Macdonald, Ross / Макдональд, Росс - Собрание сочинений (51 произведение) [1944-2015, fb2/epub, ENG]

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Ross Macdonald / Росс Макдональд - Собрание сочинений

Годы выпуска: 1944-2015 г.
Автор: Macdonald, Ross / Макдональд, Росс
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook

Росс Макдоналд (Ross Macdonald, настоящее имя - Kenneth Millar, 1915-12-13 - 1983-07-11) - американский писатель, чьё творчество считается наивысшим достижением школы "крутого" детектива, классикой этого направления.
Начал писать в середине сороковых и под собственным именем опубликовал 4 романа. В 1949 году в литературном мире появились две новых личности - автор детективных романов Росс Макдональд (под этим псевдонимом Миллар дебютировал романом "Живая мишень") и частный сыщик Лу Арчер, герой этого и последующих 17 романов и нескольких рассказов. Уникальность этой серии детективных романов в том, что бестселлеры Макдональда практически сразу вошли в учебные программы американских колледжей. Английская критика назвала романы Макдональда "фундаментальным вкладом в детективную литературу". Для творчества Росса Макдональда характерны как черты "крутого" детектива, так и серьезный психологический анализ криминогенных взаимоотношений людей различного социального и нравственного уровня.
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03 The Way Some People Die / Как некоторые умирают 1951, fb2; 2011, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77286-2, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
04 The Ivory Grin (= Marked for Murder) / Мертвый оскал 1952, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77287-9, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
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13 Black Money / Грязные деньги 1966, fb2; 2011, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-75956-6, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
14 The Instant Enemy / Притаившийся враг 1968, fb2; 2011, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77290-9, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
15 The Goodbye Look / Прощальный взгляд 1969, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77262-6, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
16 The Underground Man / Погребённый 1971, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77314-2, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
17 Sleeping Beauty / Спящая красавица 1973, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77263-3, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
18 The Blue Hammer / Голубой молоточек 1976, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-77349-4, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
The Archer Files: The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer, Private Investigator 2015, epub, eISBN: 9781101910139, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
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    • Find the Woman / Ищите женщину
    • Death by Water / Отравление водой (вместо Джо Роджерса - Лью Арчер)
    • The Bearded Lady / Бородатая леди
    • Strangers in Town / Чужаки в городе
    • Gone Girl (= The Imaginary Blonde) / Пропавшая девушка
    • The Sinister Habit (= The Guilty Ones) / Дурная привычка
    • The Suicide (= The Beat-Up Sister) / Самоубийство
    • Guilt-Edged Blonde / Золотистая блондинка
    • Wild Goose Chase / Пустая затея (= Призрачное дело)
    • The Angry Man / Разозлённый
    • Midnight Blue / Все мы бедные Божьи твари
    • The Sleeping Dog / Не буди лихо пока оно тихо
    CASE NOTES (фрагменты неоконченных произведений)
    • The 13th Day
    • Heyday in the Blood
    • Lady Killer
    • Little Woman
    • The Strome Tragedy
    • Stolen Woman
    • Death Mask
    • Change of Venue
    • Do Your Own Time
    • The Count of Montevista
    • 100 Pesos
    • We Went on from There (29 глава The Far Side of the Dollar, автор не включил ее в окончательный текст)
    • Trial
    • Winnipeg, 1929
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The Three Roads / Три дороги 2011, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-74074-8, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
Meet Me at the Morgue (= Experience With Evil) / Испытание злом 1953, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-74075-5, Vintage crime/Black Lizard
The Ferguson Affair / Дело Фергюсона 1960, fb2; 2010, epub, eISBN: 978-0-307-74078-6, Vintage crime/Black Lizard


The cab turned off U.S. 101 in the direction of the sea. The road looped round the base of a brown hill into a canyon lined with scrub oak.
"This is Cabrillo Canyon," the driver said.
There weren't any houses in sight. "The people live in caves?"
"Not on your life. The estates are down by the ocean."
A minute later I started to smell the sea. We rounded another curve and entered its zone of coolness. A sign beside the road said: "Private Property: Permission to pass over revocable at any time."
The scrub oak gave place to ordered palms and Monterey cypress hedges. I caught glimpses of lawns effervescent with sprinklers, deep white porches, roofs of red tile and green copper. A Rolls with a doll at the wheel went by us like a gust of wind, and I felt unreal.
The light-blue haze in the lower canyon was like a thin smoke from slowly burning money. Even the sea looked precious through it, a solid wedge held in the canyon's mouth, bright blue and polished like a stone. Private property: color guaranteed fast; will not shrink egos. I had never seen the Pacific look so small.
We turned up a drive between sentinel yews, cruised round in a private highway network for a while, and came out above the sea stretching deep and wide to Hawaii. The house stood part way down the shoulder of the bluff, with its back to the canyon. It was long and low. Its wings met at an obtuse angle pointed at the sea like a massive white arrowhead. Through screens of shrubbery I caught the white glare of tennis courts, the blue-green shimmer of a pool.
The driver turned on the fan-shaped drive and stopped beside the garages. "This is where the cavemen live. You want the service entrance?"
"I'm not proud."
"You want me to wait?"
"I guess so."
A heavy woman in a blue linen smock came out on the service porch and watched me climb out of the cab. "Mr. Archer?"
"Yes. Mrs. Sampson?"
"Mrs. Kromberg. I'm the housekeeper." A smile passed over her lined face like sunlight on a plowed field. "You can let your taxi go. Felix can drive you back to town when you're ready."
I paid off the driver and got my bag out of the back. I felt a little embarrassed with it in my hand. I didn't know whether the job would last an hour or a month.
"I'll put your bag in the storeroom," the housekeeper said. "I don't think you'll be needing it."
She led me through a chromium-and-porcelain kitchen, down a hall that was cool and vaulted like a cloister, into a cubicle that rose to the second floor when she pressed a button.
"All the modern conveniences," I said to her back.
"They had to put it in when Mrs. Sampson hurt her legs. It cost seven thousand five hundred dollars."
If that was supposed to silence me, it did. She knocked on a door across the hall from the elevator. Nobody answered. After knocking again, she opened the door on a high white room too big and bare to be feminine. Above the massive bed there was a painting of a clock, a map, and a woman's hat arranged on a dressing-table. Time, space, and sex. It looked like a Kuniyoshi.
. . .

Chapter 1

All the time you’ve been away from a town where you lived when you were a kid, you think about it and talk about it as if the air there were sweeter in the nostrils than other air. When you meet a man from that town you feel a kind of brotherhood with him, till the talk runs down and you can’t remember any more names.
The city started sooner than I expected it to. In ten years it had crawled out along the highway, covering new farms with the concrete squares of suburban developments. On both sides of the highway I could see the rows of little frame houses, all alike, as if there were only one architect in the city and he had a magnificent obsession.
“It won’t be long now,” the transport driver said. He yawned over the wheel, keeping his eyes on the road. “I don’t need any dago red to put me to sleep tonight.”
“You live here?”
“I got a room in a boardinghouse at this end. You could call it living, I guess.”
“Don’t you like the town?”
“It’s all right if you don’t know any better places.” He spat through his open window into the current of air that the truck’s movement made, and a fine spray blew across the back of my neck. “I call Chicago home. That’s where my wife is.”
“That makes the difference.”
“You married?”
“No,” I said. “I’m traveling on my own.”
“Looking for a job, eh?”
“That’s right.”
“You shouldn’t have any trouble here. Matter of fact, we need helpers down at the depot right now. Half the time I have to load my own truck. You strong enough?”
“Yeah, I’m strong enough. But that’s not the kind of a job I was thinking about.”
“Pretty good pay. Seventy cents an hour. You can’t do better than that around here.”
“Maybe I can. I’ve got connections.”
“You have?” He gave me a quick look. I wasn’t looking so good. I hadn’t shaved or washed that day, and my clothes had been slept in.
He must have decided I was lying. He said with broad irony: “Oh well, in that case,” and stopped talking to me.
. . .
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Здесь почти полное собрание художественных произведений Росса МакДональда, нет только двух рассказов: The Sky Hook и Shock Treatment.
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