Pronzini, Bill / Пронзини, Билл - Собрание сочинений (265 произведений) [1967-2021, epub/fb2, ENG]

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Bill Pronzini - Собрание сочинений

Годы выпуска: 1967-2021 г.
Автор: Pronzini, Bill / Пронзини, Билл
Язык: Английский
Формат: epub/fb2
Качество: eBook/OCR

Билл Пронзини (William John Pronzini, р. 13 апреля 1943 г.) - американский писатель, автор детективов и редактор-составитель антологий.
Наиболее известен циклом "Nameless Detective". Лауреат многочисленных премий в области детектива. Переводов на русский практически нет.
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The Pulp Connection
Where Have You Gone, Sam Spade?
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Who's Calling?
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Skeleton Rattle Your Mouldy Leg
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La Bellezza delle Bellezze
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Season of Sharing (with Marcia Muller)
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
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Graveyard Plots 2011, epub, Crossroad Press
Cain's Mark
A Lot on His Mind / Наваждение
The Pattern / Тройное убийство
I Don't Understand It
Proof of Guilt
Multiples (with Barry N. Malzberg)
Sweet Fever
Putting the Pieces Back
Smuggler's Island
Under the Skin
Caught in the Act
Strangers in the Fog
His Name Was Legion
Rebound (with Barry N. Malzberg)
Black Wind
A Craving for Originality
Two Weeks Every Summer
The Hanging Man
Cat's-Paw (A "Nameless Detective" Story)
Skeleton Rattle Your Mouldy Leg (A "Nameless Detective" Story)
Sanctuary (A "Nameless Detective" Story)
Small Felonies 2012, epub, Crossroad Press
A Cold Foggy Day
A Dip in the Poole
Something Wrong (A "Nameless Detective" Story)
The Imperfect Crime
Shell Game (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann)
Sweet Fever
Perfect Timing
Dear Poisoner
The Same Old Grind / Белка в колесе
His Name Was Legion
The Dispatching of George Ferris
Little Lamb
Once a Thief (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann)
Under the Skin
The Storm Tunnel
The Clincher
The Facsimile Shop (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann)
Waiting, Waiting . . .
Words Do Not A Book Make
Incident in a Neighborhood Tavern (A "Nameless Detective" Story)
The Terrarium Principle
On Guard! (with Michael Kurland)
Memento Mori / Помни о смерти
A Little Larceny
Mrs. Rakubian
House Call (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann)
Muggers' Moon
Hero (A Tale of the Old West)
The Man Who Collected "The Shadow"
For Love
Tiger, Tiger (with John Lutz)
Here Lies Another Blackmailer
One of Those Days
Don't Spend It All in One Place
Cache and Carry (A "Nameless Detective"/Sharon McCone Story, with Marcia Muller)
The Killing
Black Wind
A Case for Quiet (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann)
Carmody's Run 2011, epub, Crossroad Press
Duo 1998, fb2 (with Marcia Muller)
Part I; Stories by Marcia Muller
The Cracks in the Sidewalk
Sweet Cactus Wine
Somewhere in the City (a Sharon McCone story)
Dust to Dust
Forbidden Things
Part II: Stories by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini
Cache and Carry: (a Sharon McCone/ "Nameless Detective" story )
The Dying Time
Part III: Stories by Bill Pronzini
Out of the Depths
Man on the Run
Home is the Place Where (a "Nameless Detective" story)
A Cold Foggy Day
Sleuths 2011, epub, Crossroad Press
Fergus O'Hara
Fergus O'Hara, Detective
Carpenter and Quincannon
The Desert Limited
Medium Rare
Dan Connell
Christopher Steele
Vanishing Act (with Michael Kurland)
The Desperate Ones
Blood Money
The "Nameless Detective"
Dead Man's Slough
A Killing in Xanadu
La Bellezza delle Bellezze
Night Freight 2011, epub, Crossroad Press
Stacked Deck
Angel of Mercy
Night Freight
Liar's Dice
Out Behind the Shed
Souls Burning
Strangers in the Fog
Wishful Thinking
Ancient Evil
The Monster
His Name Was Legion
Out of the Depths
The Pattern
The Rec Field
A Taste of Paradise
Sweet Fever
Black Wind
The Coffin Trimmer
Funeral Day
I Think I Will Not Hang Myself Today
Oddments 2011, epub, Crossroad Press
The Highbinders (a Carpenter & Quincannon story)
Wishful Thinking
Shade Work
I Think I Will Not Hang Myself Today
The Man Who Collected "The Shadow"
Out of the Depths
Bank Job
And Then We Went to Venus
Putting the Pieces Back
The Arrowmont Prison Riddle
Caught in the Act
Liar's Dice
The Dispatching of George Ferris
The Big Bite (a "Nameless Detective" story)
More Oddments 2013, epub, Crossroad Press
Fergus O'Hara, Detective
A Craving for Originality
One of Those Cases (A "Nameless Detective" Story)
I Didn't Do It
Quicker Than the Eye (with Michael Kurland)
Angel of Mercy
Mrs. Rakubian
Smuggler's Island
A Taste of Paradise
Under the Skin
Prose Bowl (with Barry N. Malzberg)
All the Long Years 2013, fb2, ISBN: 9781477842171, AmazonEncore
All the Long Years
Lady One-Eye
Doc Christmas, Painless Dentist
McIntosh's Chute
Fyfe and the Drummers
"Give-A-Damn" Jones
The Gambler
Wooden Indian
Not a Lick of Sense
Burgade's Crossing 2013, fb2, ISBN: 9781477842188, AmazonEncore
Burgade's Crossing
Lady One-Eye
Coney Game
The Desert Limited
The Highgraders
No Room at the Inn
The Horseshoe Nail
The Highbinders
Crucifixion River 2010, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-4285-0816-3, Dorchester Publishing (with Marcia Muller)
Crucifixion River
Free Durt
He Said ... She Said
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Irrefutable Evidence
The Carville Ghost
The Dying Time
The Cemetery Man 2014, epub
The Cemetery Man
Toiling in the Fields of the Lord
McIntosh’s Chute
Trade Secret
Meadowlands Spike
The Storm Tunnel
The Hanging Man
Putting the Pieces Back
Man Cave
Out of the Depths
Just Looking
What Happened to Mary?
The Pillars of Salt Affair 1967, fb2
Pumpkin 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-58767-384-9, Cemetery Dance Publications
Here Comes Santa Claus 1989, fb2
Charlie Chan in The Pawns of Death 2002, epub (with Jeffrey Wallmann)
Possibilities 2005, fb2
Devil's Brew 2006, fb2
A Matter of Justice 2008, fb2 (with Barry N. Malzberg)
Burglarproof 2010, fb2
The Body Snatchers 2010, fb2
Eve of Beyond 2011, fb2 (with Barry N. Malzberg)
Son of Gun in Cheek: An Affectionate Guide to More of the "Worst" in Mystery Fiction 2018, epub, ISBN: 9780486817989, Dover Publications


I was sitting tilted back in my office chair, reading one of Russell Dancer’s private eye stories in a 1948 Midnight Detective, when the door opened and Russell Dancer walked in.
Coincidences happen now and then; I knew that as well as anybody after the Carding/Nichols case I had been involved in a few months ago. But they still jar you a little every time. I opened my mouth, closed it again, blinked a couple of times, and then got on my feet as he shut the door.
“Hey there, shamus,” he said. He came through the rail divider, gave the scattered cardboard packing boxes a curious glance, and plopped the briefcase he was carrying down on the visitor’s chair. “Remember me?”
“Remember you? Hell, I was just reading one of your old pulp stories.”
“You kidding?”
“Not a bit.” I held the magazine out for him to look at. “One of the Rex Hannigan novelettes.”
Dancer glanced at the title above the interior illustration, and his sardonic mouth got even more sardonic. ” ‘There’ll be a Hot Crime in the Old Tomb Tonight!’ Frigging editors loved pun titles in those days—the worse the better.”
I said, “Bad title, maybe, but a good story,” as we shook hands.
“If you say so. I wouldn’t recognize a word of it after all these years.”
“Don’t you ever reread your early work?”
“I don’t reread what I wrote six days ago,” he said. “Besides, all my pulps went up in the fire, remember?”
I remembered. It had been almost seven years ago, down the coast a hundred miles or so at a village called Cypress Bay. A woman named Judith Paige had hired me to follow her husband because he kept disappearing on weekends and she suspected he was seeing another woman. Paige led me to Cypress Bay—and straight into a nasty triple murder that revolved around tangled relationships out of the past and a twenty-year-old paperback mystery written by Dancer. The novel, through no fault of his own, had almost cost him his life—no doubt would have if he’d been home at his beach shack, instead of celebrating the completion of his latest Western with a bottle and a woman, the night it was deliberately set ablaze.
. . .

Chapter 1

The cable car clattered downhill on Sutter Street, toward where the lamps lining Market shone a blurred yellow through the rain-damp night. One of the lighted buildings below was the Reception Saloon; but Quincannon, riding outside in spite of the weather, paid no attention to its beckoning glow. Once he would have marked the nearness of the Reception with keen anticipation, but for almost a year now he had done his public drinking in Hoolihan’s Irish Pub, south of Market, where the liquor was cheaper and the patrons more interested in their drinks than in their drinking companions.
When the car slowed for its Market Street terminus, Quincannon dropped off. It was a chill night, with a sharp wind that slashed in from the Bay, and he drew up the collar of his greatcoat. But he scarcely felt the cold. The whiskey he had taken in his rooms on Leavenworth still warmed him like a banked fire.
He walked swiftly through the light rain, down Market in the direction of the Ferry Building — a big man, dark-haired under his derby hat, with a heavy gray-shot beard and an unsmiling countenance that gave him, falsely, the look of a freebooter. It was a weeknight, just before nine o’clock, and traffic was sparse: a few pedestrians hurrying from one saloon to another, a pair of lighted trolleys passing nearby, a lone hack looking for a fare, two or three carriages with their side-curtains drawn. From somewhere on the Bay, a foghorn gave its lonesome cry. A poor night for ships, a worse one for men like himself, out on business and mostly sober.
. . .
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