Ushio и другие - How To Draw Manga: The Basics of Character Drawing - vol1-2 (How to draw manga) [CG Drawing, 2004, PDF][ENG]

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How To Draw Manga: The Basics of Character Drawing - vol1-2

Как рисовать Манга - Основы рисования персонажа - 2 тома

Год выпуска: 2004
Автор: Ushio и другие
Наличие иллюстраций: Ч/б иллюстрации
Жанр: CG Drawing
Язык: Английский
Издательство: Go Office
Серия/Цикл: How to draw manga
ISBN: 4-7661-1482-5
Формат: PDF
Качество: Сканированные страницы + OCR
Количество страниц: 250
Описание: The foundation to drawing a character is the penciled under-drawing. An under-drawing that has somehow gone astray, once penned, ultimately results in artwork that just will not pull together or lacks balance. This volume explains in thorough detail how to handle the pencil, before the pen ever touches the drawing. Using actual examples of how a well or poorly penciled under-drawing can affect the final work, this book passes along many helpful pointers. Use this book to learn the absolute basics of penciled artwork, manga-style!
Chapter 1
Drawing in Pencil
Sketching and Doodling Are the First Steps Toward Manga
Original Manga and Illustrations for Publication Stan in Pencil
The Process
Creating Postcard-size Illustrations
The Under Drawing Process
The Type of Pencil Depends on the Composition's Size
Pencils Used for Under Drawings
Chapter 2
Drawing Faces
Faces: Start with a Rough Sketch
The Head is Oval
Building up the Head
Making Practical Use of the Basic Layout
Designing Faces From Profile Views
Four Profile Types
Facial Features (Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Ears, and Eyebrows)
The Basics of the Eyes
Masculine Eyes
Feminine Eyes
Rendering the Eyes and Movement
Four Common Mouth Types
Three Common Nose Types
Two Common Ear Types
The Eyebrows as an Extension of the Bridge of the Nose
Drawing Hair
Maintaining Awareness of the Direction of the Crown Whorl
Profiles and Hair Movement
Chapter 3
Drawing the Figure
Key Points in Drawing the Figure
The Basic Proportions
The Process for Drawing the Figure
Drawing from a Frontal, Standing Position
Drawing Side Views
Back View
Assorted Pose Layouts
Proportlonlng Characters
The Body-to-Head Ratio is the Key
Balancing Proportions
Differences in Height vs. Differences In Body-to-Head Ratios
Keeping Male and Female Characters Distinct
Using the Body-to-Head Ratio to Draw Characters without Bounds.....
Drawing from a Photograph
Drawing Super-Deformed (Chibi ) Characters
How to Draw Super-Deformed Characters
Adult and Kiddy Super-Deformed Characters
Body-to-Head Ratios of Various Super-Deformed Characters
Moving the Characters Way
chapter 4
Manga Miscellaneous
The Manga Clinic
Drawing Characters with Cars
Common Minor Errors in Manga
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