party, mu -Graphs (2002) (20s) cc48817a8df6189604d82087d92f74dd.pdf
133033 Abramenko P., Van Maldeghem H. - 1-twinnings of buildings (2001) (17s) 8af6cc1573c5f5a339b35172c939b331.pdf
133034 Fornass J.E. - 2 Dimensional counterexamples to generalizations of the Levi problem (1977) (5s) cb6ef4cbb25a6ee0aad032b51e58bd54.pdf
133035 Zhang B. - 2 T -periodic solution for m order neutral type differential equations with time delays (2002) (7s) a6c98674fec0325c35a3ea92ece7df22.pdf
133036 Shifeng D. - 2-( v,k ,1) Designs and PSL (3, q ) where q is Odd (2003) (9s) e8f6b14fc5a22a5dfcd2150c930c9535.pdf
133037 Bouyukliev I., Fack V., Winne J. - 2-(31,15,7), 2-(35,17,8) and 2-(36,15,6) designs with automorphisms of odd prime order, and their related Hadamard matrices and codes (2008) (18s) 9e14a4ed7126db36e89d52f542ccbd06.pdf
133038 Wu Sh. L. - 2^(r+1) - Cycle Systems of K (2002) (4s) bd3c78e8e349a2fc4b05edfe948fbc33.pdf
133039 Blok W.J. - 2^(x o) varieties of Heyting algebras not generated by their finite members (1977) (3s) 0a4a987930ce74d29128703694a0ca82.pdf
133040 Li P.-F., Liu M.-Q., Zhang R.-C. - 2^m 4^1 designs with minimum aberration or weak minimum aberration (2007) (14s) 37173694ee050014709dd8cbaab0d3c1.pdf
133041 Zhao S., Zhang R. - 2^m*4^n designs with resolution III or IV containing clear two-factor interaction components (2008) (14s) 6750dd2416b342b9418d89cb38209fb8.pdf
133042 Abdulle A., Wanner G. - 200 years of least squares method (2002) (16s) 0cff857e5bc8e971fe1d16acbef56955.pdf
133043 Lopez O. - 21 CFR 11: Complete Guide to International Computer Validation Compliance for the Pharmaceutical Industry (2004) (272s) a408f1b5f68c1f2e12f74721d456d3c7.pdf
133044 Szabo L. - 21-neighbour packing of equal balls in the 4-dimensional Euclidean space (1990) (5s) 6ca8556c06458bcb3f3d71a605658064.pdf
133045 Kriegel H. P. - 2-3 brother trees (1978) (11s) eb1211d3d0312583e97eafb025b0a75b.pdf
133046 Winter P. A. - 2-3 graphs which have Vizings adjacency property (1986) (3s) 783b85b2748a328a4155be460ab86f16.pdf
133047 - 250 years of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (0) (2s) 086bed25d8ed1563ebb3ab478266bc79.pdf
133048 Komarchev I.A. - 2-Abolutely summable oeprators in certain Banach spaces (1979) (7s) 4146a7e4273824df7a04e1fc856ac737.pdf
133049 Aichinger E. - 2-affine complete algebras need not be affine complete (2002) (10s) 472aadc82588d8b8f545a0e12cc8baad.pdf
133050 Li J., Su Y., Zhu L. - 2-Cocycles of original deformative Schrodinger-Virasoro algebras (2008) (11s) 64f4c12597f2ec079d7871d22db603d0.pdf
133051 Shyr H.J., Yu S.S. - 2-Codes and 2-Code Annihilators (1998) (13s) 15f639a9be1fa086497aa29042703c7a.pdf
133052 Burichenko V.P. - 2-Cohomologies of the groups SL (n,q) (2008) (11s) bf3980e72ea9196c647bbe27ce254a95.pdf
133053 Schlepkin A.K. - 2-complete subgroups of a conjugately biprimitively finite group with the primary minimal condition (1984) (5s) dd21984efc29c326a88fdaae7d5ed14d.pdf
133054 Gonzalez M.P. - 2D Autocorrelation Modelling of the Inhibitory Activity of Cytokinin-derived Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitors (2006) (17s) 2ece5b6ff88646d94a4de11b1854f998.pdf
133055 Bessaih H., Flandoli F. - 2-D Euler equation perturbed by noise (1999) (20s) 27bae6bbbc1b1dee8cafd72ca652db66.pdf
133056 Chen L. - 2D semiclassical model for high harmonic generation from gas (1999) (6s) e3a8a175ea16995eda65cca0f3dca581.pdf
133057 Rossini M. - 2D-Discontinuity Detection from Scattered Data (1998) (20s) 22836c93fa4ae2b1ebd35137213d2616.pdf
133058 Siemons J. - 2-Designs and a differential equation (1984) (5s) 5cdb11dae484c80bdf1aa0cd40955d4b.pdf
133059 Suzuki H. - 2-designs over GF(2^m) (1990) (4s) 7df3ba237e097a08001b5226793aeb70.pdf
133060 Suzuki H. - 2-Designs over GF(q) (1992) (9s) eca148ee6156ff16552056ff6cb6a63a.pdf
133061 Barmak J.A., Minian E.G. - 2-Dimension from the Topological Viewpoint (2007) (10s) aabd5d32821d5d9e7d1b44627bb4b6b3.pdf
133062 Steinke G.F. - 2-dimensional minkowski planes and desarguesian derived affine planes (1990) (9s) 9307a59cec9effd7f0926fd49ebde49b.pdf
133063 Wang X. - 2-dimensional simple factors of J 0(N) (1995) (19s) f63cad0fec62189c999b70915efcb086.pdf
133064 Mason G. - 2-Dimensional vector-valued modular forms (2008) (23s) cbff914dc0366a7da2d24a6804f672a1.pdf
133065 Betten D. - 2-dimensionale differenzierbare projektive Ebenen (1971) (6s) 7734e0b1693d49a0dbf1923d71df1829.pdf
133066 Abrashkin V.A. - 2-Divisible groups over Z (1976) (5s) 843cf3223980a3c6465b4525aba56c23.pdf
133067 Kruglyakov I.Z. - 2-families of lines in P 3 and pairs of congruent lines in P 3 (0) (10s) a8fc5d949be1171ab25bb8fd5d96669c.pdf
133068 Dubuc E.J. - 2-Filteredness and The Point of Every Galois Topos (2008) (7s) d98b9e7ec02e3dc2361c58c475c4e813.pdf
133069 de la Rue T. - 2-fold and 3-fold mixing why 3-dot-type counterexamples are impossible in one dimension (2006) (19s) 2089cea1310d01f1d7ccb322fa04e4c6.pdf
133070 Wehrfritz B.A.F. - 2-Generator conditions in linear groups (1971) (4s) 83d87ad7d880bd36f9ff9009ad9ee4fd.pdf
133071 Timofeenko A.V. - 2-Generator golod p-groups (1984) (11s) ee1b5a21ba421744c08fce53fce117a3.pdf
133072 Kamps K.H., Porter T. - 2-Groupoid Enrichments in Homotopy Theory and Algebra (2002) (37s) 9523f59d6fcb673f63f14415e99aa655.pdf
133073 Konvisser M.W. - 2-Groups which contain exactly three involutions (1973) (13s) e928067b9ab14011c048d513828924c3.pdf
133074 Mazurov V.D. - 2-groups with an odd-order automorphism that is the identity on involutions (0) (8s) d841bef004430ec3eac23326df1b7b61.pdf
133075 Liman F.N. - 2-Groups with normal noncyclic subgroups (1968) (5s) 92e73705a9e8b833713657e7c11fbd8c.pdf
133076 Ji L. - 2-idempotent 3-quasigroups with a conjugate invariant subgroup consisting of a single cycle of length four (2008) (10s) 843cfaaecb6c62804b71301c212a9ce0.pdf
133077 Holladay K. - 2-isohedral triangulations (0) (16s) 75bcf5e1b1cb0e044b458c59e5e2ee29.pdf
133078 Jayaram C. - 2-Join decomposition lattices (2001) (7s) 707aeaa82d9e1affea258c8f8aa95913.pdf
133079 Kondratev A.S. - 2-Local subgroups of finite groups (1981) (11s) ceacbc278243c938265f40ee0a780a4c.pdf
133080 Flaass D.G. - 2-Local subgroups of Fischer groups (1984) (6s) 20416bda881964df4ad2c930818150cf.pdf
133081 Fosner A., Fosner M. - 2-local superderivations on a superalgebra Mn(C) (2008) (5s) 759d2329010a42136ac690f57ec32df6.pdf
133082 Lovasz L. - 2-Matchings and 2-covers of hypergraphs (1975) (12s) 6be77416f059304522c54f543a3a68f8.pdf
133083 Lack S., Paoli S. - 2-nerves for bicategories (2008) (23s) b281d620f204aef5c77bf77a708ab7a7.pdf
133084 Arutyunov A.V., Jacimovic V. - 2-Normal Processes in Controlled Dynamical Systems (2002) (14s) a1d8fdb40fd590467cbe0e9a080f7d5b.pdf
133085 ChajdaI I., Cheng W., Wismath S. L. - 2-Normalization of lattices (2006) (17s) 6d3e0f3c4e3bf9b06793e4daf29f3634.pdf
133086 Bryant D. E., Lindner C. C. - 2-perfectm-cycle systems can be equationally defined form=3, 5, and 7 only (1996) (7s) 4f1359f079f641ef264a94089b701513.pdf
133087 Khosravi A., Khosravi B. - 2-Recognizability by prime graph of PSL (2, p 2) (2008) (9s) 34a14e30219b2897a9cf1b6252100d7f.pdf
133088 Okamura H. - 2-reducible cycles containing three consecutive edges in (2k + 1)-edge-connected graphs (1995) (30s) 5375762270626aac6d7e9c9640f73be8.pdf
133089 Izmailov A. F. - 2-Regularity and Branching Theorems (2001) (17s) 286f390871bc80b1b02689c65ba09ab3.pdf
133090 Mazurov V. D. - 2-Signalizers of finite groups (1968) (2s) 80823256c9974c82ae315b1a0d8a4650.pdf
133091 Kondratiev A. S., Mazurov V. D. - 2-Signalizers of Finite Simple Groups (2003) (16s) d0f4b081573acec175f593bff9e7e130.pdf
133092 Lanteri A. - 2-Spanned surfaces of sectional genus six (1993) (20s) 6b11b38b79b720d022beb0fb31625778.pdf
133093 Samiou E. - 2-step nilpotent Lie groups of higher rank (2001) (10s) 9ac7149fb1126ded6b5c860d81eea400.pdf
133094 Baur F. - 2-summing operators and L (2)(2)-systems (1998) (7s) 5b9a4d265a8d11a9943238b6f5db0685.pdf
133095 Adams J. F. - 2-Tori in E8 (1987) (11s) 17c7b143a68b450c639a35a61d2d6c8e.pdf
133096 Korchmaros G. - 2-transitive abstract ovals of odd order (1987) (12s) a6ab2dc0476df7630850eb161a7f3afc.pdf
133097 Mazurov V. D. - 2-Transitive permutation groups (1989) (3s) 6130cfa8572a4f1ad9a5f13c6fb6ae4a.pdf
133098 Barros M. - 2-Type surfaces in S3 (1987) (8s) 3a8d9f5506ae54ca96bec6e62f167eaf.pdf
133099 Czedli G. - 2-uniform congruences in majority algebras and a closure operator (2007) (11s) a274a57f43017204d3af8283195cf718.pdf
133100 Sasaki H. - 2-universal O-lattices over real quadratic fields (2006) (10s) 5ef24fc3dc881d720ade7c88ff66c0d7.pdf
133101 Kim B. M. - 2-Universal Positive Definite Integral Quinary Diagonal Quadratic Forms (1997) (5s) df4aa5a02db3e3d324ebdf6bf8679818.pdf
133102 Lanteri A. - 2-very ampleness for adjoint bundles of ample and spanned vector bundles on surfaces (1997) (17s) b2fb591220a1d068afc0d98e27e28950.pdf
133103 Кондратьев А. С., Мазуров В. Д. - 2-сигнализаторы конечных простых групп (2003) (30s) 610eebbe9f60e52325dda0ddbceb2499.pdf
133104 Barnette D. W. - 3 - Trees in polyhedral maps (1992) (6s) c49a508084588e4a019d9fba5e835eb7.pdf
133105 Chi H., Di X. - 3,4-dichlorotoluene ammoxidation to 3,4-dichlorobenzonitrile over VPO/SiO2 catalyst (2002) (3s) cd824204f6a56d8fcdf6db5a8525297e.pdf
133106 Tang X. - 3/2-global attractivity of the zero solution of the food limited type functional differential equation (0) (9s) 6113b6cbb8ed7e589b8ae5245a62b903.pdf
133107 Bernstein J. - 30 Days to Market Mastery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Profitable Trading (2007) (207s) 2a2fce96ea695ccb19affa27eee99d77.pdf
133108 Нефедов Е., Узорова О. - 3000 новых примеров по математике (Счет в пределах 100. В 2 частях Часть 1. 2 класс (2005) (18s) da167e5c2ed0ff4bb2b8ac49bac2d86a.djvu
133109 Нефедова Е., Узорова О. - 3000 новых примеров по математике. 2 класс. Счет в пределах 100. В 2 частях Часть 2 (2007) (18s) 954963e3b92467b12888b21f033e8358.djvu
133110 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е.А. - 3000 примеров по математике (3-4 класс) (2003) (18s) eb76a542113e512de71af41a66d26078.djvu
133111 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е.А. - 3000 примеров по математике (4 класс) (2003) (18s) aa9d8c4b2923c008d577985283a31153.djvu
133112 Узорова Щ.В., Нефедова Е.А. - 3000 примеров по математике (Внетабличное умножение и деление) (2003) (18s) b009ead3342b51e68d285af26ac3d360.djvu
133113 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е.А. - 3000 примеров по математике (Табличное умножение и деление). 3 класс (2006) (18s) ba5a751f3761e501038b1d7f88bd63ca.djvu
133114 Узорова О.В. Нефедова Е.А. - 3000 примеров по математике (счет в пределах 100) часть 1 (2005, АСТ) (18s) abb3b70c0f558ac731b2db015514b027.djvu
133115 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е. А. - 3000 примеров по математике. Счет в пределах 100 Часть 2 (2006) (19s) 85d27e168dd1580f9e06ff921454bc45.djvu
133116 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е. А. - 3000 примеров по математике. Счет в пределах десятка (2004) (18s) 41c4fe406ba43997028682f19801721c.djvu
133117 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е. А. - 3000 примеров по математике. Счет от 1 до 5 (2007) (18s) 46da94192d753fba9c25b9a514814bbb.djvu
133118 Узорова О.В., Нефедова Е.А. - 30000 примеров по математике (2003) (129s) 6f8ee1256f93210549b091c3f3e6e0f8.djvu
133119 Нефедова Е., Узорова О. - 30000 примеров по математике. 4 класс (2003) (129s) 9e67a0361e2a4c82037810e08b4a9e80.djvu
133120 Freese R. - 3-3 lattice inclusions imply congruence modularity (1977) (4s) 7cbe102d24c531e6533ecce63604b996.pdf
133121 Dahlquist G. - 33 years of numerical instability part I (1985) (17s) 8d4a2e0069b8f8dc0eda54effec0bc2b.pdf
133122 Makhnev A. A. - 3-Characterizations of finite groups (1986) (5s) 8573e464d074f9f8cb4d11dd829d7a34.pdf
133123 Podufalov N. D. - 3-characterizations of finite groups (1980) (16s) 9398c12d307d7643b3495f140512a9c3.pdf
133124 Indzheyan S.G. - 3-Colorability of plane hypergraphs (1985) (7s) aa8b61dcfffbf0f7d900acead52cede5.pdf
133125 Nakamoto A., Sasanuma N. - 3-Colorable Even Embeddings on Closed Surfaces (2007) (9s) 5a0d076a6a1050b222fbb8ef4c7e4266.pdf
133126 Cao Z., Tang S., Cheng G. - 3D analysis of functionally graded material plates with complex shapes and various holes (2009) (6s) db496521ac12a09acb879f9d39510940.pdf
133127 Guo D., Ji L. - 3-D Fracture Propagation Simulation and Production Prediction in Coalbed (2001) (9s) 5b5b1c1ce84022735fe1bc9978d3b0b6.pdf
133128 Liu X., Liang N. - 3-D Fracture propagation simulation and production prediction in coalbed (2) (2002) (10s) 2e92b7f6529bc89576b045976024e70f.pdf
133129 Allington-Smith J. - 3D Instrumentation (0) (342s) cdbc8f1e69a8e6aad012a59f8f8ce46c.pdf
133130 Yuejin Z., Guodong X. - 3D magnetic field computation of a permanent magnet disc-type generator using scalar potential method (1997) (5s) 210f601fbc351f07c8899970067077bc.pdf
133131 Chien W., Hung Q. - 3-D numerical study on the bending of symmetric composite laminates (1994) (6s) 671dd9cd81483c1efc66cfcea08190bc.pdf
133132 Jain A.K., Dorai C. - 3D object recognition: Representation and matching (2000) (16s) 0715b4a9dbbbe9724d62bd58a86130fc.pdf
133133 Traina A.J.M. - 3D Reconstruction of Tomographic Images Applied to Largely Spaced Slices (1997) (15s) c78ddfafe98c8f38712824fb8adedab5.pdf
133134 Wu J., Dong Q., Liu M. - 3D simulation on the unit duct in the shell side of the ROD baffle heat exchanger (2006) (4s) c6373c988144b5a933fbca02d574e985.pdf
133135 Weidong H., Yulong M. - 3-D wavelet transform for very low bit-rate video coding (1999) (4s) adf089381d2d91da56252c2458116d39.pdf
133136 Shin D.-J., Kumar P.V. - 3-Designs from the Z 4-Goethals Codes via a New Kloosterman Sum Identity (2003) (17s) bdfeda54f6cb92eb725013b9ca65e2d8.pdf
133137 Borgioli G., Totaro S. - 3D-Streaming Operator With Multiplying Boundary Conditions: Semigroup Generation Properties (1997) (8s) ff889b53a6216bc487265b3c197a5e77.pdf
133138 Снук Г - 3D-ландшафты в реальном времени на C++ и DirectX 9 (2007) (370s) 56c34b2ad4bac21fc33d96b7a8350868.djvu
133139 Shokurov V. V. - 3-Fold log models (1996) (33s) 5795cb75975c5b575745d4f833a62aab.pdf
133140 Edelmann G. - 3-Folds in P5 of degree 12of degree 12 (1994) (14s) d6922663ad31cf9014080aa560af13f7.pdf
133141 Gruson L., Skiti M. - 3-Instantons et reseaux de quadriques (1994) (21s) c0158c770f3eb192f64a55d1c3bcc759.pdf
133142 Felsner S. - 3-Interval irreducible partially ordered sets (1994) (29s) fa5ea46c58c45692c11faa47a78013f2.pdf
133143 Bialostocki A. - 3K2-decomposition of a graph (1982) (8s) 7bee8dc01d1b34de966e009e736d6733.pdf
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cation of the Temperley-Lieb algebra and Schur quotients of U(sl2) via projective and Zuckerman functors (1999) (43s) 6a1db469b5b6e1b3aab2d6567afaad54.pdf"
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