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75000 Richard S. Palais - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics / Nankai Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, P.R. China)Critical Point Theory and Submanifold Geometry (1988, Springer) ISBN10:3540503994(278s) D2C8D0154C257DDABC22A4BC9F6DEBDA.djvu
75001 Palis, Carmo. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Geometry and Topology (1977, Springer) ISBN10:3540083456(871s) 83BC1472A22C875671D4C513FA81F73E.djvu
75002 Palis. - Geometric Dynamics (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540123369(856s) 8A1469E940448D98508F28168BF04EBA.djvu
75003 S.G. Pandit - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Differential systems involving impulses (1982, Springer) ISBN10:3540116060(111s) 387F2FAF5EEE94EF2677BE68D4031683.djvu
75004 Parikh R. (ed.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Logic colloquium. Symposium on logic, Boston, 1972-73 (1975, Springer) ISBN10:3540071555(255s) 19F07A104C4A1221ECA2C233F59E4723.djvu
75005 T. Parthasarathy - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)On Global Univalence Theorems (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540119884(114s) 9CE49660A64FCAA1B75469D6DE2C013C.djvu
75006 K. R. Parthasarathy - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Positive Definite Kernels Continuous Tensor Products and Central Limit Theorems of Probability Theory (1972, Springer) ISBN10:3540059083(115s) CEC27CD2496E27671C8A57D4241F4501.djvu
75007 K. R. Parthasarathy - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Multipliers on Locally Compact Groups (1969, Springer) ISBN10:3540046127(60s) 9BC193C5063F34B5A14EDAECB7BBB5E0.djvu
75008 T. Parthasarathy - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Selection Theorems and their Applications (1972, Springer) ISBN10:3540058184(106s) 3C45A1AFF4079452078420A6E974C07E.djvu
75009 I.B.S. Passi - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Group Rings and Their Augmentation Ideals (1979, Springer) ISBN10:3540092544(143s) 3D918A7A225D9530A20430B83FD8881C.djvu
75010 Marco Abate - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics / Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)Finsler Metrics - A Global Approach. With Applications to Geometric Function Theory (1994, Springer) ISBN10:354058465X(186s) 802740F07D88AE3FD88CD167E75E7A65.djvu
75011 W.M. III. Patterson - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Iterative Methods for the Solution of a Linear Operator Equation in Hilbert Space. A Survey (1974, Springer) ISBN10:3540068058(186s) F74BA16541D89E4095367223EA3FA548.djvu
75012 Nicolae H. Pavel - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Nonlinear Evolution Operators and Semigroups (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540179747(292s) B25B829B9A97D206ED707CBD43142C3A.djvu
75013 Peitgen, Walther. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Functional Differential Equations and Approximation of Fixed Points (1979, Springer) ISBN10:3540095187(519s) 51462A25FDFA539725A2651B06E14FAD.djvu
75014 Pereyra, Reinoza. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Numerical Methods (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540123342(309s) 48CCFF6AF4397680580B03EEBA8D4358.djvu
75015 Peterson. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)The Steenrod Algebra and Its Applications, N.E.Steenrod's 60th Birthday (1971, Springer) ISBN10:354005300X(325s) 30D3BABC3A093959109785BE66290517.djvu
75016 Miodrag Petkovic - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Iterative Methods for Simultaneous Inclusion of Polynomial Zeros (1989, Springer) ISBN10:3540514856(274s) 95DC927EAE4CEEE2A2C02D80E2800C6F.djvu
75017 M. Petrich - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Categories of Algebraic Systems (1977, Springer) ISBN10:354007998X(225s) B16FDD409F5B5FFC99FFAD15A29B3CE9.djvu
75018 M. Petrich - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Rings and Semigroups (1974, Springer) ISBN10:3540067302(189s) 6A877A74B501EF18B7F2A520223351F2.djvu
75019 Petridis, Pichorides, Varopoulos. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Harmonic Analysis, Iraklion 1978 (1980, Springer) ISBN10:3540097562(224s) 1DE60078945C3F99255DB7E061831BDB.djvu
75020 Alexander Peyerimhoff - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Lectures on Summability (1969, Springer) ISBN10:3540046267(116s) 0338133DA1BA9B88E74A83D38C0E312F.djvu
75021 Johann Pfanzagl - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Compact Systems of Sets (1966, Springer) ISBN10:3540035990(51s) 2D36F5464791827262B0AFAD9BD0336A.djvu
75022 R.P. Pflug - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Holomorphiegebiete pseudokonvexe Gebiete und das Levi-Problem (1975, Springer) ISBN10:3540070273(216s) 77979536C7671C312C676C39570EA146.djvu
75023 N. Christopher Phillips - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Equivariant K-Theory and Freeness of Group Actions on C star-Algebras (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540182772(385s) 049AFCDDC57779BA154533A922F3ECD4.djvu
75024 Piccinini R.A. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Groups of Self-equivalences and Related Topics (1990, Springer) ISBN10:3540526587(224s) E8E0110DD4EB4402C2C006E2BE831AE0.djvu
75025 John F. Pierce - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Singularity Theory, Rod Theory, and Symmetry-Breaking Loads (1989, Springer) ISBN10:3540513043(185s) 82355D1B2D7CA0149FED874A17D7FF90.djvu
75026 Sergei Yu. Pilyugin - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)The Space of Dynamical Systems with the CO-Topology (1994, Springer) ISBN10:3540577025(200s) 72DD7AC3294981B4E1241E49500AF0D1.djvu
75027 George H. Jr. Pimbley - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Eigenfunction Branches of Nonlinear Operators and their Bifurcations (1969, Springer) ISBN10:3540046232(129s) 1038DC0FCC0E0269AA5D34926FD8CB53.djvu
75028 Pinsky. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Probabilistic Methods in Differential Equations (1975, Springer) ISBN10:3540071539(168s) 3B7253071C09DD0B1B28E04F46856820.djvu
75029 F. Pittnauer - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Vorlesungen ueber asymptotische Reihen (1973, Springer) ISBN10:3540060901(192s) F8F9367F3C0FA878E0D40E41C01D6172.djvu
75030 W. Plesken - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Group Rings of Finite Groups Over p-adic Integers (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540127283(158s) 0D10731F21B2F1B8F62A455AB09C37AF.djvu
75031 V. Poenaru - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Analyse Differentielle (1974, Springer) ISBN10:3540066659(232s) B6607DB7C6C920F8FDF980EF79D73C2A.djvu
75032 V. Poenaru - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Groupes Discrets (1974, Springer) ISBN10:3540069674(220s) 21EC13CB6B18BC898EC46CBC98C0BD3A.djvu
75033 V. Poenaru - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Singularites C8 en Presence de Symetrie (1976, Springer) ISBN10:3540076301(169s) B0501A9261097D6725091962FEDC0D39.djvu
75034 Wolfram Pohlers - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Proof Theory. An Introduction (2002, Springer) ISBN10:3540518428(219s) B6051D8F3219150FE2F775A09EFE1946.djvu
75035 Popp. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Classification of Algebraic Varieties and Compact Complex Manifolds (1974, Springer) ISBN10:3540069518(336s) E56AE82FB75761CBCC08C1D4C419A71E.djvu
75036 Herbert Popp - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Fundamentalgruppen algebraischer Mannigfaltigkeiten (1971, Springer) ISBN10:3540053247(160s) 1205A348A89FFFC78B83492D640E13CF.djvu
75037 H. Popp - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Moduli Theory and Classification Theory of Algebraic Varieties (1977, Springer) ISBN10:354008522X(195s) 6AC1E0DDD6F9136CFD4F6A1B1AF37BB2.djvu
75038 Alexander Pott - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Finite Geometry and Character Theory (1995, Springer) ISBN10:354059065X(188s) 6EEEBDCDB059177A22A3DC928FAC497C.djvu
75039 Prato, Tubaro. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications II (1989, Springer) ISBN10:3540515100(276s) 1E10A054E8591A1D9AA3BC4A48CAB6F9.djvu
75040 Prato, Tubaro. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540172114(269s) 660DFD82274809E94D7EAA16F7F73730.djvu
75041 A. Prestel - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Formally p-adic Fields (1984, Springer) ISBN10:3540128905(179s) E9FF238CFE5825B57A587176EE04ECBD.djvu
75042 A. Prestel - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Lectures on Formally Real Fields (1984, Springer) ISBN10:3540138854(137s) D845047C5083F6F91EB3954A42EBF01D.djvu
75043 C. Preston - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Iterates of Maps on an Interval (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540123229(213s) 7900DE044157CBF5AD61988F78991DA9.djvu
75044 Chris Preston - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Iterates of Piecewise Monotone Mappings on an Interval (1988, Springer) ISBN10:3540503293(179s) 4CC573ED5744EE4A5C4D4A740961DDA6.djvu
75045 Prokhorov, Ito. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540127186(795s) 55600EB318E9F083E3EC831EB91F4DFA.djvu
75046 Michael Puschnigg - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Asymptotic Cyclic Cohomology (1996, Springer) ISBN10:3540619860(268s) A37BDF1BD41A8856842C6189BA422AC9.djvu
75047 Martine Queffelec - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Substitution Dynamical Systems - Spectral Analysis (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540186921(256s) C19291BBADAB4F43D122B5E72348F55B.djvu
75048 Stephen Rallis - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)L-Functions and the Oscillator Representation (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540176942(256s) 4D122BFF0A3AEAF87D9C272081985E16.djvu
75049 Ramirez de Arellano E. (ed.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Algebraic Geometry and Complex Analysis. Proc. workshop Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico, 1987 (1990, Springer) ISBN10:3540521755(190s) F0869DC4BAED3835C5DBF239B3744946.djvu
75050 Rand D., Young L.-S. (eds.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Dynamical systems and turbulence, Warwikck, 1980 (1981, Springer) ISBN10:3540111719(403s) D78834317C6AE0260C36B27A56C90FC0.djvu
75051 Rao S.B. (ed.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Proc. Symposium Calcutta, 1980 (1981, Springer) ISBN10:3540111514(525s) 669D6C4407C17EB4FC85366939249193.djvu
75052 Raoult. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Statistique non Parametrique Asymptotique (1980, Springer) ISBN10:3540102396(185s) A95825916EAF51B76DD3AB510F8A92BC.djvu
75053 L.J. Jr. Ratliff - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Chain conjectures in ring theory (1978, Springer) ISBN10:3540087583(139s) 44A34DC7FAE30F13522C8AD5812F6960.djvu
75054 Rautmann R. (ed.) - (IUTAM ... 9-15, 1979 )Approximation methods for Navier-Stokes problems. Proceedings symposium IUTAM, 1979 (1980, Springer) ISBN10:3540097341(616s) 04FEDCE42107C6B6A72D945A52DAE273.djvu
75055 Rauzy. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Repartition Modulo 1 (1975, Springer) ISBN10:3540073884(262s) 4514E5C4211F47CC4C64A505F4702A08.djvu
75056 Raynaud M., Shioda T. (eds.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Algebraic Geometry. Proc. conf. Tokyo, Kyoto, 1982 (1983, Springer) ISBN10:3540126856(550s) 9A59AA7B3F97D59259B8EB5D2E38D621.djvu
75057 Michel Raynaud - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Anneaux locaux henseliens (1970, Springer) ISBN10:3540052836(134s) 18A74CAE6BC0817449D6C865613A3C4F.djvu
75058 Michel Raynaud - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Faisceaux amples sur les schemas en groupes et les espaces homogenes (1970, Springer) ISBN10:3540049088(222s) A5663C3B9E13F56BC744A0A42EA8EAFC.djvu
75059 H.M. Reimann - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Funktionen beschrankter mittlerer Oszillation (1975, Springer) ISBN10:354007404X(147s) 667D953564C0F4D690298FC8A8F97A5A.djvu
75060 I. Reiner - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Integral Representations (1979, Springer) ISBN10:3540095462(281s) C99E804E3A3B04004FEF3CE06BB98601.djvu
75061 Reiner, Roggenkamp. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Orders and their Applications (1985, Springer) ISBN10:3540156747(324s) FFC442B7B592FB2C17BBFFA95D4633E7.djvu
75062 H. Reiter - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)L1-Algebras and Segal Algebras (1971, Springer) ISBN10:3540056513(123s) EC5B099D8AEE0A16756872420CA06038.djvu
75063 Hans Reiter - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Metaplectic Groups and Segal Algebras (1989, Springer) ISBN10:3540514171(146s) 9708C92E82BD94A628C554C96F1B493E.djvu
75064 Eduard Reithmeier - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (1991, Springer) ISBN10:3540545123(178s) 381B5B4A25BF9921F92E04CB6B795AD4.djvu
75065 William J.J. Rey - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Robust Statistical Methods (1978, Springer) ISBN10:3540090916(133s) B1496C0F09670769C4EFC26F596185BA.djvu
75066 Fraydoun Rezakhanlou - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Entropy Methods for the Boltzmann Equation. Lectures Centre Emile Borel, Paris, 2001 (2007, Springer) ISBN10:3540737049(121s) ECB369BE0735E09A0EB55BE74EF49136.pdf
75067 Ricci, Weiss. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Harmonic Analysis (1982, Springer) ISBN10:3540111883(330s) 7F3469C39C379027AF3E075AA73337E0.djvu
75068 Richman F. (ed.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Constructive Mathematics. Proc. conf. New Mexico, 1980 (1981, Springer) ISBN10:3540108505(367s) 43B51BDBC02FF257C0756B0AE53DC73D.djvu
75069 Jürgen Richter-Gebert - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Realization Spaces of Polytopes (1996, Springer) ISBN10:3540620842(198s) 38DD45CD95409D752AE200B575845325.djvu
75070 Claus M. Ringel - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Tame Algebras and Integral Quadratic Forms (1985, Springer) ISBN10:3540139052(391s) 7193B1EC26F8FCB31B53FE40AE0B4759.djvu
75071 N. Saavedra Rivano - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Categories Tannakiennes (1972, Springer) ISBN10:3540058443(415s) AF9A4305A40AEA8AEDC7E1E66A7C40B1.djvu
75072 Robinson R.W., Southern G.W., Wallis W.D. (eds.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Combinatorial Mathematics VII. Proc. conf. Newcastle, 1979 (1980, Springer) ISBN10:354010254X(275s) 2BCEF70C48CCA44977795FDFC1B4A7AB.djvu
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75074 Yuri L. Rodin - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Generalized Analytic Functions on Riemann Surfaces (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540185720(136s) 27435FF3A47DFCA448AC7C80955F080A.djvu
75075 Klaus W. Roggenkamp - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Lattices over Orders I (1970, Springer) ISBN10:3540049045(309s) 5DB0BEBCC3482752D930D384F940BBD1.djvu
75076 Roggenkamp. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Integral Representations and Applications (1981, Springer) ISBN10:3540108807(489s) BC253BE99DAA68EAF08217E1DA5CA729.djvu
75077 Klaus W. Roggenkamp - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Lattices over Orders II (1970, Springer) ISBN10:3540049312(392s) 1B797019AE2C4F0ED0606A2751C6B337.djvu
75078 Rolfsen. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Knot Theory and Manifolds (1985, Springer) ISBN10:3540156801(174s) 2E4765B8C9FF9BED478AE7A6F7B1B5A3.djvu
75079 Ross. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Fractional Calculus and Its Applications (1975, Springer) ISBN10:354007161X(386s) 13AC2B86CAE30DD5D929D4A80A089F2C.djvu
75080 Walter Roth - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Operator-valued measures and integrals for cone-valued functions (2009, Springer) ISBN10:3540875646(369s) 05D552386CD473B20E1CC48B18C7C1D6.pdf
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75082 Wolfgang Ruppert - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Compact Semitopological Semigroups: An Intrinsic Theory (1984, Springer) ISBN10:3540133879(269s) A767C99BEB6CDB47C72CF9B0E765366C.djvu
75083 Yoshimi Saito - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Spectral Representations for Schrodinger Operators With Long-Range Potentials (1979, Springer) ISBN10:3540095144(157s) 0E20311D98A5B790724F8F91E9F7C40C.djvu
75084 Makoto Sakai - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Quadrature Domains (1982, Springer) ISBN10:3540115625(138s) 430103FB0DEC143E5A5A70858DD6D240.djvu
75085 Salinetti. - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Multifunctions and Integrands (1984, Springer) ISBN10:354013882X(248s) 2325C05D0EDE4ED57CC9AE94CCC00566.djvu
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75091 Bruno Scarpellini - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Proof Theory and Intuitionistic Systems (1971, Springer) ISBN10:354005541X(297s) 3D508BE4451F2EE3561762324B39B37E.djvu
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75093 Pierre Schapira - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Theorie des Hyperfonctions (1970, Springer) ISBN10:3540049150(168s) 912133AD9A712BD584943383541E9439.djvu
75094 Norbert Schappacher - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Periods of Hecke Characters (1988, Springer) ISBN10:3540189157(175s) 8FCC6413915D11317FB25786A77FCD78.djvu
75095 Claus Scheiderer - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Real and Etale Cohomology (1994, Springer) ISBN10:3540584366(312s) 721A04282696C4033ADF127B00463E46.djvu
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75104 W.M. Schmidt - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Equations over Finite Fields An Elementary Approach (1976, Springer) ISBN10:354007855X(276s) 98E627E92286763BC7E9E4A116453457.djvu
75105 Claus P. Schnorr - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Zufalligkeit und Wahrscheinlichkeit (1971, Springer) ISBN10:3540055665(218s) 92718C15CE970B7362640EE9CF507F63.djvu
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75110 Peter Cornelis Schuur - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Asymptotic Analysis of Soliton Problems: an inverse scattering approach (1987, Springer) ISBN10:3540172033(192s) 572118C5A42E27C491EE5C8DDEEE24B5.djvu
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