Stross, Charles / Стросс, Чарльз - Собрание сочинений (69 произведений) [1987-2018, fb2/epub, ENG]

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Charles Stross - Собрание сочинений

Годы выпуска: 1987-2018 г.
Автор: Stross, Charles / Стросс, Чарльз
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook

Чарльз Стросс (Stross, Charles David George, р. 18 октября 1964 г.) - британский писатель-фантаст.
Произведения Стросса разнятся от научной фантастики до ужасов в стиле Лавкрафта и фэнтези. Его часто относят к так называемому «новому поколению» британских фантастов (включающему также Аластера Рейнольдса, Кена Маклауда и Лиз Уильямс), которые специализируются на жёсткой НФ и космических операх. В качестве своих источников вдохновения он называет Вернора Винджа, Нила Стивенсона, Уильяма Гибсона и Брюса Стерлинга (и много других писателей в жанрах «киберпанк» и «посткиберпанк»).
Первый рассказ Чарльза «The Boys» появился в 1987 году (в журнале «Interzone»). Его первый роман «Scratch Monkey», написанный им в 1993 году, не был опубликован из-за разногласий с издателем, следующий роман «The Atrocity Archive» был напечатан в виде глав (в журнале «Spectrum SF») и, таким образом, первой полноценной книгой стал сборник «Toast: And Other Rusted Futures» в 2002 году.
Многие рассказы Стросса были номинированы на премии Hugo, Nebula, Asimov's Reader Poll, Sturgeon, British SF и Locus. Повесть «The Concrete Jungle» выиграла премию Hugo в 2005 году (номинация «Лучшая новелла»). Роман «Акселерандо» получил премию Locus в 2006 году (номинация «Лучший роман НФ») и номинировался на премии John W. Campbell Memorial и Hugo.
01 Halting State 2007, fb2/epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-441-01498-9, Ace Books
02 Rule 34 2011, fb2; 2011, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-101-51664-5, Ace Books
01 The Atrocity Archive 2006, fb2; 2006, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-1012-0884-7, Ace Books
The Atrocity Archive
The Concrete Jungle
02 The Jennifer Morgue 2006, fb2; 2009, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-440-66067-2, Ace Books
The Jennifer Morgue
03 The Fuller Memorandum 2010, fb2; 2010, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-101-45615-6, Ace Books
04 The Apocalypse Codex 2012, fb2; 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-101-58113-1, Ace Books
05 The Rhesus Chart 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-698-14028-8, Ace Books
06 The Annihilation Score 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-698-19525-7, Ace Books
07 The Nightmare Stacks 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-698-19527-1, Ace Books
08 The Delirium Brief 2017, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-7653-9467-5, Tor.com
09 The Labyrinth Index 2018, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-250-19607-1, Tor.com
Three Tales from the Laundry Files 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-4668-7246-2, Tor.com
Down on the Farm
Роман Accelerando составлен из ранее опубликованных рассказов Lobsters, Troubador, Tourist, Halo, Router, Nightfall, Curator, Elector, and Survivor.
Accelerando / Акселерандо 2005, fb2; 2006, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-1012-0847-2, Ace Books
Rogue Farm / Бродячая ферма 2003, fb2;
Glasshouse 2006, fb2; 2006, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-1012-0859-5, Ace Books
01 Saturn's Children 2008, fb2, ISBN: 0-441-01594-8, Ace Books; 2008, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-4406-3484-0, Ace Books
02 Neptune's Brood 2013, fb2; 2013, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-101-62453-1, Ace Books
Bit Rot 2010, fb2
01 Singularity Sky / Небо сингулярности 2003, fb2; 2011, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-101-05791-9, Ace Books
02 Iron Sunrise / Железный рассвет 2004, fb2; 2005, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-1012-0835-9, Ace Books
01 The Family Trade / Семейное дело 2005, fb2, ISBN: 0-765-34821-7, Tor
02 The Hidden Family / Тайная семья 2005, fb2
The Bloodline Feud 2013, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-230-77173-4, Tor UK
Книги явно не выделены; части 1-5 - 1-я книга, части 6-10 - 2-я
01 The Family Trade / Семейное дело
02 The Hidden Family / Тайная семья
03 The Clan Corporate 2006, fb2
04 The Merchants' War 2007, fb2
The Traders' War 2013, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-230-77176-5, Tor UK
Книги явно не выделены; Книга 3 заканчивается главой "INTERRUPTION", книга 4 начинается с главы "After the Wedding Party"
03 The Clan Corporate
04 The Merchants' War
05 The Revolution Business 2009, fb2
06 The Trade of Queens 2010, fb2
The Revolution Trade 2013, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-230-77177-2, Tor UK
Книги явно не выделены; Книга 5 заканчивается главой "Coup", книга 6 начинается с главы "Northwoods"
05 The Revolution Business
06 The Trade of Queens
07 Empire Games 2017, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-4668-3516-0, Tor
08 Dark State 2018, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-4668-3517-7, Tor
01 Ancient of Days 1992, fb2
02 Red, Hot and Dark 1993, fb2
Scratch Monkey 2011, epub
The Rapture of the Nerds 2012, fb2/epub (with Cory Doctorow)
Toast 2006, epub, ISBN: 0-8095-5603-0, Cosmos Books / Wildside Press
Antibodies / Антитела
Bear Trap / Медвежий капкан
Extracts from the Club Diary
A Colder War / Очень холодная война
TOAST: A Con Report
Ship of Fools / Корабль дураков
Dechlorinating the Moderator
Yellow Snow
Big Brother Iron
Wireless 2009, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-101-08156-3, Ace Books
Missile Gap
Rogue Farm / Бродячая ферма
A Colder War / Очень холодная война
MAXOS (= MAXO Signals) / МАКСОП-сигналы
Down on the Farm
Unwirer (with Cory Doctorow)
Snowball's Chance
Trunk and Disorderly / Хобот и Неразбериха
Palimpsest / Палимпсест
The Boys 1987, epub
The Reavers and the Dead 1989, fb2
Generation Gap 1989, epub
Monastery of Death / Монастырь Смерти 1990, epub
Something Sweet 1991, fb2 (with Simon Ings)
SEAQ and Destroy 1991, epub
Examination Night 1992, epub
The Midlist Bombers 1992, epub
Tarkovsky's Cut 1993, fb2 (with Simon Ings)
A Boy and His God 1997, epub
Jury Service 2002, epub (with Cory Doctorow)
Flowers from Alice 2003, fb2
Appeals Court 2004, epub (with Cory Doctorow)
Remade 2005, fb2
Minutes of the Labour Party Conference, 2016 2007, epub
Different Flesh 2011, fb2
A Tall Tail 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-4668-2892-6, Tor.com

the day war was declared, a rain of telephones fell clattering to the cobblestones from the skies above Novy Petrograd. Some of them had half melted in the heat of re-entry; others pinged and ticked, cooling rapidly in the postdawn chill. An inquisitive pigeon hopped close, head cocked to one side; it pecked at the shiny case of one such device, then fluttered away in alarm when it beeped. A tinny voice spoke: “Hello? Will you entertain us?”
The Festival had come to Rochard’s World.
A skinny street urchin was one of the first victims of the assault on the economic integrity of the New Republic’s youngest colony world. Rudi—nobody knew his patronymic, or indeed his father—spotted one of the phones lying in the gutter of a filthy alleyway as he went about his daily work, a malodorous sack wrapped around his skinny shoulders like a soldier’s bedroll. The telephone lay on the chipped stones, gleaming like polished gunmetal: he glanced around furtively before picking it up, in case the gentleman who must have dropped it was still nearby. When it chirped he nearly dropped it out of fear: a machine! Machines were upper-class and forbidden, guarded by the grim faces and gray uniforms of authority. Nevertheless, if he brought it home to Uncle Schmuel, there might be good eating: better than he could buy with the proceeds of the day’s sackful of dog turds for the tannery. He turned it over in his hands, wondering how to shut it up, and a tinny voice spoke: “Hello? Will you entertain us?”
Rudi nearly dropped the phone and ran, but curiosity held him back for a moment: “Why?”
. . .
Part 1
Pink Slip


Ten and a half hours before a mounted knight with a machine gun tried to kill her, tech journalist Miriam Beckstein lost her job. Before the day was out, her pink slip would set in train a chain of events that would topple governments, trigger civil wars, and kill thousands. It would be the biggest scoop in her career, in any journalist’s career—bigger than Watergate, bigger than 9/11—and it would be Miriam’s story. But as of seven o’clock in the morning, the story lay in her future: All she knew was that it was a rainy Monday morning in October, she had a job to do and copy to write, and there was an editorial meeting scheduled for ten.

The sky was the colour of a dead laptop display, silver-gray and full of rain. Miriam yawned and came awake to the Monday morning babble of the anchorman on her alarm radio.
“—Bombing continues in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, in business news, the markets are down forty-seven points on the word that Cisco is laying off another three thousand employees,” announced the anchor. “Ever since 9/11, coming on top of the collapse of the dot-com sector, their biggest customers are hunkering down. Tom, how does it look from where you’re sitting—”
“Shut up,” she mumbled and killed the volume. “I don’t want to hear this.” Most of the tech sector was taking a beating. Which in turn meant that The Industry Weatherman’s readers—venture capitalists and high-tech entrepreneurs, along with the wannabe day traders—would be taking a beating. Her own beat, the biotech firms, were solid, but the collapsing internet sector was making waves. If something didn’t happen to relieve the plummeting circulation figures soon, there would be trouble.
Trouble. Monday. “I’ll give you trouble,” she muttered, face forming a grin that might have frightened some of those readers, had they been able to see it. “Trouble is my middle name.” And trouble was good news, for a senior reporter on The Industry Weatherman.
. . .
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Stross, Charles - Jury Service - 2002.epub
Stross, Charles - Appeals Court - 2004.epub
Stross, Charles - Different Flesh - 2011.fb2
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