Block, Lawrence (ed) - Master's Choice, Volume I, II / Блок, Лоренс (ред) - Выбор мастера, том I, II [1999-2000, EPUB, ENG]

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Lawrence Block (ed) - Master's Choice: Mystery Stories by Today's Top Writers and the Masters Who Inspired Them

Название: Master's Choice, Volume I, II / Выбор мастера, том I, II
Год выпуска:1999-2000
Под редакцией: Block, Lawrence / Блок, Лоренс
Издательство: Berkley Prime Crime
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Антология детектива, современные мастера жанра и те, кто их вдохновил ...
Master's Choice, Volume I 1999, epub, ISBN: 0-425-17031-4
The Wedding Gig / Свадебный джаз by Stephen King
Murder-Two by Joyce Carol Oates
The Crime of Miss Oyster Brow by Peter Lovesey
Too Many Crooks by Donald E. Westlake
Tired Old Man by Harlan Ellison
The Problem of Cell 13 / Загадка тринадцатой камеры by Jacques Futrelle
Enfamile by Ed Gorman
The Blue Hotel / Голубой отель by Stephen Crane
Another Room by Joan Hess
Trick or Treat by Judith Garner
High Stakes / Высокие ставки by John Lutz
August Heat / Августовская жара by W. F. Harvey
Souls Burning by Bill Pronzini
Murder of the Frankfurter Man by Benjamin Appel
How Far It Could Go / Как далеко всё может зайти by Lawrence Block
In a Grove by John O'Hara
First Lead Gasser by Tony Hillerman
Goodbye, Pops / Прощай, папа by Joe Gores
Master's Choice, Volume II 2000, epub, ISBN: 0-425-17676-2
Poppyland by Doug Allyn
Child of Another Time by William Bankier
The Man Next Door / Мужчина по соседству by Mary Higgins Clark
The Tell-Tale Heart / Сердце-обличитель by Edgar Allan Poe
The Criminal by Joe Gores
The Knife by John Russell
True Thomas by Reginald Hill
Markheim / Маркхейм by Robert Louis Stephenson
The Detective's Wife by Edward D. Hoch
You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life by Stanley Ellin
The Last One to Cry by Clark Howard
The Absence of Emily / Когда не стало Эмили by Jack Ritchie
The Interview by Evan Hunter
Eleven O'Clock Bulletin by Robert Turner
Adele by Stuart Kaminsky
The Death of Colonel Thoureau by Anonymous
Foggy Mountain Breakdown by Sharyn McCrumb
Sredni Vashtar / Средни Ваштар by Saki
Lover by Joyce Carol Oates
The Black Cat / Чёрный кот by Edgar Allan Poe
Adventures in Babysitting by Ian Rankin
No Night by Myself by Mat Coward
Cousin Cora by Carolyn Wheat
A Jury of Her Peers / Суд равных by Susan Glaspell
Sometimes They Bite by Lawrence Block
Cry Silence by Fredric Brown


IN THE YEAR 1927, we were playing jazz in a speakeasy just south of Morgan, Illinois, which is 70 miles from Chicago. It was real hick country, not another big town for 20 miles in any direction. But there were a lot of plowboys with a hankering for something stronger than Moxie after a hot day in the field, and a lot of young bucks out duding it up with their drugstore buddies. There were also some married men (you know them, friend, they might as well be wearing signs) coming far out of their way to be where no one would recognize them while they cut a rug with their not-quite-legit lassies.
That was when jazz was jazz, not noise. We had a five-man combination—drums, clarinet, trombone, piano, and trumpet—and we were pretty good. That was still three years before we made our first records and four years before talkies.
We were playing Bamboo Bay when this big fellow walked in, wearing a white suit and smoking a pipe with more squiggles in it than a French horn. The whole band was a little drunk but the crowd was positively blind and everyone was having a high old time. There hadn’t been a single fight all night All of us were sweating rivers and Tommy Englander, the guy who ran the place, kept sending up rye. Englander was a good fellow to work for, and he liked our sound.
. . .
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Хамфри Богарт

OldOldNick Такой вопрос к вам. В книгах от Джерри, Вы выложили всю космическую НФ? Именно интересуют компиляции, где множество разных авторов.


Хамфри Богарт писал(а):

OldOldNick Такой вопрос к вам. В книгах от Джерри, Вы выложили всю космическую НФ? Именно интересуют компиляции, где множество разных авторов.
Есть еще "A Short History of Space Travel", там 8 произведений, коллекция взята из WORLDS OF if October, 1958 Volume 8, No. 6
Весьма много его подборок по отдельным авторам. Увы, книг для выкладывания очень много, а время всегда ограничено Sad
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