Pelan, John (ed.) - The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique / Пилан, Джон (ред.) - Последний континент: новые предания Зотика [1999, EPUB, ENG]

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John Pelan (ed.) - The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique

Название: The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique / Последний континент: новые предания Зотика
Год выпуска: 1999
Под редакцией: Pelan, John / Пилан, Джон
Издательство: ShadowLands Press/Bereshith Publishing
ISBN: 0-9665662-4-6
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский

Антология в честь Кларка Эштона Смита, состоящая из трибьютов к его творчеству.
Introduction: Grim News from the Far Future by Donald Sidney-Fryer
To Wake the Dead in Nypholos by Gerard Houarner
The Decibel Circus by Rhys Hughes
The Benevolent Emperor by Brian McNaughton
Where the Past Lay Buried by David B. Silva
Temple of Captured Gods by David Niall Wilson
The Connoisseur of Corpses by Dan Clore
The Vainglorious Simulacrum of Mungha Sorcyllamia by Mark McLaughlin
The Scarlet Succubus by Edward Lee and John Pelan
Hode of the High Place by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Serenade at the End of Time by Don Webb
Blue Roses, Red, Red Wine by T. Winter-Damon
A Traveler in Desert Lands by Gene Wolfe
Jolerarymi's Rose by Geoff Cooper
The Judgement of Tsara by Polagaya Fine
Ashes of Longing, Ashes of Lust by Lucy Taylor
Love & Death at the End of the World by Mark Chadbourn
The Leper King by Charlee Jacob
The Light of Achernar by Brian Stableford
The Triumph of the Worm by Henrik Johnsson
Gene Wolfe

He, coming up from the south as fate would have it, chanced to see a woman with a water jar upon her head. He was a courteous man, and sorely thirsty; tapping the knees of his camel, he made it crouch in the soft and shifting dust of the lost town of the dead before he asked for a drink.
“You would honor me by drinking,” the woman with the jar said, “and by filling whatever skins and bottles you may have. If you empty my jar,” her face convulsed as if to dislodge some brass-backed carrion fly that none but she could see, “it is a matter of no moment, for I can easily refill it at our well.”
The traveler accepted the jar (which was gray-green and of ancient appearance) from her hands, put it to his lips, and slaked his thirst, drinking deep. When at last he returned it to her half emptied, he said, “I have five large canteens, and would like to water my camel, if that is permissible. If you will show me where your well is, I will take care of these things myself.”
Replacing the jar upon her head, the woman nodded, turned without a word, and walked away. She was a very tall woman, both slender and emaciated, and there had been (the traveler thought) a touch of fever in her eyes.
. . .
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