Lackey, Mercedes (ed.) - Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 / Лэки, Мерседес (ред.) - Витрина премии Небьюла 2016 [2016, epub, ENG]

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Lackey, Mercedes (ed.) - Nebula Awards Showcase 2016

Название: Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 / Витрина премии Небьюла 2016
Год выпуска: 2016
Под редакцией: Lackey, Mercedes / Лэки, Мерседес
Издательство: Pyr
ISBN: 978-1-63388-139-6
Формат: epub
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский

Основу антологии составили произведения, номинированные на премию «Небьюла» 2014 года.
Introduction by Mercedes Lackey
About The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
About the Nebula Awards
2014 Nebula Awards Ballot
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Past Nebula Award Winners

The moon came up and the sun went down. The moonbeams went shattering down to the ground and the jackalope wives took off their skins and danced.
They danced like young deer pawing the ground, they danced like devils let out of hell for the evening. They swung their hips and pranced and drank their fill of cactus-fruit wine.
They were shy creatures, the jackalope wives, though there was nothing shy about the way they danced. You could go your whole life and see no more of them than the flash of a tail vanishing around the backside of a boulder. If you were lucky, you might catch a whole line of them outlined against the sky, on the top of a bluff, the shadow of horns rising off their brows.
And on the half-moon, when new and full were balanced across the saguaro’s thorns, they’d come down to the desert and dance.
The young men used to get together and whisper, saying they were gonna catch them a jackalope wife. They’d lay belly down at the edge of the bluff and look down on the fire and the dancing shapes—and they’d go away aching, for all the good it did them.
For the jackalope wives were shy of humans. Their lovers were jackrabbits and antelope bucks, not human men. You couldn’t even get too close or they’d take fright and run away. One minute you’d see them kicking their heels up and hear them laugh, then the music would freeze and they’d all look at you with their eyes wide and their ears upswept.
The next second, they’d snatch up their skins and there’d be nothing left but a dozen skinny she-rabbits running off in all directions, and a campfire left that wouldn’t burn out ‘til morning.
. . .
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