Matthew Helmke - Ubuntu Unleashed 2014 Edition: Covering 13.10 and 14.04, 9th edition [Учебник, 2014, PDF, EPUB][ENG]

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Ubuntu Unleashed 2014 Edition: Covering 13.10 and 14.04, 9th edition

Безграничная Ubuntu. Рассмотрены версии 13.10 и 14.04

Год выпуска: 2014
Автор: Matthew Helmke
Наличие иллюстраций: Цв. иллюстрации
Жанр: Учебник
Язык: Английский
Издательство: Pearson Education
ISBN: 978-0-672-33693-5
Формат: PDF, EPUB
Качество: Электронное издание: оригинал-макет
Количество страниц: 900
Описание: We are pleased to present the 2014 edition of Ubuntu Unleashed. Ubuntu is a Linux-based computer operating system that has taken the world by storm. From its humble beginning in 2004, Ubuntu has risen to be the vanguard of desktop Linux, as well as a popular choice for servers. Ubuntu descends from one of the oldest and most revered Linux distributions, Debian. Debian is assembled by a team of talented volunteers, is one of the most stable and customizable distributions of Linux, and is well respected for its quality and technological prowess. It is, however, an operating system for geeks; the bar for entry into the Debian realm is set high, and its user base tends to be highly proficient and expects new users to learn the ropes before joining in. That is both appropriate and okay. What Ubuntu has done is leverage the quality of Debian to create an operating system that ordinary people can use. That doesn’t mean that Ubuntu users are not technologically proficient, just that they do not have to be. In fact, many talented and respected software developers love Ubuntu because it enables them to concentrate on their specific interests instead of the details of the operating system. This book is for these people and for those who aspire to join their ranks. If you are new to Linux, you have made a great decision by choosing this book. Sams Publishing’s Unleashed books offer an in-depth look at their subjects, taking in both beginner and advanced users and moving them to a new level of knowledge and expertise. Ubuntu is a fast-changing distribution that has an updated release twice a year. We have tracked the development of Ubuntu from early on to make sure that the information in this book mirrors closely the development of the distribution. A full copy of Ubuntu is included on the enclosed disc, and it is possible for you to install Ubuntu from that disc in less than an hour!
Part I Installation and Configuration
1 Installing Ubuntu and Post-Installation Configuration
2 Background Information and Resources
Part II Desktop Ubuntu
3 Working with Unity
4 On the Internet
5 Productivity Applications
6 Multimedia Applications
7 Other Ubuntu Interfaces
8 Games
Part III System Administration
9 Managing Software
10 Command-Line Quickstart
11 Command-Line Master Class
12 Managing Users
13 Automating Tasks and Shell Scripting
14 The Boot Process
15 System-Monitoring Tools
16 Backing Up
17 Networking
18 Remote Access with SSH and Telnet
19 Securing Your Machines
20 Performance Tuning
21 Kernel and Module Management
Part IV Ubuntu as a Server
22 Sharing Files and Printers
23 Apache Web Server Management
24 Nginx Web Server Management
25 Other Http Servers
26 Remote File Serving with FTP
27 Handling Email
28 Proxying, Reverse Proxying, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
29 Administering Relational Database Services
30 NoSQL Databases
31 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
32 Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
33 Virtualization on Ubuntu
34 Ubuntu in the Cloud
35 Managing Sets of Servers
36 Name Serving with the Domain Name System (DNS)
Part V Programming Linux
37 Opportunistic Development
38 Helping with Ubuntu Development
39 Helping with Ubuntu Testing and QA
40 Using Perl
41 Using Python
42 Using PHP
43 C/C++ Programming Tools for Ubuntu
44 Using Other Popular Programming Languages
45 Beginning Mobile Development for Android
46 Developing for Ubuntu Mobile/Touch
Where are the Companion Content Files?
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