Wynorski, Jim (ed) - They Came from Outer Space / Уайнорски, Джим (ред.) - Они пришли из космоса [1981, EPUB, ENG]

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Jim Wynorski (ed) - They Came from Outer Space

Название: They Came from Outer Space / Они пришли из космоса
Год выпуска: 1981
Под редакцией: Wynorski, Jim / Уайнорски, Джим
Издательство: Doubleday
ISBN: 0-385-18502-2
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (Jerry)
Язык: английский

Антология составлена из произведений, по которым были сняты известные фантастические фильмы
Dr. Cyclops / Доктор Циклоп by Henry Kuttner
Who Goes There? / «Кто ты?» by John W. Campbell, Jr.
Farewell to the Master by Harry Bates
The Fog Horn / Ревун by Ray Bradbury
Deadly City by Paul W. Fairman (as by Ivar Jorgensen)
The Alien Machine by Raymond F. Jones
The Cosmic Frame by Paul W. Fairman
The Fly / Муха by George Langelaan
The Seventh Victim / Седьмая жертва by Robert Sheckley
The Sentinel / Часовой by Arthur C. Clarke
The Racer by Ib Melchior
A Boy and His Dog / Парень и его пёс by Harlan Ellison
by George Langelaan

filmed as
(Twentieth Century-Fox, 1958)

TELEPHONES and telephone bells have always made me uneasy. Years ago, when they were mostly wall fixtures, I disliked them, hut nowadays, when they are planted in every nook and corner, they are a downright intrusion. We have a saying in France that a coalman is master in his own house; with the telephone that is no longer true, and I suspect that even the Englishman is no longer king in his own castle.
At the office, the sudden ringing of the telephone annoys me. It means that, no matter what I am doing, in spite of the switchboard operator, in spite of my secretary, in spite of doors and walls, some unknown person is coming into the room and onto my desk to talk right into my very ear, confidentially—whether I like it or not. At home, the feeling is still more disagreeable, but the worst is when the telephone rings in the dead of night. If anyone could see me turn on the light and get up blinking to answer it, I suppose I would look like any other sleepy man annoyed at being disturbed. The truth in such a case, however, is that I am struggling against panic, fighting down a feeling that a stranger has broken into the house and is in my bedroom. By the time I manage to grab the receiver and say: “Id Monsieur Delambre. Je vous e’coute,” I am outwardly calm, but I only get back to a more normal state when I recognize the voice at the other end and when I know what is wanted of me.
This effort at dominating a purely animal reaction and fear had become so effective that when my sister-in-law called me at two in the morning, asking me to come over, but first to warn the police that she had just killed my brother, I quietly asked her how and why she had killed André.
. . .
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