Elliott, Kate / Эллиот, Кейт - Собрание сочинений (48 произведений) [1992-2023, fb2/epub, ENG]

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Kate Elliott - Собрание сочинений

Годы выпуска: 1992-2023 г.
Автор: Elliott, Kate / Эллиот, Кейт
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook

Кейт Эллиот (Kate Elliott - псевдоним, настоящее имя - Rasmussen, Alis A., р. 27 июля 1958 г.) - американская писательница.
Свой первый роман она сочинила еще учась в школе. Потом написала еще четыре штуки, но лишь пятый, «The Labyrinth Gate», был принят издателем и вышел в 1988.
Первые ее книги, уже названный «The Labyrinth Gate» и трилогия «Highroad» издавались под настоящем именем — Элис Расмуссен. А в 1992 году в издательстве «DAW Books» вышел первый роман Кейт Эллиот — «Jaran», начавший одноимённый цикл, действие которого происходит в гипотетическом будущем, рассказывает об изменениях в культуре кочевников Jaran, произошедших после их первого контакта с намного более технологически развитым обществом Земли. Сама писательница описала первый роман цикла как «встречу Джейн Остин с Чингисханом в фантастических декорациях».
У Элис коричневый пояс в карате-шотокан. Она занималась историческим фехтованием и может, не кривя душой, сказать, что впервые встретила своего будущего мужа в схватке на мечах. Ее муж — Джей Силверстейн, археолог, специалист по Мезоамерике. Они путешествовали по Европе, долго жили в Мексике (где исследовали древние города) и объездили Соединенные Штаты.
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Chapter One

“I wept and I wailed when I saw the unfamiliar land.”

A SPARK FLEW, SPIRALING upward from the massive frame of the new Port Authority building. Its fiery light winked out against the heavy plastic pane that separated the deep pit of the construction bay from the temporary spaceport offices.
Two young women sat on a padded bench by the huge overlook. One, black-skinned and black-haired, watched the work below. The second, looking pale and light-haired mostly in contrast to her companion, studied the words she had just typed into her hand-held computer slate. She frowned.
“What are you writing, Tess?” asked the first, turning back to her friend. Then she grinned. “Sweet Goddess, what language is that in?”
Tess tapped save and clear and the words vanished. “Just practicing.” She shrugged. “That was late American English. It’s only about 300 years old, so you could probably puzzle it out given time. I built in a translation program. Here’s how the same thing would look in classical Latin.” Words appeared again. “Ophiuchi-Sei.” The letters shifted to a fluid script. “And here’s court Chapalii. Formal Chapalii. And colloquial enscribed Chapalii. You’ll notice how the glyphs differ in written form only in the tails and in the angling of the curve—”
“You are nervous, aren’t you? What if the captain refuses you passage?”
“He won’t refuse,” muttered Tess. She brushed her hand across the screen, clearing it. “And steward class Chapalii of course has no enscribed counterpart at all, so I’ve transcribed it into Anglais characters. What do you think, Soje? It’s an act of rebellion, you know, for stewards to write.”
Sojourner lifted her brows questioningly and glanced out at the new port building rising behind them along alien lines. Along Chapalii lines. “Is that why the chameleons think we humans are barbarians? Because we allow everyone to write?”
Tess laughed. “That doesn’t help. No, because our spoken tongue and written tongue are the same, and a standard. Because we’re too egalitarian. Because we’re so young, as a species, as a culture, compared to them.”
. . .
Part One

The whole business stank of rotting fish.
From his position braced high in the branches of a sprawling lancewood tree that overlooked an unremarkable trail cutting through forested hills, Kellas felt the familiar warning itch between his shoulder blades. Something about this ambush wasn’t going to go right, and yet he had a job to do and a secret to hide and no choice except to stick it out to the end. If those cursed smugglers didn’t show up, he’d be no closer to the truth than he had been a month ago when he’d joined this company of Black Wolves on the hunt for a traitor in their ranks.
A breeze blew into his face off the nearest height but he smelled nothing except the dense scent of vegetation and the memory of rain. Birds had long ago resumed their chatter and song, no longer disturbed by the presence of six men.
The soldiers had set up an ambush point at dawn. They’d been slipped information that stolen goods would be smuggled down this specific trail under the guard of a demon and its armed confederates. The subcadre commander, Denni, had picked this spot because of the sprawling canopy of the lancewood tree and a flat patch of ground where they’d been able to dig a pit. By now it was midafternoon.
Kellas’s vantage in the tree allowed him to study his companions hidden in the surrounding undergrowth. He was certain one of the other five was the disloyal Wolf leaking information to the very outlaws they were meant to capture.
Which one?
. . .
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