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113000 L V Tarasov - Basic concepts of quantum mechanics (1980, Mir Publishers, 1980.) ISBN10:0828517347(0s) 738828EE6D1626AC4CED5A41EB0DD134.pdf
113001 Vasily Tarasov - (Monograph Series on Nonlinear Science and Complexity)Quantum mechanics of non-Hamiltonian and dissipative systems (2008, Elsevier Science) ISBN10:0444530916(s) E3A4DBDBA865DD94B185AA825B1B1585.pdf
113002 Robert Endre Tarjan - (CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics)Data structures and network algorithms (1987, Society for Industrial Mathematics) ISBN10:0898711878(142s) 9ABCF1CEFBE9248C85AC1D537B5136DA.djvu
113003 Webster Griffin Tarpley - Barack H. Obama: the unauthorized biography (2008, Progressive Press) ISBN10:0930852915(s) 36B88D80DC6EE83819102E6CBBA57C88.pdf
113004 Vladimir Tasi'c - Mathematics and the roots of postmodern thought (2001, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0195139674(s) 0FFCAA08C0C0A3291BE70535A2403EC6.pdf
113005 Edwin F. Taylor - Exploring black holes: introduction to general relativity (2000, Addison Wesley Longman) ISBN10:020138423X(345s) 1EF2683B3BC4620B446890668E1C6D38.djvu
113006 Taylor John C. - Gauge theories in the twentieth century (2001, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:1860942822(404s) CB849CCF2CEBEB5B572D53B9D4B914E4.djvu
113007 Kathleen Taylor - Brainwashing: the science of thought control (2006, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0199204780(s) D73FB5FD3E9F230D507B7EFA6280AF54.pdf
113008 M. Taylor - (Progress in Mathematics)Pseudodifferential operators and nonlinear PDE (1991, Birkhäuser Boston) ISBN10:0817635955(s) 77A3F896C12F86B27C3A508CF7B25DC6.pdf
113009 Paul Taylor - Text-to-speech synthesis (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521899273(642s) C2669B971645CB15568B5C5623CEC7C9.djvu
113010 Paul Taylor - Text-to-speech synthesis (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521899273(s) 387B34BC2A2DD6D1861E12DE45DD8253.pdf
113011 S. Ross Taylor - (Cambridge Planetary Science)Planetary crusts: their composition, origin and evolution (2009, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521841860(s) D2362B53EFF899D809C56D08765E44CC.pdf
113012 P.J.T. Glendening - (Teach Yourself)Icelandic (1980, Teach Yourself Books) ISBN10:0340268824(s) 656173FD1E46659C3F3BD45633F4F5AD.pdf
113013 Ted Reed - (Ted Reed)Progressive steps to syncopation for the modern drummer (1997, Alfred Publishing Company) ISBN10:0882847953(s) D2A1934982B894EA9D6C849037C7DE46.pdf
113014 Erick Tejkowski - Cocoa programming for Mac OS X for dummies (2009, For Dummies) ISBN10:0470432896(s) EA40CAD434A338535474E82C1A6ACE20.pdf
113015 David Temperley - The cognition of basic musical structures (2004, The MIT Press) ISBN10:0262701057(s) D012D763CC5436EDFDBD02045C1BF342.pdf
113016 Morris Tenenbaum - Ordinary differential equations: an elementary textbook for students of mathematics, engineering, and the sciences (1985, Dover Publications) ISBN10:0486649407(819s) F0119390D343194D9D25F77544613D04.djvu
113017 Teng J. G., Rotter J. Michael - Buckling of thin metal shells (2001, Taylor & Francis) ISBN10:0419241906(s) 2A304E72DB115C6B1D238D7EE77B9094.pdf
113018 Richard A. Tennant - The American sign language handshape dictionary (1998, Gallaudet University Press) ISBN10:1563680432(s) 9E137975BAD7F9CEAC0A31AE0725A0DA.pdf
113019 R. D. Tennent - (Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science)Semantics of programming languages (1991, Prentice Hall) ISBN10:0138056072(246s) 573E872E40274728A78579E04F175761.djvu
113020 Tennis C. - Essential electronics for software folk (0, Pragmatic Bookshelf) ISBN 0977616681(0s) 0734CED459A4501E7B4F511DC881EA85.pdf
113021 Carol Tenopir - Communication patterns of engineers (2004, Wiley-IEEE Press) ISBN10:047148492X(s) 083863E5EFAD986EAADDA87C4061FF61.pdf
113022 Patrick D. Terry - (Itcp-UK Computer Science Series)Compilers and compiler generators: an introduction with C++ (1997, International Thomson Computer Press) ISBN10:1850322988(s) 10A2078734D53524B183A6389B68864A.pdf
113023 Kostas Terzidis - Algorithmic architecture (2006, Architectural Press) ISBN10:0750667257(s) 6C65EC96547F95CDDD0D8E047024697D.pdf
113024 Jean Texereau - How to make a telescope (1984, Willmann-Bell) ISBN10:0943396042(s) C1B2B9118F5C05D85A0B388F25807DF6.pdf
113025 Jean Texereau - How to make a telescope (1984, Willmann-Bell) ISBN10:0943396042(374s) FD86A12D2B4A85624A89B447DE8B0298.djvu
113026 J. A. Thas - (Series in Pure Mathematics)Translation generalized quadrangles (2006, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:9812569510(377s) 828B399C3379BF95D80CAE9A3AB92D14.djvu
113027 American Radio Relay League - The ARRL antenna compendium (1986, Amer Radio Relay League) ISBN10:0872590194(s) DAB064AE7A89219B39DADFFA2450683A.pdf
113028 Gerald L. Hall - (Radio Amateur's Library, Publication No. 112, etc.)The ARRL antenna compendium (1989, Amer Radio Relay League) ISBN10:0872592545(s) E4980CDD6A084D6304F578F51DBCBA9D.pdf
113029 American Radio Relay League - The ARRL antenna compendium, volume 3 (1992, Amer Radio Relay League) ISBN10:0872594017(s) 6F79C95AAF272306B570725EB9FAAEFC.pdf
113030 Kinjiro Omae - The book of sushi (1988, Kodansha International (JPN)) ISBN10:0870118668(132s) 364E54096769B0FA1CE5CDADD4276DE3.djvu
113031 Aarseth Sverre J., Tout Christopher A., Mardling Rosemary A. - (Lecture Notes in Physics)The Cambridge N-body lectures (2008, Springer) ISBN10:1402084307(s) 4EB2D058C2A63122C9DCFB07B67355DA.pdf
113032 - The Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Physics (Helicon, 1993)(ISBN 0091781086)(O)(142s) (0, Wiesbaden Vieweg) (s) B0876783A2790B600FFA9B2DAC80CCB7.pdf
113033 Joswig Michael, Theobald Thorsten - Algorithmische Geometrie polyedrische und algebraische Methoden; [Bachelor geeignet!] (2008, Sams Pub) ISBN10:3834802816(s) B7BB9B8FD186A015A2BE6B12CE569955.pdf
113034 Jan Walter - (How-to Series)The Waite Group's C++ how-to (1999, Sams) ISBN10:1571691596(s) B32E07E44ACA5655A884C7B812C8AA96.pdf
113035 Michael Thielscher - (Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)Action programming languages (2008, Morgan and Claypool Publishers) ISBN10:1598295446(s) 17C1C0A264C430C525C11568671E8B23.pdf
113036 Christopher Thomas - (Schaum's Outline Series)Schaum's outlines: mathematics for liberal arts majors (2008, McGraw-Hill) ISBN10:0071544305(s) 67587D9837913990528FC066BA98E215.pdf
113037 Thomas K. - Ubuntu pocket guide and reference (2009)(ISBN 1440478295) (0, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) (s) 48D064407FF591F0B5365C2D2919EE6E.pdf
113038 Thomas - (Monographs on Mathematical Modeling and Computation)Credit scoring and its applications (2002, Society for Industrial Mathematics) ISBN10:0898714834(263s) 63E62F0E27CEEDCCD42029B1CE386A91.djvu
113039 Thomas; Unter Mitarb. V. Peter Schneider (Editor) Küng - Gebrauchsanweisung für die Schweiz (1996, Piper Verlag GmbH) ISBN10:3492049834(s) 3CC5CA98C7665F94B5CADE27A21613CF.pdf
113040 Thompson G. - Three second fighter (2005)(ISBN 1840244593) (0, Wiley) (s) 9E5FA5546E328BAD098E9D9EBD871A01.pdf
113041 James R. Thompson - (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)Simulation: a modeler's approach (1999, Wiley-Interscience) ISBN10:0471251844(s) 953AD73EA9F4C15E7D05036E35071829.pdf
113042 Thompson M.J., Balogh A., Culhane J.L., Nordlund, Solanki S.K., Zahn J.-P. (eds.) - The Origin and Dynamics of Solar Magnetism (Springer, 2008)(ISBN 1441902384) (0, Addison Wesley) (s) 31410B3A4002A082C0BE34269F868C5C.pdf
113043 Simon Thompson - Haskell: the craft of functional programming (1999, Addison Wesley) ISBN10:0201342758(502s) 4FB97DC15F5B3EEA94D882FD57EC015B.djvu
113044 Simon Thompson - Haskell: the craft of functional programming (1999, Addison Wesley) ISBN10:0201342758(503s) 57D1B9A910F19EF147856A955827AE57.djvu
113045 Silvanus P. Thompson, Martin Gardner - Calculus made easy: being a very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods of reckoning which are generally called by the terrifying names of the differential calculus and the integral calculus (1998, St. Martin's Press) ISBN10:0312185480(0s) 2D27C47EC640E2E8CE4274CAA51F65A7.pdf
113046 Marc Thuillard - (World Scientific Series in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, 25 )Wavelets in soft computing (2001, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:9810246099(246s) CDE3A4B44FA607CD294DC76FCD57196B.djvu
113047 Schlickewei Hans P., Schmidt Klaus, Tichy Robert F. - (Developments in Mathematics )Diophantine Approximation: Festschrift for Wolfgang Schmidt (2008, Springer) ISBN10:3211742794(s) B802D5C03DE16BFE079AC83C4551B261.pdf
113048 Tietze Jürgen - Einführung in die Finanzmathematik klassische Verfahren und neuere Entwicklungen: Effektivzins- und Renditeberechnung, Investitionsrechnung, derivative Finanzinstrumente; mit über 500 ÜbAuthor: Jürgen Tietze'' (2006, Mountaineers Books) ISBN10:3834800937(442s) 9254979902BA867D3D1F1961A68C506D.djvu
113049 Christopher Van Tilburg - Emergency survival: a pocket guide: quick information for outdoor safety (2001, Mountaineers Books) ISBN10:0898867681(s) 25EEFDB59DB10FE82AD90D3E508E74E1.pdf
113050 Buck Tilton - Don't get bitten: the dangers of things that bite or sting (2003, Mountaineers Books) ISBN10:0898869072(s) 6C18286A3AD749D7445F9CD98DA1007D.pdf
113051 Lu Ting - (Applied Mathematical Sciences)Vortex dominated flows: analysis and computation for multiple scale phenomena (2007, Springer) ISBN10:3540685812(s) BA0EB7EE589AF0E1C90BBD9CEADD80D5.pdf
113052 Michael T. Todinov - Risk-based reliability analysis and generic principles for risk reduction (2006, Elsevier Science) ISBN10:0080447287(s) A0E7A2C67F68607156144E16B9AD044F.pdf
113053 Rainer Tölle - Depressionen: Erkennen und Behandeln (2000, C.H.Beck) ISBN10:3406447392(s) 816037DD375A25BCD710DBE3EB7C3D91.pdf
113054 Michael Tomasello - (Bradford Books)Origins of human communication (2008, The MIT Press) ISBN10:0262201771(s) 6275ACB1E3D09A94B4930D0A7F64D653.pdf
113055 Michael Tomasello - The cultural origins of human cognition (2000, Harvard University Press) ISBN10:0674000706(254s) 25663DFAD00F0CF1AB9EEFFA49CF677E.djvu
113056 M. TOMCZAK - Regional Oceanography: Introduction (1994, Butterworth-Heinemann) ISBN10:0080410200(400s) 8753ADC82BF1D0A49005F907BC79E8FB.djvu
113057 Toby Miller - (Visible Evidence, 1)Technologies of truth: cultural citizenship and the popular media (1998, University of Minnesota Press) ISBN10:0816629846(s) FFED45FE1D7DF95CF55CA8E10B3ADB76.pdf
113058 T.V. Tonev - (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)Big-planes, boundaries and function algebras (1992, North Holland) ISBN10:0444892370(s) 68E619C51A7C274C186704B7741AEF1A.pdf
113059 Bozhüyük M. E., North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division - (NATO Science Series C: )Topics in knot theory (1993, Springer) ISBN10:0792322851(350s) 61E20FE2E6F38609EF77D49D367E17D4.djvu
113060 Junichiro Toriwaki - Fundamentals of three-dimensional digital image processing (2009, Springer) ISBN10:184800172X(s) 3CCE76914D02EDC24DDD0B5CC5E2CE74.pdf
113061 Anatoli Torokhti - (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)Computational methods for modelling of nonlinear systems (2007, Elsevier Science) ISBN10:0444530444(s) 83A3F7F3B33957E5551BDCDD52FC81F2.pdf
113062 Torrésani B., Meyer Y. - Analyse continue par ondelettes (1995, Springer, EDP Sciences) ISBN10:2868833772(0s) 951DE642D48213EF16145F48B05C059A.pdf
113063 Helge Toutenburg - (Springer-Lehrbuch )Induktive Statistik eine Einführung mit R und SPSS (2008, Springer) ISBN10:3540775099(s) 20F542A067B7D87058D57D8390B6AF6A.pdf
113064 Ted Trainer - Renewable energy cannot sustain a consumer society (2007, Springer) ISBN10:140205548X(s) 67D56FD11140EC1A3244754E69E07902.pdf
113065 Goran Trajkovski - (Handbook of Research On...)Handbook of research on agent-based societies: social and cultural interactions (2009, Information Science Reference) ISBN10:1605662364(s) 15940E67FF9C529165B8AD92BC76C579.pdf
113066 Lloyd N. Trefethen - (Software, Environments, Tools)Spectral methods in MATLAB (2001, SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) ISBN10:0898714656(186s) 2825C9CF5E263097FBD7CFB90D96477B.djvu
113067 Sergei Tretyakov - (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis Series)Analytical modeling in applied electromagnetics (2003, Artech House Publishers) ISBN10:1580533671(s) 4A9402466EAE4EEE5DADDB506653C457.pdf
113068 Treves Francois - Linear partial differential equations (1975, Birkhäuser Verlag) ISBN10:0126994404(s) CDF1A8209570261EE422BD8901C63199.pdf
113069 Hans Triebel - (Monographs in Mathematics)Theory of function spaces (1983, Birkhauser) ISBN10:3764313811(289s) CCC108B03FDE70ED531F3DD379E087AA.djvu
113070 A.N. Tripathi - Linear system analysis (1987, John Wiley & Sons Inc) ISBN10:0470203544(s) 5FB7DE3B5A4DB2AD6AFAAA5BB2A9F85D.pdf
113071 A. S. Troelstra - (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science)Basic proof theory (1996, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:0521572231(353s) 02EB5E8C3CB207D47657ADACEC22E754.djvu
113072 H. J. Trussell - Fundamentals of digital imaging (2008, Cambridge University Press) ISBN10:052186853X(s) 88F3D87242C7E6D8C652B57A19FB2D98.pdf
113073 Y. Tsay - Structural analysis and design of multivariable control systems: an algebraic approach (1988, Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K) ISBN10:3540189165(s) 9050155DA7F1F6BBA8E0E32C3D5F1AC8.pdf
113074 T︠S︡ytovich V. N. - Elementary physics of complex plasmas (2008, Wiley & Sons) ISBN13:978-3-540-29000-1(s) 77ADAEFBC868F7F965D892C8CF0C7CD1.pdf
113075 Alan Tucker - Applied combinatorics (1994, John Wiley & Sons) ISBN10:0471595047(472s) A34061194876779807898BFFE357FCA4.djvu
113076 Tucker Spencer, Roberts Priscilla Mary, Greene Jack - World War II: a student encyclopedia (2005, ABC-CLIO) ISBN10:1851098577(s) 9C580136AE0DF1A1978D98FFEDE8E37A.pdf
113077 Tuncer Ismail H., Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics <19, 2007, Antalya> - (Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering)Parallel computational fluid dynamics 2007 implementations and experiences on large scale and grid computing (2009, Springer) ISBN10:3540927433(0s) 529BE4CCAC1F46861C3F86C5D29BBEB3.pdf
113078 David Tunley - François Couperin and 'the perfection of music' (2004, Ashgate Publishing) ISBN10:0754609286(s) 58FE366279CEC2A1E358925E414FF196.pdf
113079 James Turnbull - Pro Linux system administration (2009, Apress) ISBN10:1430219122(s) 6996FD5D73624B8C6E4C1E10B7FD22D1.pdf
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113081 Hoang Tuy - (Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications)Convex analysis and global optimization (1998, Springer) ISBN10:0792348184(353s) F4251BC79ED6D0364BA0CF40217E44EE.djvu
113082 Aslak Tveito - (Texts in Applied Mathematics)Introduction to partial differential equations: a computational approach (1998, Springer) ISBN10:0387983279(409s) 7EDFBDA41B1049F5C40946646CC880B4.djvu
113083 Mark Tweeddale - Managing risk and reliability of process plants (2003, Gulf Professional Publishing) ISBN10:0750677341(s) 235066E5D1B3D74D502FEA8AC335A6F3.pdf
113084 S. Twomey - Introduction to the mathematics of inversion in remote sensing and indirect measurements (1997, Dover Publications) ISBN10:0486694518(s) E916CE615C0C585048F649B0C666BFA3.pdf
113085 Tjurin Andrej N. - Collected works Vol. 1. Vector bundles (0, McGraw~Hill) ISBN13:9783938616741(s) D57DF7A3E1CD7D2A63EC0B0BC9E85A9D.pdf
113086 Peter Ubel - You're stronger than you think: tapping into the secrets of emotionally resilient people (2006, McGraw-Hill) ISBN10:0071464808(s) 3D88FB88F35652A9081F5D152FAB6A4D.pdf
113087 Aman Ullah - (Advanced Texts in Econometrics)Finite sample econometrics (2004, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0198774478(s) C6ABDF9F6FC035FFDEE718E1737C3D90.pdf
113088 - Understanding the brain (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2002)(ISBN 9264197346) (0, NJ.World Scientific) (s) 0D96DC865D9C3786F54CBC568863996B.pdf
113089 Abraham A. Ungar - Analytic hyperbolic geometry and Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity (2008, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:9812772294(649s) 97C7B4A51667D34085A4B6427B001026.djvu
113090 Abraham A. Ungar - Analytic hyperbolic geometry: mathematical foundations and applications (2005, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:9812564578(482s) 041E2607A2E231AA1821DBE4FC9546FE.djvu
113091 C. Bachas - Unity from duality: gravity, gauge theory and strings (2003, Springer) ISBN10:3540002766(s) AEEBF23C037E994CBCCF8A774EDA83DF.pdf
113092 William R. Uttal - Dualism: the original sin of cognitivism (2004, Routledge) ISBN10:0805851291(s) 1DF229B44E7837122DD76D1DEC12D6E6.pdf
113093 Vacca John R. - (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Security)Computer and information security handbook (2009, Morgan Kaufmann) ISBN10:0123743540(s) 9C18C6C9C038A9B00CC40027FF90E327.pdf
113094 Siva Vaidhyanathan - (Fast Track Books)Copyrights and copywrongs: the rise of intellectual property and how it threatens creativity (2001, NYU Press) ISBN10:0814788068(s) CE5F601E61C3A1822EBFA15EAB7E84A4.pdf
113095 Shai Vaingast - (Books for Professionals by Professionals)Beginning Python visualization: crafting visual transformation scripts (2009, Apress) ISBN10:1430218436(s) 65BD168EE2099A4F051C18F5B48AD6C1.pdf
113096 Izu Vaisman - (Progress in Mathematics)Lectures on the geometry of Poisson manifolds (1994, Birkhäuser Basel) ISBN10:3764350164(207s) 1CC7A4A841B996739326551A7C9FEA55.djvu
113097 Gabriel Valiente - (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical & Computational Biology)Combinatorial pattern matching algorithms in computational biology using Perl and R (2009, Chapman & Hall) ISBN10:142006973X(s) C4468675A10BBF5428CA62A92E596300.pdf
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113101 W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy - New classes of codes for cryptologists and computer scientists (2008, Info L. Q.) ISBN10:1599730286(s) FCEE4326113ACE98246DBECA81A9B15C.pdf
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113103 Vasconcelos Wolmer V. - (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)Divisor theory in module categories (1974, North Holland) ISBN10:0444107371(s) 5B6132DA165AEA7BDD53F29124F2C3F3.pdf
113104 Nikolai L. Vasilevski - (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications)Commutative algebras of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space (2008, Birkhäuser Basel) ISBN10:3764387254(s) C617BE3DE6BFB6DA7F328FFC60425A52.pdf
113105 Panayot S. Vassilevski - Multilevel block factorization preconditioners: matrix-based analysis and algorithms for solving finite element equations (2008, Springer) ISBN10:0387715630(s) 6ABE435AFCB386B34CF7F3005105DD35.pdf
113106 Christopher L. Vaughan - Imagining the elephant: a biography of Allan MacLeod Cormack (2008, Imperial College Press) ISBN10:1860949886(323s) FFD06649871E58F2B4DB71695043D74F.djvu
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113117 John Viega - The myths of security: what the computer security industry doesn't want you to know (2009, O'Reilly Media) ISBN10:0596523025(s) AEE06544CCD420F7DD58FD2BEE4D4594.pdf
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113119 Mario Vietri - (Theoretical Astrophysics)Foundations of high-energy astrophysics (2008, University Of Chicago Press) ISBN10:0226855694(s) FF3E6B6BFCA39958FCB676A76CC714E6.pdf
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