Josh Centers - Take Control of Apple TV [Справочник, 2014, ePUB][ENG]

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Take Control of Apple TV

Обеспечение контроля над Apple TV

Год выпуска: 2014
Автор: Josh Centers
Наличие иллюстраций: Цв. иллюстрации
Жанр: Справочник
Язык: Английский
Издательство: TidBITS Publishing Inc.
Формат: ePUB
Качество: Электронное издание: оригинал-макет
Количество страниц: 220
Описание: Everything you need to know about the Apple TV! The Apple TV may be the smallest component of a home entertainment system, but its size is in stark contrast to the vast quantity of content that it can bring to life through your television. With it, you can consider cutting the cord to your cable company -- and ditching that expensive monthly bill! And with the advice in Take Control of Apple TV, you can go far beyond watching movies and TV shows to make the Apple TV into the hub of your stereo system, display gorgeous slideshows of your photos, and play iPhone and iPad games on the big screen.
Все вы должны знать о Apple TV! Apple TV может быть самым маленьким компонентом домашней системы развлечения, ее размер находится на абсолютном контрасте по отношению к огромному количеству содержания, которое это может привести в чувство через Ваше телевидение. С этим оборудованием Вы можете отказаться от кабеля Вашей кабельной компании, что в итоге приведет к отказу дорогого ежемесячного счета! С этим советом вы возьмете под свой контроль Apple TV. Вы можете пойти дальше, за пределы просмотра кино и сериалов, чтобы превратить Apple TV в центр Вашей стерео-системы, просматривать великолепные слайд-шоу с фотографиями и играть в iPhone и iPad игры на широкоформатном экране.

Written by TidBITS managing editor Josh Centers, the ebook walks new owners through setup, and then dives into explaining how to best control the Apple TV with the included remote, Apple's Remote app, or another TV remote. You'll learn to customize the icon grid on the main screen, enable parental controls, and make your screen saver look awesome. Josh also covers uses of AirPlay, the Apple technology that lets you beam audio and video from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the Apple TV, and lets the Apple TV send audio to compatible speakers anywhere in your home. When it comes to content, you'll tour the Apple TV's built-in video apps -- iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, PBS, YouTube, and more -- plus get ideas for which are likely to offer what you want to watch. But you're not restricted to commercial video -- Josh explains how you can best view home movies and any DVDs or Blu-ray discs you own, listen to your music or iTunes Radio, use Home Sharing to display your photos via the Apple TV, and discover iOS games designed for playing via the Apple TV. If you're feeling geeky, you can read about how to make Plex bring in even more video content, including free access to Comedy Central's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Finally, the Apple TV isn't just about entertainment. Thanks to AirPlay, it makes a great device for giving presentations from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad using Keynote; it's the perfect accompaniment for a road warrior heading into unfamiliar conference rooms. Josh gives you all the details, including a list of what you'll need to handle any hardware you may encounter.
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