Lance Whitney - Windows® 8 Five Minutes at a Time [Операционные системы, 2013, PDF][ENG]

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Windows® 8 Five Minutes at a Time

Windows® 8 5 минут за один раз

Год выпуска: 2013
Автор: Lance Whitney
Наличие иллюстраций: Цв. иллюстрации
Жанр: Операционные системы
Язык: Английский
Издательство: Wiley
ISBN: 978-1-118-41864-2
Формат: PDF
Качество: Электронное издание: оригинал-макет
Количество страниц: 386
Описание: Windows 8 represents the most radical change to Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 95 was released 17 years ago. With its new Start screen and interface, the latest version of Windows is an attempt to create a single operating system designed to run on both traditional PCs and tablets. But no one likes change. People used to the familiar Start menu and features of Windows 7, Vista, and XP may find Windows 8 challenging and frustrating, at least until they learn all the tips and tricks for navigating and using the new operating system. This book is designed to share many of those tips and tricks so that you can move beyond the challenges and frustrations to take full advantage of the new flavor of Windows. People new to Windows 8 should find this book helpful, though it’s also geared toward those who’ve already dabbled with the new version. Even users who have been working and playing with Windows 8 might still find themselves in uncertain territory. You may be confused or discouraged by certain aspects of the new version. You may be uncertain where to find or how to use certain features. Or you may already feel comfortable with Windows 8 but simply want to discover more of the hidden shortcuts and other surprises lurking about. Though Windows 8 is aimed toward both PCs and tablets, this book is directed strictly toward PC users. Tablet owners can tap and swipe their way throughout the Start screen and Windows 8 apps. But PC users can just as easily navigate and work with apps via traditional mouse and keyboard, a topic covered by several tasks throughout this book. The book is divided into four sections. The first three sections — The Basics, Be Imaginative, and Beat the Clock — are task-oriented. All three sections contain a series of unique tasks, each with individual steps. By following the steps and completing each task, you should gain a greater understanding of Windows 8 and its various applications and features. As the title promises, each task is designed to be completed in five minutes or less. But don’t worry, there’s no stopwatch. You can take as much or as little time as you want with each individual task. The goal is to learn from the task so you can use that knowledge to more easily and effectively work with Windows 8. Most of the tasks are designed to be self-contained, so you can pick any task anywhere in the book, rather than having to go from start to finish. Some tasks refer to other tasks as prerequisites, but those are noted in the book.
Navigating the Windows 8 Start Screen . 4
Pinning an Application to the Start Screen 7
Creating and Naming Groups of Apps 10
Resizing a Start Screen Tile . 13
Searching for Apps, Settings, and Files 15
Searching for Apps in the Windows Store 18
Downloading Apps from the Windows Store 20
Working with Multiple Windows 8 Apps . 23
Shutting Down or Restarting Windows . 26
Putting Windows to Sleep 29
Hibernating Windows . 31
Customizing the Desktop . 34
Using the File Explorer Ribbon . 37
Opening Two Instances of File Explorer . 40
Copying or Moving Files . 42
Customizing the Taskbar 45
Adding a Taskbar Toolbar 47
Re-creating the Quick Launch Toolbar . 49
Searching for Items in File Explorer 52
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar . 56
Managing Columns in File Explorer 58
Modifying the Windows Send to Menu . 61
Pinning Desktop Items to the Start Screen 64
Creating a Desktop Shortcut for All Apps . 67
Connecting to a Wi-Fi or Cellular Network . 70
Managing a Wi-Fi or Cellular Network 75
Setting Ease of Access Features 79
Displaying Administrative Tools 82
Dual-Booting with Another Version of Windows . 84
Setting Up Windows 8 after Installation 87
Updating Windows 8 91
Be Imaginative 96
Adding a Microsoft Account to Windows 98
Adding a Local Account to Windows 105
Logging in with Different Accounts . 109
Managing Your User Accounts . 113
Changing Your Account Picture . 116
Switching to a Local Account 120
Switching to a Microsoft Account 123
Changing Your Password Protection . 126
Creating a Picture Password 129
Customizing Your Start Screen 133
Personalizing the Windows Lock Screen . 135
Trusting a Windows 8 Computer 139
Syncing Your Windows Settings . 142
Adding Files to Your SkyDrive Page . 146
Using the Windows 8 SkyDrive App . 150
Setting Up the SkyDrive for Windows App 154
Opening Files with Specific Applications . 157
Printing Content from a Windows 8 App 162
Sharing Content from a Windows 8 App . 165
Searching for Content in a Windows 8 App . . . . . . . . .168
Surfing the Web with Windows 8 Internet Explorer . 170
Adding Accounts to the Mail App 176
Adding Accounts to the People App . 179
Contacting People via the People App . 184
Viewing Appointments with the Calendar App 186
Adding Online Accounts to the Photos App 189
Playing Music with the Music App . 195
Adding Album Art to Your Music . 199
Finding Places Using the Maps App . 202
Getting the News with the News App 207
Following Favorite Teams with the Sports App 212
Tracking Your Investments with the Finance App 218
Planning a Trip with the Travel App . 223
Beat the Clock 228
Creating a Tile to Restart Windows 230
Creating a Tile to Shut Down Windows . 232
Creating a Tile to Hibernate Windows 234
Accessing the Power User Tasks Menu 236
Customizing the Power User Tasks Menu 238
Logging in to Windows Automatically 241
Changing the Icon for a Desktop Tile . 243
Changing the Number of Start Screen Rows 246
Turning Windows Features On or Off 249
Forcing an Application to Shut Down . 251
Managing Open Applications in Task Manager 253
Monitoring the Performance of Your Apps 256
Viewing a History of Your Windows 8 Apps 259
Managing Your Start-up Programs . 261
Tracking Down Problems with Event Viewer 265
Checking Your Computer for Memory Problems . 268
Creating a Windows 8 Restore Point 270
Restoring Windows from a Restore Point . 273
Backing Up Your Files through File History 277
Refreshing Windows 281
Refreshing Windows from an Image 285
Resetting Windows 288
Booting into Safe Mode 291
Booting into the Options Menu . 294
Creating a Tile for the Options Menu . 297
Running an Automatic Repair in Windows 300
Adding Another Language to Windows 8 302
Pooling Your Hard Drives with Storage Spaces 306
Using the Windows 8 Remote Desktop App 310
Using the Remote Desktop Connection Tool . 314
Installing Hyper-V to Create Virtual Machines 318
Using Hyper-V to Create Virtual Machines 320
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