Davis, Hank (ed.) - Future Wars ... and Other Punchlines / Дэвис, Хэнк (ред.) - Войны будущего ... и другие приколы [2015, EPUB, ENG]

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Hank Davis (ed.) - Future Wars ... and Other Punchlines

Название: Future Wars ... and Other Punchlines / Войны будущего ... и другие приколы
Год выпуска: 2015
Под редакцией: Davis, Hank / Дэвис, Хэнк
Издательство: Baen
ISBN: 978-1-62579-439-0
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

Punchline примерно означает "место в анекдоте, после которого начинают смеяться". То есть, эта антология - боевая фантастика, но с юмором.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Martian Front essay by Hank Davis
The Abominable Earthman by Frederik Pohl
Honorable Opponent / Достойный противник by Clifford D. Simak
Sentry / Дозорный by Fredric Brown
And Then There Was Peace by Gordon R. Dickson
Fool's Mate / Мат by Robert Sheckley
Airborne All the Way! by David Drake
Mr. Jester / Господин Шут by Fred Saberhagen
Custer's Last Jump by Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop
Project Hush / Проект «Тсс» by William Tenn
The Day They Got Boston by Herbert Gold
The Gentle Earth by Christopher Anvil
Who Goes Boing? by Sarah A. Hoyt
Historical Note by Murray Leinster
Into Each Life Some Periwinkles Must Fall by Hank Davis
Success Story by Earl Goodale
The Specter General by Theodore R. Cogswell
Airborne All The Way!

by David Drake

Crewgoblin Dumber Than #3 stared with his usual look of puzzlement as labor goblins unrolled Balloon Prima. He scratched his chain mail jockstrap and said to Dog Squat, the balloon chief, “I dunno, boss.”
Dog Squat rolled her eyes expressively and muttered, “Mana give me strength!” She glanced covertly to see if Roxanne was watching what balloon chiefs had to put up with, but the senior thaumaturge was involved with the team of dragon wranglers bringing the whelp into position in front of the coal pile.
Dog Squat glowered at her four crewgoblins. “Well, what don’t you know?” she snarled. “What is there to know? We go up, we throw rocks down. You like to throw rocks, Number Three?”
“I like to bite them,” said Dumber Than #1. “Will we be able to bite them, Dog Squat?”
. . .
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