Aldiss, Brian (ed.) - Perilous Planets / Олдисс, Брайан (ред.) - Опасные планеты [1980, EPUB, ENG]

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Aldiss, Brian (ed.) - Perilous Planets

Название: Perilous Planets / Опасные планеты
Год выпуска: 1980
Под редакцией: Aldiss, Brian / Олдисс, Брайан
Издательство: Avon
ISBN: 0-380-47100-0
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (сканирование, распознавание, форматирование и вычитка - Jerry)
Язык: английский

Посадка на планету. За стеклом шлема - неизвестная, неисследованная планета, где еще не вступал человек. Пройдитесь по обращенной к Солнцу стороне Меркурия; встретьтесь с людьми-ящерами, которые убивают своих лишних женщин; укройтесь с телепатическими Квогами во время их невероятного муссона; посмотрите на гранитную богиню, икону, огромную, как континент.
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by Robert Sheckley

Cordovir and Hum stood on the rocky mountain-top, watching the new thing happen. Both felt rather good about it. It was undoubtedly the newest thing that had happened for some time.
“By the way the sunlight glints from it,” Hum said, “I’d say it is made of metal.”
“I’ll accept that,” Cordovir said, “but what holds it up in the air?”
They both stared intently down to the valley where the new thing was happening. A pointed object was hovering over the ground. From one end of it poured a substance resembling fire.
“It’s balancing on the fire,” Hum said. “That should be apparent even to your old eyes.”
Cordovir lifted himself higher on his thick tail, to get a better look. The object settled to the ground and the fire stopped.
“Shall we go down and have a closer look?” Hum asked.
“All right. I think we have time—wait! What day is this?”
Hum calculated silently, then said, “The fifth day of Luggat.”
“Damn!” Cordovir said. “I have to go home and kill my wife.”
. . .
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