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62000 Conti M., Terracini S. - Radial solutions of superlinear equations on R^N. II. The forced case (0) (22s) 9658C39BE82E88A1FD9648958C1CEE2A.ps
62001 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. - A variational problem for the spatial segregation of reaction-diffusion systems (2003) (32s) 7019E2024DD9DA806BAF00CFC9C67118.pdf
62002 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. - An optimal partition problem related to nonlinear eigenvalues (0) (33s) 384516A368183118EDEBE18333DD77A0.pdf
62003 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. - Infinitely many solutions to fourth order superlinear periodic problems (0) (17s) F5A685570BAA01C3C44C1321DC1D29D3.pdf
62004 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. - Neharis problem and competing species systems (2002) (18s) 4C2FED5912818B097EF3C5101EDFDE2B.pdf
62005 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. - Nodal solutions to a class of radial elliptic equations with singular potential in R^N (0) (20s) 0B17B1A3EA67CE1E2326599380A71493.ps
62006 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. - On a class of optimal partition problems related to the fucik spectrum and to the monotonicity formulae (2003) (21s) 77EE37FB8C6FDFF054FE0BE0CEAED199.pdf
62007 Contopoulos G. - Adventures in Order and Chaos: A Scientific Autobiography (2005) ISBN10:0-7923-5465-6(191s) 4608DA049DE8627648DA6CB06A19B6B3.pdf
62008 Contreras G. (ed.) - XXXIV Congreso Nacional De La Sociedad Matematica Mexicana (2002) (288s) 98AF30CFC79912D9BEF62DEBCD53B247.djvu
62009 John Horton Conway - Atlas of Finite Groups (1986, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-853199-0(252s) 26E13FF9E47C5C65A622F4AB309CE517.pdf
62010 Giuliano Preparata - Introduction to a Realistic Quantum Physics (2002, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:981-238-176-7(80s) D0B159FBE890E2A839A6C5E71878CC55.pdf
62011 Cook R. T. (Ed) - Arche Papers on the Mathematics of Abstraction (2007) (454s) A8717A659AB9FB2B6BD2F82CDCB81366.pdf
62012 Cook R.J., Wei Wei - Conditional analysis of mixed Poisson processes with baseline counts: implications for trial design and analysis (2003) (16s) A88EB7B85401DED2E2A6B8259909638B.pdf
62013 Catharine Cookson - Regulating Religion: The Courts and the Free Exercise Clause (2001, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-512944-X(288s) 9815052B0D56FA610F15F602423EA2EF.pdf
62014 Cooper B. - The analysis of hospital infection data using hidden Markov models (2004) (15s) E6DAC181B395A5A99B8ACAA0F335F7AC.pdf
62015 Frederick Cooper - Colonialism in Question: Theory, Knowledge, History (2005, University of California Press) ISBN10:0-520-24214-9(339s) 2687AF7965FE1121CD1C13E87D75F604.pdf
62016 Cooper J.A., Goldreich O. - Computer Security & Cryptography (2000) (25s) 9255C988CF4E6F4A8BD29631C2C50986.pdf
62017 Cooper J.W. - Introduction to Design Patterns in C# (2002) (416s) 10F4636757D8809D57777559BCC80C1C.rar
62018 Cooper M. - Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide. An in−depth exploration of the gentle art of shell scripting (2002) (430s) 112C20A8F437D99D91CF5151D1350643.pdf
62019 Coornaert M., Papadopoulos A. - Symbolic Dynamics and Hyperbolic Groups (1993) (146s) ECD2D38A8CEC70AED7B840F800647639.djvu
62020 Copas A.J., Farewell V.T. - Incorporating retrospective data into an analysis of time to illness (2001) (12s) 3C483079CB8FC708995615E4FD23F210.pdf
62021 Copas J., Shi J.Q. - Meta-analysis, funnel plots and sensitivity analysis (2000) (16s) C0C2C21D6C5CD34AB10B39A73E2D5F2C.pdf
62022 Coperet Ch., Chaudret B. - (Topics in Organometallic Chemistry)Surface and Interfacial Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis (2005, Springer) ISBN10:3-540-26496-5(280s) CEAD1B55ECB9FBA2604EC596811C7ED5.pdf
62023 Corduneanu C. - Functional Equations with Causal Operators (2002, CRC Press Inc) ISBN10:0-203-16637-X(168s) DC02C39A9D47C78E732D54259B83307F.pdf
62024 Corfield D. - Towards a Philosophy of Real Mathematics (2003) (298s) B963F7233E1BFEBBB890EEDFD590A068.djvu
62025 Ernesto Corinaldesi - (Theoretical Physics)Classical Mechanics for Physics Graduate Students (1999, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:9810236255(286s) 96B5C423287F82AF31CC65D790C85956.pdf
62026 Corke P. (Ed), Sukkarieh S. (Ed) - (Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics)Field and Service Robotics: Results of the 5th International Conference Fsr by Peter Corke (Editor), Salah Sukkarieh (Editor) (2006, Springer) ISBN10:3-540-33452-1(616s) 9C418AB45908A3B381F1EF82721DF18F.pdf
62027 Cornwell J. F. (Ed) - Group Theory in Physics: An Introduction (1997) (360s) 7FE93B2A3AFFC59DB99CC7E914C48A23.djvu
62028 Corral M. - Vector Calculus (2008) (220s) D82F1C8C9BEF52CAC158DDB37A4ABD47.pdf
62029 Corwin E .J. - Handbook of Pathophysiology: Foundations of Health & Disease (2007) (750s) ED7CD0496EE2515162619A2E7063D7FE.chm
62030 Costantino F., Thurston D. - 3-manifolds efficiently bound 4-manifolds (2008) (43s) 5D5BB02B50BE203E3DA28D6DD85D01D1.pdf
62031 Costanza R. (ed.), Voinov A. (ed.) - (Modeling Dynamic Systems)Landscape simulation modeling (2003, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-00835-7(330s) BC6CF5707ADF4AD00634ED3150EB64A6.pdf
62032 Andrew Adamatzky - Reaction-Diffusion Computers (2005, Elsevier Science) ISBN10:0444520422(348s) 099F0B7CF60A3FE75A00B743BDFF7648.pdf
62033 Cotizelati V., Rabinowitz P.H. - Heteroclinic solutions between stationary points at different energy levels (0) (18s) 3703B173165D9E4C883A1CBFF52C9248.pdf
62034 Courant R. - Differential and Integral Calculus Volume 1 (1937) (628s) 4001F9BDB4C64C30813E4C8C52969C3A.djvu
62035 Courant R. - Differential and Integral Calculus Volume 2 (1950) (682s) 466F8951F19C0551898BCB23501B306F.pdf
62036 Courant R. - Dirichlet's Principle, Confomal Mapping and Minimal Surfaces (1950) (337s) 0567A957FC68F43AC03583AA88FFBFA7.djvu
62037 Courant R., Friedrichs K. O. - Supersonic Flow and Shock Waves (1999) (482s) C0AE6B4F8DB5B4A292719DA7AF2D196D.djvu
62038 James Courtney - Inquiring Organizations (2005, Idea Group Publishing) ISBN10:1-59140-309-X(373s) 8984133774F11B1167AC460A8707DF03.pdf
62039 Couturat L. - The Algebra of Logic (2004) (102s) F7CEF9CD75A1802473AE024F564A238D.pdf
62040 Covello A. (ed.) - Key Topics in Nuclear Structure: Proceedings of the 8th International Spring Seminar on Nuclear Physics Paestum, Italy 23 - 27 May 2004 (2005, World Scientific Publishing Company) ISBN10:98-1-256-093-9(616s) A778C14F77402B9F7E2891D3945073B7.pdf
62041 Covington M.A. - Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes: Practical Amateur Astronomy Volume 2 (2002) ISBN10:0511261004(282s) 4CC5F12DFBFB242587557112802919F8.pdf
62042 J.M. Cowley - (North-Holland Personal Library)Diffraction Physics (1995, North Holland) ISBN10:0-4-4-4-8-2-2-1-8-6(496s) A1D2287D9ACBBE9E3F77D368EBF688E6.pdf
62043 Cox R.T. - Algebra of Probable Inference (1961) (121s) FBADC44D5C6789264E6BC06879F94405.pdf
62044 Arthur Engel - (New mathematical library)Geometry Revisited (1993, Mathematical Association of America) ISBN10:0-88385-600-X(191s) 73D3016DF2991BD4DA83F5D506232507.djvu
62045 Coxeter H.S.M. - Regular Polytopes (1948) (346s) 76E3B6B8431BDCA6E7FAA6A72758F925.djvu
62046 - CPU (August 2005) (2005) (90s) C4ACF59307FB54DDAD54EC3D51DF9961.pdf
62047 - CPU (December 2005) (2005) (90s) 7FB2DA1041D20C1EC9AB97BDB282BADE.pdf
62048 - CPU (January 2005) (2005) (92s) 190729ECF12F5A6A8D54CABC580FED9A.pdf
62049 - CPU (July 2005) (2005) (90s) BA3B47D30C32CC2E617D4B4E1CF00A6C.pdf
62050 - CPU (July 2006) (2006) (90s) 1FA239B5FF341BA71BB39169239D25E2.pdf
62051 - CPU (June 2005) (2005) (90s) 9554ABC98A51F71C18A6D04E9D5CBE36.pdf
62052 - CPU (November 2005) (2005) (90s) A818C2CD549F3B8D775C8A6D1E242C30.pdf
62053 - CPU (October 2005) (2005) (90s) 878B22066B7413E4F45829DC0FD4EAA7.pdf
62054 - CPU (September 2005) (2005) (90s) 8EA634D03131ED80527E84640EA6B570.pdf
62055 Crabtree A. - Designing Collaborative Systems (2003) (178s) 63710F545F0E88BBAB94114052EEA8D5.pdf
62056 Cramer H. - Random Variables and Probability Distributions (1952) (119s) BEEDC17A8623A98A2D73D7E63A06D86F.pdf
62057 Crandall B.C. - Nanotechnology (1996, The MIT Press) ISBN10:0-262-53137-2(187s) 7251C9B170AE56E15303A79EAF39BCFB.pdf
62058 Crassidis J.L., Junkins J.L. - Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems (2004) (608s) EF39BE64949D95CE67EDF7F27E4636A8.rar
62059 Crasta G., Fragala I., Gazzola F. - A sharp upper bound for the torsional rigidity of rods by means of web functions (0) (21s) 2C5846FFD5E43335FE810AF7422C4CD7.ps
62060 Crasta G., Fragala I., Gazzola F. - On the role of energy convexity in the web function approximation (2000) (14s) A4F71E35C4DF5D6416E5106F0DCA6391.pdf
62061 Crasta G., Gazzola F. - Some estimates of the minimizing properties of web functions (0) (23s) 9818EB7F2697BBC4744956043BAAAE8D.pdf
62062 Crasta G., Gazzola F. - Web functions survey of results and perspectives (0) (10s) DA8889DC1251C31970D28DF1B8ACFEB3.ps
62063 Crawly D. (ed.), Nikolic K. (ed.), Forshaw M. (ed.) - (Series in Materials Science and Engineering )3D Nanoelectronic Computer Architecture and Implementation (Series in Materials Science and Engineering) (2004, Taylor & Francis) ISBN10:0-7503-1003-0(950s) 8FB17F20AFEDD7DA69229BA4CAFC7B3E.pdf
62064 Crayton Ch. A. - The Security+ Exam Guide (TestTaker's Guide Series) (2003) (416s) 75C3051B73BD807E2F72C9B8F6D5546B.chm
62065 Creasey R., Coirault R. - VHDL Modelling Guidelines (1994) (50s) E029858B1E673DAA95FAE155950CBA60.pdf
62066 Credi A. - Photochemical Molecular Devices (2004) ISBN10:1588830640(22s) 62FB20F305C8C48EAA1E3EABD48CBD50.pdf
62067 Cremona L. - Graphical Statics, Two Treatises on the Graphical Calculus and Reciprocal Figures in Graphical Statics (1890) (177s) 5A2624A3836EDC33243A18677D6FF301.djvu
62068 Crew M., Spiegel M. - Obtaining the Best from Regulation and Competition (2004) ISBN10:038723196X(238s) 3426FF47F53B1F8C869FD2B0A5FB455D.pdf
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62070 J. N. Crossley (editor) - (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 450)Algebra and Logic: Proceedings of the Australian Mathematical Society, 14th, Australia, Jan. 6, 1974 (1975, Springer-Verlag) ISBN10:0-387-07152-0(307s) 2D5B0B151D2F6D054C583A7CD618BDFD.pdf
62071 Crowell B. - Calculus (2005) (134s) EB3A2DCC8DD06F75CD41D0F22C0F3849.pdf
62072 Benjamin Crowell - (Introductory Physics Textbooks series, volume 2)Conservation Laws (1998, lightandmatter) ISBN10:0970467028(120s) 75312DD8ABCCBC24350BB834F10DE301.pdf
62073 Benjamin Crowell - (Introductory Physics Textbooks series, volume 2)Conservation Laws (1998, lightandmatter) ISBN10:0970467028(120s) 12411E870F72299636858494A29A54D6.pdf
62074 Benjamin Crowell - (Light and Matter, Book 4)Electricity and Magnetism (2000, Benjamin Crowell) ISBN10:0970467044(152s) 2C89196B9600E75969D9B53984E849D2.pdf
62075 Benjamin Crowell - (Introductory Physics Textbooks Ser.)Newtonian Physics (2000, Light & Matter) ISBN10:097046701X(216s) D0110D3DF99AA15E9C04F60C9E2145D0.pdf
62076 Benjamin Crowell - (Introductory Physics Textbooks Ser.)Newtonian Physics (2000, Light & Matter) ISBN10:097046701X(216s) E5CE5854B88FB58E88D4F5B9119D370C.pdf
62077 Benjamin Crowell - (Light and Matter, Book 6)The modern revolution in physics (2000, Benjamin Crowell) ISBN10:0970467060(146s) D0464FEC2AB3B6D2304A3D287FE37B1D.pdf
62078 Benjamin Crowell - (Introductory Physics Textbooks series, Volume 3)Vibrations and Waves (2000, lightandmatter) ISBN10:0970467036(88s) 82FF25011078DB5294A542B50952BDCF.pdf
62079 Christian Crumlish - Dreamweaver MX 2004 (2004, Sybex) ISBN10:0782143067(816s) 4CC9B766A0DDFE5B29175D41241266F5.pdf
62080 J Cruz - (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications)Constraint Reasoning for Differential Models (2005, IOSPress) ISBN10:1-58603-532-0(244s) 2582E9F01858763327CDF4CEBD381687.pdf
62081 Imre Csisz´ar - (Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theory)Information Theory and Statistics: A Tutorial (2004, Now Publishers Inc) ISBN10:1933019050(124s) A2C595E2BA7A7CC3BD2002497D6E42EA.pdf
62082 - CSS. Cascading Style-Sheets (0) (13s) D9D6B8D3053D6D7389D0096AD376B455.pdf
62083 Cui T., Lvov Y., Shi J. - Nanoassembly for Polymer Electronics (2004, American Scientific Publishers) ISBN10:1588830624(30s) 96A0E8BA28307DA97176011EA10F3635.pdf
62084 Cui X., Hwang J.T.G., Qiu J. - Improved statistical tests for differential gene expression by shrinking variance components estimates (2005) (17s) 2DE37073026E8256352E210F251C3A5E.pdf
62085 Paul Cull - (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)Difference Equations: From Rabbits to Chaos (2005, Springer) ISBN10:0-387-23233-8(394s) C3AF002E8D0ED8063F9D4A854FED8CB4.pdf
62086 Culwin F. - A Java GUI programmer's primer (1998) (322s) 1FD13FAD12DA3C91F16146D2EF4B9E48.chm
62087 Cunha J. C. (Ed) - Grid Computing: Software Environments and Tools (2005, Springer) ISBN10:1852339985(416s) B04F710938CEF2934E7113E9FFF9E066.pdf
62088 David Cunningham - There's Something Happening Here: The New Left, the Klan, and FBI Counterintelligence (2004, University of California Press) ISBN10:0520239970(382s) 169F0E65D2CD5BA4E45109861373E0E1.pdf
62089 Stephen Kittredge Cunningham - (Popular Applications)Learn Microsoft Assembler in a Day (1993, Wordware) ISBN10:1556223315(144s) 3AC68E1A45A726AAC73B42F59FFF7F3F.pdf
62090 Curien P. -L. - Categorical Combinators, Sequential Algorithms, and Functional Programming (1993) (424s) E1B94D87AADF6A317AFE220E65CD9E50.djvu
62091 Matthew Curland - Advanced Visual Basic 6 (2000, Addison-Wesley Professional) ISBN10:0-201-70712-8(528s) 02500713E501ABDBB9D279B6590F6B4A.pdf
62092 Curtis H.D. - Preliminary Note on Nebular Proper Motions (1914) (3s) 6B6A18456005E40BC3EDC7D372BD9AE0.pdf
62093 Curtiss D.R., Moulton E.J. - Essentials of Trigonometry with Applications (1942) (174s) 0B1C5F2443DDBE18C072B8D644C64878.pdf
62094 Cusick T. W. - Stream Ciphers and Number Theory (1998) (446s) B82AE06300E634F5434182AD71D00C93.djvu
62095 Cutkosky S. D. - Resolution of Singularities (2004) (192s) D53E9FB90AF342E9463D91706E4F7716.pdf
62096 Cuttler A. - The Trachtenberg Speed System Of Basic Mathematics (1960) (270s) 79964DD0BBB8DC36F8C065ED7291FC7D.pdf
62097 Annie Cuyt - Handbook of Continued Fractions for Special Functions (2008, Springer) ISBN10:1402069480;ISBN10:1402069499(440s) 5EF6A2F61F3711A28F1CCC24E5D147A8.pdf
62098 Czika W. - SAS/Genetics(TM) 9.1.3 User's Guide (2005) ISBN13:978-1-59047-842-4(220s) FA46C6350D28775EBC3C462583D95949.pdf
62099 D'Alessandro D. - Introduction to Quantum Control and Dynamics (2007) (384s) 15B67752AAD7BB726A506DA34759E5F3.pdf
62100 Louis A. D'Alotto - (Pure and Applied Mathematics)A Unified Signal Algebra Approach to Two-Dimensional Parallel Digital Signal Processing (1998, Chapman & Hall) ISBN10:0-8247-0025-2(290s) 732FE58AC6444511B159624CA37B8F41.pdf
62101 John P. D'Angelo - Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs (1999, Prentice Hall) ISBN10:0-13-014412-6(433s) 0A2E9668866E4F1F4FB724FE9035747D.djvu
62102 D'Aprile T., Mugnai D. - Non-existence results for the coupled Klein-Gordon-Maxwell equations (2004) (16s) 7D9ECAB3312EDD665FF81330B035019F.pdf
62103 D'Aprile T., Mugnai D. - Solitary waves for nonlinear Klein-Gordon-Maxwell and Schrödinger-Maxwell equations (0) (13s) 101B6356D94A2B069642C43DD7C639CA.pdf
62104 R. d'Inverno - Introducing Einstein's Relatvity (1899, Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN10:0-19-859653-7(387s) C068B104FB7CF70862D09DDE889CD144.djvu
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62111 Dahl P.F. - From Nuclear Transmutation to Nuclear Fission, 1932-1939 (2002, Taylor & Francis) ISBN10:0-7503-0865-6(350s) 9808AEEE1D7CC3069D5B43B0091271E1.pdf
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62116 - Daily Star Sunday (September 2007) (2007) (80s) DEC0284770765BAB28221275580D1979.pdf
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62123 Damascelli L. - On the nodal set of the second eigenfunction of the laplacian in symmetric domains in R^n (0) (8s) 4D4A0003587AB860997F5561380B2FBA.pdf
62124 Damascelli L. - Symmetry of C^1 solutions of p-Laplace equations in R^N (0) (27s) 503904928C63FCAA6925772FD2A38DED.pdf
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62126 Damascelli L., Grossi M., Pacella F. - Qualitative properties of positive solutions of semilinear elliptic equations in symmetric domains via the maximum principle (0) (23s) E6E2AE5DE96FF7FFE043B4F417976C31.ps
62127 Damascelli L., Pacela F., Ramaswamy M. - A strong maximum principle for a class of non-positone singular elliptic problems (1991) (11s) 4D96DCF5227A09B4716F3286E55D4339.pdf
62128 Damascelli L., Pacella F. - Monotonicity and symmetry of solutions of p-Laplace equations, 1 (0) (28s) D3360381C0319FF72BB475EA6D55E655.ps
62129 Damascelli L., Pacella F. - Monotonicity and symmetry results for p-Laplace equations and applications (1991) (25s) A8D9DC5741BB5F5266ACA1AF8EFE4434.pdf
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