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110000 Barker Graeme - (Routledge Companion Encyclopedias)Companion encyclopedia of archaeology (1999, Routledge) ISBN10:0415064481(1266s) 79D3E2316A0B4A51A3110E7C3058FE8C.djvu
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110005 Margaret E. Baron - The origins of the infinitesimal calculus (2004, Dover Publications) ISBN10:0486495442(s) A996BF2ABA9C4395ACEEB3BBA2E1EC36.pdf
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110010 BARRETT - (Tutorial Chemistry Texts)Structure and bonding (1900, Royal Society of Chemistry) ISBN10:085404647X(s) 4588F74CBC7DA4A5BA0F7E6B40AAD7C6.pdf
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110012 Jorge Alberto Barroso - (Mathematics Studies)Introduction to holomorphy (1985, Elsevier Science Ltd) ISBN10:0444876669(s) 72F170CB63CA47FA4CCBD4FF858D5766.pdf
110013 Werner Bartens - Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer: Halbwahrheiten, Vorurteile, fragwürdige Behandlungen (2004, Eichborn) ISBN10:3821839228(s) 4BA7BAAF5456B3DFE8DA32ACE8B0A338.pdf
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110021 Martin P. Bates - Programming 8-bit PIC microcontrollers in C with interactive hardware simulation (2008, Newnes) ISBN10:0750689609(s) F3B1B9798157450F6ED7F5D87F574185.pdf
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110023 Dawn-Michelle Baude - The executive guide to e-mail correspondence: including model letters for every situation (2006, Career Press) ISBN10:1564149102(s) A34F4F79DA11091E88DDB7FCE111A088.pdf
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110037 Aaron T. Beck MD - Cognitive therapy of personality disorders (2003, The Guilford Press) ISBN10:1572308567(s) 6B3C6E47206613B582A518E73EBD6BBB.pdf
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110045 Beech Martin - Terraforming: the creating of habitable worlds (2009, Oxford University Press) ISBN13:9780387097954(s) A55AFD8909D48101DD985987D065713B.pdf
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110047 Ferdinand Pierre Beer - Vector mechanics for engineers. Statics (2007, McGraw-Hill Higher Education) ISBN10:007297687X(540s) C4B0CAEDE70390C5BE7A205621603E8C.djvu
110048 John Stuart Beeteson - Visualising magnetic fields: numerical equation solvers in action (2000, Academic Press) ISBN10:0120847310(s) 9793BB48A394CAE182E4CFEE1C07155A.pdf
110049 Peter Seebach - (Expert's Voice in Open Source)Beginning portable shell scripting: from novice to professional (2008, Apress) ISBN10:1430210435(s) 0FC8F3F8E10564CB93939EFD5180EEB7.pdf
110050 Nariman Behravesh - Spin-free economics: a no-nonsense, nonpartisan guide to today's global economic debates (2008, McGraw-Hill) ISBN10:007154903X(s) 51358737BCC561C148FE80F49F79113E.pdf
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