Priest, Christopher / Прист, Кристофер - Собрание сочинений (26 произведений) [1972-2016, fb2/epub ENG]

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Christopher Priest / Кристофер Прист - Собрание сочинений
Годы выпуска: 1972-2016 г.
Автор: Priest, Christopher / Прист, Кристофер
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook

Кристофер Прист (р. 14 июля 1943 г.) — английский прозаик, начинавший литературную деятельность как один из представителей «новой волны».
Рассказы Приста стали появляться в периодических журналах с 1966 г., а в 1970 г. вышел его первый роман — «Тиски доктринерства». Это мрачный взгляд на будущее практически уничтоженного мира. Следующий роман, «Фуга темнеющему острову», посвящен ближайшему будущему Великобритании, которую одолевают эмигранты из Африки. Однако наибольший успех выпал на долю следующего романа, «Опрокинутый мир». Его действие происходит в гиперболической вселенной, сконструированной автором с редкой научной достоверностью.
Начиная с романа «Сны Уэссекса», где души нескольких десятков людей переносятся при помощи компьютера в виртуальный мир, Кристофер Прист начинает уделять всё больше внимания психологическим аспектам прозы и игре со смыслами слов. «Гламур» становится древними колдовскими чарами, а «Престиж» следует понимать как эффект от фокуса. По роману «Престиж» в 2006 г. режиссер Кристофер Нолан снял художественный фильм.
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I stood near the edge of the cliff, adopting what I hoped would appear to a casual onlooker to be a literary posture. I had one foot braced against a low rock protruding from the turf, and the other leg straight behind me. My arms were folded and I frowned down intensely, watching the sea breaking white against the rocks at the foot of the cliffs. There was, as far as I knew, no one around, but in solitude one often imagines an unseen watcher and hopes to project an image of oneself for that person. I was intending by my stance to surround myself with an aura of profundity and creativity, dreaming unimaginable dreams while communing with nature. In fact, my feet were damp and I was feeling cold, and I was about to return to the village for a beer or two before lunch.
The coastline at this point was not spectacular in its beauty, but it had for me the merits of wildness and ruggedness. The only sign of habitation, provided I did not look back towards the village, was the coastguard’s look-out post, still flying its warning flag for the storm of the day before.
The loneliness suited me; I had come on an impulse to this village for a week’s winter holiday, responding to an overwhelming desire to get away from London long enough to remind myself that there were still parts of England that weren’t overcrowded. The summer tourist season was still several weeks away, and as far as I knew I was the only visitor at the moment.
The village was one I had discovered the previous summer. It was situated at the southernmost end of a rea—one of those uniquely Cornish river-mouths that are half-way between inlet and estuary—and was sheltered from the south-westerly winds by the bulk of cliff that lay between it and the sea.
. . .

Andrew Westley


It began on a train, heading north through England, although I was soon to discover that the story had really begun more than a hundred years earlier.
I had no sense of any of this at the time: I was on company time, following up a report of an incident at a religious sect. On my lap lay the bulky envelope I had received from my father that morning, still unopened, because when Dad phoned to tell me about it my mind had been elsewhere. A bedroom door slamming, my girlfriend in the middle of walking out on me. ‘Yes, Dad,’ I had said, as Zelda stormed past with a boxful of my compact discs. ‘Drop it in the mail, and I’ll have a look.’
After I read the morning’s edition of the Chronicle, and bought a sandwich and a cup of instant coffee from the refreshment trolley, I opened Dad’s envelope. A large-format paperback book slipped out, with a note loose inside and a used envelope folded in half.
The note said, ‘Dear Andy, Here is the book I told you about. I think it was sent by the same woman who rang me. She asked me if I knew where you were. I’m enclosing the envelope the book arrived in. The postmark is a bit blurred, but maybe you can make it out. Your mother would love to know when you are coming to stay with us again. How about next weekend? With love, Dad.’
At last I remembered some of my father’s phone call. He told me the book had arrived, and that the woman who had sent it appeared to be some kind of distant relative, because she had been talking about my family. I should have paid more attention to him.
. . .
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