Saari, Oliver - Fiction Collected / Саари, Оливер - Cобрание сочинений [2020, epub, ENG]

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Oliver Saari - Собрание сочинений

Год выпуска: 2020
Автор: Saari, Oliver / Саари, Оливер
Издательство: Jerry eBooks
Формат: epub
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Оливер Саари (Oliver Saari, 22 марта 1918 г. - 25 января 2000 г.) - американский писатель-фантаст и инженер.
Родился в Финляндии, в 1927 году его семья эмигрировала в США. С 1937 по 1954 г. опубликовал почти 2 десятка НФ рассказов. Более известен, как инженер, придумавший трансмиссии Spiroid.
The Stellar Exodus
Two Sane Men
The Time Bender
Around Infinity
Sigma Lyra Passes
Secret of the Crypt
Under the Sand-Seas
The Life Jewel
The Shadowless World
The Door
Sitting Duck
The Intruder
The Space Man
Moon Dust
The Intruder

To have an exact duplicate of yourself show up and take over your business, your wife? . . . brother, it’s murder!

THE first thing Baldwin felt was the cool pressure of the inhalator cone against his face. Sluggishly his thoughts unwound from a soft, sticky darkness. He’d been asleep—no!—he’d been drugged! He breathed deeply and let the sweet-smelling antidote fill his lungs.
Images solidified: first the pretty face of the stewardess, then the room. A private room, of course, for him . . . Memory returned, and with it a consciousness of regret. Regret that the Ultrabeam Jump was sensually so unpleasant as to make anesthesia necessary. There was a certain loss of dignity in being doped and bundled about like a piece of luggage . . . Still, a day’s drugged sleep was a small price to pay for spanning the gulf between the stars.
“You should lie down and rest awhile, Sir,” said the stewardess.
Noting a nervous, hesitant quality to her voice, Baldwin looked at her more attentively. What was there in her manner that made him uneasy? She seemed too scared, too unsure of herself . . .
He was not on the ship.
. . .
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