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63000 Gentile G., Mastropietro V., Procesi M. - Periodic solutions for completely resonant nonlinear wave equations (0) (50s) E12C902543E7721F60A4D74CE3B74CE2.pdf
63001 George C. - Exercises in Integration (1984) (280s) B2ACF65D096501E0F1B4B6A79AB0B18A.djvu
63002 Hans-Otto Georgii - (Lecture notes in mathematics ; v. 760)Canonical Gibbs Measures: Some Extensions of de Flnettl's Representation Theorem for Interacting Particle Systems (1979, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-09712-0(203s) 1972988E5B5294AF8B45C385BB704F80.djvu
63003 Gerard R., Ramis J.-P. (eds.) - (Lecture notes in mathematics )Equations Differentielles et Systemes de Pfaff dans Ie Champ Complexe (1979, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-09250-1(368s) 4AA2828A43C3127FB4ECE1165221BBC9.djvu
63004 Paul Gerardin - (Lecture notes in mathematics ; v. 462 )Construction de Series Discretes p-adiques (1975, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-07172-5(183s) C8BED7EBD74695091CB0BF1CE9EA07EF.djvu
63005 Germain P., Nguyen Q.S., Suquet P. - Continuum Thermodynamics (0) (22s) 42BB98457F376969BB1A4E1408459381.pdf
63006 Lothar Gerritzen - (Lecture notes in mathematics)Schottky Groups and Mumford Curves (1980, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-10229-9(330s) 15AF594ED2276492349E8739B4F08DF9.djvu
63007 R. K. Getoor - (Lecture Notes in Physics)Markov Processes: Ray Processes and Right Processes (1975, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-07140-7(123s) A0FD9E6916FDC91AE334DD43443B8B47.djvu
63008 Getov V. (ed.), Kielmann T. (ed.) - Component models and systems for grid applications (2004) ISBN10:0387233520(190s) 07B92A085C2906DF22CE0C8817D22B12.pdf
63009 Chonat Getz - Graphics with Mathematica: Fractals, Julia Sets, Patterns and Natural Forms (2004, Elsevier Science) ISBN10:044451760X(334s) E282A4CD36F4E61E36A3C8DCFC9D8224.pdf
63010 Ghanem R.G., Spanos P.D. - Stochastic Finite Elements: A Spectral Approach (2003) (224s) 1ED0A3DBE78A7D06CDC0BD66EC33273A.pdf
63011 Gherardelli F. (ed.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Invariant Theory (1983, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-12319-9(163s) A87DD630AEECE5A1ACF3864E6248A752.djvu
63012 F. Ghione - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Space Curves (1987, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-18020-6(284s) 756B9A2F60130735ED837A03D755F3E7.djvu
63013 Keigo Watanabe - Evolutionary Computation in Data Mining (2004, Springer) ISBN10:3-540-20901-8(288s) 5AD46B02F28BD69D0334391491A4CEA5.pdf
63014 Giannessi F., Maugeri A. - Variational Analysis and Applications (2005) (1184s) 548CE438FE9C75B170797C17ACF0B671.pdf
63015 Giaquinta M. (ed.) - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Topics in Calculus of Variations (1989, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-50727-2(195s) 596CA4982E4E9E9C75802D294D49246B.djvu
63016 Gibbons R.D., Duan N. - Waiting for organ transplantation results of an analysis by an Institute of Medicine Committee (2003) (16s) 9CE1B5DA15AE243EE6190D84F6946CFA.pdf
63017 Gibbs J. W. - The Collected Works of J. Willard Gibbs (Part 1: Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics; Part 2: Dynamics Vector Analysis) Volume 2, Part 1-2 (1928) (520s) B1BC304FA305860553B77959AE271059.djvu
63018 Gibbs. W. - Vector Analysis (1901) (464s) 90F192E2151B5FF7A009C1FB550985FF.pdf
63019 Gibilisco S. (ed), Clark D. N. (ed) - Dictionary of Analysis, Calculus, and Differential Equations (1999) (273s) 1BE78AA2C7DBD507BFDFF9B350895289.rar
63020 Gibilisco S., Crowhurst N. - Mastering Technical Mathematics, 3/e (2007) ISBN10:0071595422(627s) 203D22F45CB9CD307925EA72641A0D10.pdf
63021 Gibson C.G., Wirthmuller K. - (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 552)Topological Stability of Smooth Mappings (1976, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-07997-1(154s) 877812C7293E2E1CB4FB808849C57A75.pdf
63022 Gibson Ch. - Elementary Geometry of Differentiable Curves: An Undergraduate Introduction (2001) (234s) 420DD521EBA9648081D7D7DF1C14B455.pdf
63023 Gierschner J., Oelkrug D. - Optical Properties of Oligophenylenevinylenes (2004) ISBN10:1588830640(20s) E4DA025915B81F566F317D6D5EC0F0E1.pdf
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63026 Giesl P. - Construction of Global Lyapunov Functions Using Radial Basis Functions (2007) (166s) BEC5018175EEB9DDD4CCDB8329E08A7A.rar
63027 Gilbert P.B., Sun Y. - Failure time analysis of HIV vaccine effects on viral load and antiretroviral therapy initiation (2005) (21s) 4339EE95D464FE3B756AD56166FCFEFD.pdf
63028 Robert P Gilbert - (Lecture notes in mathematics)Constructive Methods for Elliptic Equations (1974, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-06690-X(404s) 3EB8BED1F8FD09D8527FB9AAB6466B29.djvu
63029 Giles R., Evett J., Liu C. - Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics (1994) (384s) C6FC19F16F3ADB8219D92A5402D9DDC3.pdf
63030 Jacek Gilewicz - (Lecture notes in mathematics )Approximants de Pade (1978, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-08924-1(517s) A0370C8406B606E3880300D2B0ED321B.djvu
63031 J. Gilewicz - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Rational Approximation and its Applications in Mathematics and Physics (1987, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-17212-2(376s) 0A4B594E522826AD21BCE8D12D6A7BDC.djvu
63032 Gilkey P.B. - Asymptotic Formulae in Spectral Geometry (2003) (312s) 9386A517415E82BBF85226404F8F06C9.rar
63033 Partial Differential Equations, and Attractors (1985 : Howard University) Symposium on Nonlinear Semigroups - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Nonlinear Semigroups, Partial Differential Equations and Attractors (1987, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-17741-8(201s) EC1EAD9D40BDF8FBEBB73E7F9DEF2EB0.djvu
63034 Partial Differential Equations, and Attractors (2nd : 1987 : Howard University) Symposium on Nonlinear Semigroups - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)Nonlinear Semigroups, Partial Differential Equations and Attractors (1989, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-51594-1(250s) BEA83AFF387D558999910AD6201E03EB.djvu
63035 Ronald M. Harris - (Plastics Design Library)Philosophy of Science in the Twentieth Century: An Introduction (2000, William Andrew) ISBN10:1884207782(224s) 093F4819B9E3CA88D7D16CE9F314B7B3.pdf
63036 Jane P. Gilman - (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)Complex Analysis: In the Spirit of Lipman Bers (2007, Springer) ISBN10:0387747141;ISBN10:038774715X(234s) F9542068508AB87FC56FD4E319037C78.pdf
63037 Gilmore R. - Geometry and Lie Groups (2007) (277s) ECBF2DFB1F87962BD08705E11F64D066.rar
63038 Gindikin S.G., Khenkin G.M. - Several Complex Variables Volume 4 (1989) (251s) FC663AF3B799C7F820EE744B94D597F1.pdf
63039 Owen Gingerich - Nicolaus Copernicus: Making the Earth a Planet (2005, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-516173-4(128s) 4E36C5057104B78A5B946BFD5B14383F.pdf
63040 Gingrich G. (ed.) - Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities (2003) (307s) 1C8A9A47148D28C626941BD80216AB70.chm
63041 Ginzburg A. (Ed) - (Progress in Mathematics)Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory: In Honor of Vladimir Drinfeld's 50th Birthday (2006, Birkhäuser Boston) ISBN10:0817644717;ISBN10:0817645322(643s) B982FFD58FD2D5E43E16D4F664A17F66.pdf
63042 Lev Ginzburg - Ecological Orbits: How Planets Move and Populations Grow (2004, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-516816-X(184s) AF7C43C9F2B4CC1FE4C7526BCEAB7A69.pdf
63043 Giocobazzi R. - Static Analysis: 11th International Symposium, SAS 2004, Verona, Italy, August 26-28, 2004, Proceedings (2008) ISBN10:3540278648(412s) F06AAD7D4BA03777797F8C488C6081E8.pdf
63044 Gioia A.A., Goldsmith G.L. (eds.) - (Lecture notes in mathematics, 251)The Theory of Arithmetic Functions (1972, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-05723-4(286s) 62AE37D6D59A9CA03E002DF9291E4E6D.djvu
63045 Giorgi G., Thierfelder J. - Mathematics of Optimization: Smooth and Nonsmooth Case (2004) (602s) 08B1CDCA74B287532F69743EB748E072.djvu
63046 Giorgini P. (Ed), Henderson-Sellers B. (Ed), Winikoff M. (Ed) - Agent-Oriented Information Systems: 5th International BI-Conference Workshop, Aois 2003, Melbourne, Australia, July 14, 2003 and Chicago, IL, USA, October 13th, 2003, Revised Selected Papers (2004) ISBN10:0137488071;ISBN10:3540259430(207s) 183B4974A3628DEAB98E29E884E8CA27.pdf
63047 Girard P. R. - Quaternions, Clifford Algebras and Relativistic Physics (2007) ISBN13:978-3-7643-7790-8(179s) 787CE4A3BC0A933CB8FA8A129D01969C.pdf
63048 Girardi M., Mataloni S., Matzeu M. - Existence of classical solutions for fully non-linear elliptic equations via mountain-pass techniques (2005) (13s) 7D2AC47573884591372FD06BE34C113B.pdf
63049 Girardi M., Matzeu M. - Existence of periodic solutions for some second order quasilinear Hamiltonian systems (2005) (10s) 8144B799D9EBB1B05C135A1D952FBA72.pdf
63050 Girardi M., Matzeu M. - Solutions of a class of superlinear indefinite elliptic equations (0) (19s) 8E4CD9FCA57AA781E838AF7F2A872C20.pdf
63051 J. Giraud - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics )Surfaces Aigebriques (1981, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-10842-4(318s) 4C68CD93B57B24453BC43625F5699055.djvu
63052 Vivette Girault - (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 749)Finite Element Approximation of the Navier-Stokes Equations (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) (1979, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-09557-8(207s) 3080D943104EAEF158331C32B0408CBA.djvu
63053 Louis A. Girifalco - (Monographs on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials)Statistical Mechanics of Solids (2000, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-511965-7(519s) 3FA699448C169FEF691A9366C335FD19.pdf
63054 Gisler G.R. (ed.) - Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics Volume 40 (2008) (405s) 077432C74E6416F7E02F2EF966B4B20E.zip
63055 Moshe Gitterman - Noisy Oscillator: The First Hundred Years, from Einstein until Now (2005, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:981-256-512-4(344s) C30A18FC86B005190BCDA6914FD8E02E.pdf
63056 Art Gittleman - (Jones and Bartlett Illuminated)C#. Net Illuminated (2004, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.) ISBN10:0-7637-2593-5(500s) 5A6A49B0B4E4CBA60974250E23E97539.pdf
63057 Domenico Giulini - Special Relativity: a First Encounter: 100 Years since Einstein (2005, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-856746-4(176s) 9632F177DB5CE0C7FE23B69F3A388A13.pdf
63058 Gladiali F., Grossi M. - Existence and multiplicity results for the conformal scalar curvature equation (0) (36s) EBC00DD207D368A37F446502E993F8A7.pdf
63059 Gladiali F., Grossi M. - On the curvature of the level sets of solutions of some nonlinear elliptic equations (1991) (15s) F19E20DE4508B181184B53867D0F448A.pdf
63060 Gladiali F., Grossi M. - On the spectrum of a nonlinear planar problem (0) (43s) 380481452F30C6A92CF529D2A5925934.pdf
63061 Gladiali F., Grossi M. - Singular limit of radial solutions in an annulus (0) (11s) 57697B02B55520B6DEBE76BE52CDF794.pdf
63062 Gladiali F., Grossi M. - Some results for the Gelfands problem (0) (27s) FAFD0B357E3FBF466F6BE864EBC534E2.pdf
63063 Gladiali F., Grossi M. - Strict convexity of level sets of solutions of some nonlinear elliptic equations (1991) (11s) C9A1C2CDD3ED23DD1DDD56E41B089E60.pdf
63064 Shmuel Glasner - (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 517)Proximal Flows (1976, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-07689-1(160s) 8065FBDC6D90B3DFD8AFA3595E3580D7.djvu
63065 Glaz S. - Commutative Coherent Rings (1989) (360s) F770BFB9797EE2FDCBFE5465839A5693.djvu
63066 Evan M. Glazer - Real-Life Math: Everyday Use of Mathematical Concepts (2002, Greenwood Press) ISBN10:0-313-31998-7(184s) 59C61DD891F77403C6BB1E5311AD45A9.pdf
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63070 Ingo Glöckner - (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing)Fuzzy Quantifiers: A Computational Theory (2006, Springer) ISBN10:3-540-29634-4(460s) 7086641AE0683D9B4624909D1263FCBE.pdf
63071 Glonek G.F., Solomon P.J. - Factorial and time course designs for cDNA microarray experiments (2004) (23s) AC4CE217842C899CD3FBD17811602BF2.pdf
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63073 Heide Gluesing-Luerssen - Linear Delay-Differential Systems with Commensurate Delays: An Algebraic Approach (2001, Springer) ISBN10:3-540-42821-6(176s) 361F7A809BCF6AAB5F50E163FF71703C.pdf
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