Clarke, Neil (ed.) - Galactic Empires / Кларк, Нил (ред.) - Галактические империи [2017, EPUB, ENG]

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Neil Clarke (ed.) - Galactic Empires

Название: Galactic Empires / Галактические империи
Год выпуска: 2017
Под редакцией: Clarke, Neil / Кларк, Нил
Издательство: Night Shade Books
eISBN: 978-1-59780-617-6
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

Галактические империи - давняя тема НФ. В этой антологии - произведения 21 века
Introduction: What's Going On Out There? by Neil Clarke
Winning Peace by Paul J. McAuley
Night's Slow Poison / Медленный яд ночи by Ann Leckie
All the Painted Stars by Gwendolyn Clare
Firstborn / Первенец by Brandon Sanderson
Riding the Crocodile / Оседлав крокодила by Greg Egan
The Lost Princess Man by John Barnes
The Waiting Stars by Aliette de Bodard
Alien Archeology / Находка в песках by Neal Asher
The Muse of Empires Lost by Paul M. Berger
Ghostweight by Yoon Ha Lee
A Cold Heart by Tobias S. Buckell
The Colonel Returns to the Stars by Robert Silverberg
The Impossibles / Невозможные by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Utriusque Cosmi by Robert Charles Wilson
Section Seven by Jack Campbell (as by John G. Hemry)
Invisible Empire of Ascending Light by Ken Scholes
The Man with the Golden Balloon by Robert Reed
Looking Through Lace by Ruth Nestvold
A Letter from the Emperor / Письмо императора by Steve Rasnic Tem
The Wayfarer's Advice by Melinda M. Snodgrass
Seven Years from Home / В семи годах от дома by Naomi Novik
Verthandi's Ring / Кольцо Верданди by Ian McDonald

Greg Egan


In their ten thousand, three hundred and ninth year of marriage, Leila and Jasim began contemplating death. They had known love, raised children, and witnessed the flourishing generations of their offspring. They had traveled to a dozen worlds and lived among a thousand cultures. They had educated themselves many times over, proved theorems, and acquired and abandoned artistic sensibilities and skills. They had not lived in every conceivable manner, far from it, but what room would there be for the multitude if each individual tried to exhaust the permutations of existence? There were some experiences, they agreed, that everyone should try, and others that only a handful of people in all of time need bother with. They had no wish to give up their idiosyncrasies, no wish to uproot their personalities from the niches they had settled in long ago, let alone start cranking mechanically through some tedious enumeration of all the other people they might have been. They had been themselves, and for that they had done, more or less, enough.
. . .
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