Various - The Day the Sun Stood Still / Разные авторы - День, когда остановилось Солнце [1972, EPUB, ENG]

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Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson, Robert Silverberg - The Day the Sun Stood Still

Название: The Day the Sun Stood Still / День, когда остановилось Солнце
Авторы: Anderson, Poul & Dickson, Gordon R. & Silverberg, Robert / Андерсон, Пол & Диксон, Гордон & Силверберг, Роберт
Год выпуска: 1972
Издательство: Thomas Nelson
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (Jerry eBooks)
Язык: английский

Омнибус из трех повестей трех замечателей писателей-фантастов. Возвращен к жизни Jerry.
A Chapter of Revelation by Poul Anderson
Thomas the Proclaimer by Robert Silverberg
Things Which Are Caesar's by Gordon R. Dickson
A Chapter of Revelation

Tuesday 14 June
(Chairman Wu Yuan of China warned today in an internationally telecast address that the presence of American warships in the Yellow Sea is an intolerable threat and provocation. “Unless this trespass upon the territorial waters of the People’s Republic cease forthwith,” declared the head of the Chinese state, “it will become necessary to take measures fraught with the gravest consequences.” At a special press conference called within hours of the speech, U.S. Secretary of Defense Jacob Morris insisted that the American fleet is staying well outside the twelve-mile limit and is in that area only in response to the Korean crisis. Heavier fighting was reported along the 38th parallel, but officials refused to give newsmen any details.)

Simon Donaldson stumbled a bit as he entered the living room. His wife glanced up from her seat before the television. “Why home so early?” she asked—and then, having looked more closely into his face, rose and hurried to him.
“I knocked off,” he mumbled. “Wasn’t getting anything done. Couldn’t think.” She reached him. He caught the warm slenderness of her and held it close. “Oh, God, darling!”
She, understanding, did not try to kiss. Because they were both tall, she could not well lay her head on his breast; but her cheek rested on his shoulder and his nostrils filled with the clean scent of her hair. He ruffled it.
“Yeah,” she said after a while. “I’m getting scared too.”
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