Norton, Andre (ed.) - Space Police / Нортон, Андрэ (ред.) - Космическая полиция [1956, EPUB, ENG]

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Andre Norton (ed.) - Space Police

Название: Space Police / Космическая полиция
Год выпуска: 1956
Под редакцией: Norton, Andre / Нортон, Андрэ
Издательство: World Publishing Co.
Формат: EPUB
Качество: OCR (весьма хорошо вычитано)
Язык: английский

Антология Андрэ Нортон о космической полиции и, разумеется, о космических преступниках ...
Foreword by Andre Norton
Bait by Roy L. Clough, Jr.
The Closed Door by Kendell Foster Crossen
Beep / «Би-и-ип!» by James Blish
Of Those Who Came by Francis G. Rayer
Police Operation / Полицейская операция by H. Beam Piper
Pax Galactica by Ralph Williams
Tough Old Man by L. Ron Hubbard
Agent of Vega / Агент Веги by James H. Schmitz
The Sub-Standard Sardines / Некондиционные сардины by Jack Vance
The Sub-Standard Sardines

Banish evil from the world? Nonsense! Encourage it, foster it, sponsor it. The world owes Evil a debt beyond imagination. Think! Without greed ambition falters. Without vanity art becomes idle musing. Without cruelty benevolence lapses to passivity. Superstition has shamed man into self-reliance and, without stupidity, where would be the savor of superior understanding?

MAGNUS RIDOLPH lay on a deck-chair, a green and orange umbrella bearing the brunt of the African sunlight. The table beside him supported a smouldering cigar, Shemmlers News Discussions turned face downward, a glass containing ice and a squeezed half-lime. In short, a picture of relaxation, idyllic peace … The transgraf clanged from within.
After a restless interval Magnus Ridolph arose, entered the apartment, took the message from the rack. It read:
Dear Magnus,
My chef’s report on tomorrow’s dinner—broiled grouse with truffles and compote of Marchisand cherries, Queen Persis salad, Sirius Fifth artichokes. A subsidiary report of my own—wines from three planets, including an incredible Fragence claret, a final course of canned sardines.
If you are free, I’d like your verdict on the menu—especially the sardines, which are unusual.
Joel Karamor.
. . .
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