Stone, Leslie F. - Collected Tales / Стоун, Лесли Ф. - Cобрание сочинений [2020, epub, ENG]

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Leslie F. Stone - Собрание сочинений

Год выпуска: 2020
Автор: Stone, Leslie F. / Стоун, Лесли Ф.
Издательство: Jerry eBooks
Формат: epub
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Лесли Ф. Стоун (Leslie F. Stone, настоящее имя - Leslie Francis Silverberg, 8 июня 1905 г. - 21 марта 1991 г.) - американская писательница, одна из первых американских женщин - авторов НФ.
Ее предупреждали, что не только многие издатели, но и немало читателей не слишком хорошо принимают авторов-женщин, тем не менее она предложила свой рассказ "Men With Wings" Хьюго Гернсбеку и он был напечатан в июльском номере "Air Wonder Stories" 1929 года. Следом, в августовском и сентябрьском выпусках "Amazing Stories" появился ее роман "Out of the Void". Присательская карьера Лесли Ф. Стоун продолжалась до 1940 года.
Самое известное ее произведение - рассказ "The Conquest of Gola" попал в немалое число антологий фантастики.
Men with Wings
Out of the Void (Part I)
Out of the Void (Part II)
Letter of the Twenty-Fourth Century
Through the Veil
Women with Wings
Across the Void (Part I)
The Conquest of Gola / Завоевание Голы
Across the Void (Part II)
Across the Void (Part III)
The Hell Planet
The Man Who Fought a Fly
Gulliver, 3000 A.D.
The Rape of the Solar System
Cosmic Joke
The Man with Four Dimensional Eyes
When the Flame-Flowers Blossomed
The Fall of Mercury
The Human Pets of Mars / Люди - домашние животные Марса
The Great Ones
Death Dallies Awhile
Gravity Off!
The Conquest of Gola

How the strange people of Gola repelled the barbarians who came to conquer

AMERICANS are fond of ridiculing the customs, habits and temperaments of people of other nations. Similarly other nations pick our peculiarities as a source of amusement. We all think that what we do, think or say is natural and inevitable, and that the actions of others are “queer”.
Similarly if we were to travel to a strange world, and find different forms of intelligent life, we would be monstrosities to those people, as much as they would be to us. We would find it more difficult than we imagine to even establish the most elementary form of communication, because our mental processes would have practically nothing in common. That is all assuming that our mission is friendly. But if it is hostile, there is no doubt but that our career on that strange world, would be, as our author shows here, short and sweet. Here is a different and unusual story that you cannot help but enjoy and chuckle over.

HOLA, my daughters (sighed the Matriarch) it is true indeed, I am the only living one upon Gola who remembers the invasion from Detaxal, I alone of all my generation survive to recall vividly the sights and scenes of that past era. And well it is that you come to me to hear by free communication of mind to mind face to face with each other.
Ah, well I remember the surprise of that hour when through the mists that enshroud our lovely world, there swam the first of the great smooth cylinders of the Detaxalans, fifty tas in length, as glistening and silvery as the soil of our land, propelled by the man-things that on Detaxal are supreme even as we women are supreme on Gola.
In those bygone days, as now, Gola was enwrapped by her cloud mists that keep from us the terrific glare of the great star that glows like a malignant spirit out there in the darkness of the void. Only occasionally when a particularly great storm parts the mist of heaven do we see the wonders of the vast universe, but that does not prevent us, with our marvelous telescopes handed down to us from thousands of generations before us, from learning what lies across the dark seas of the outside.
. . .
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