Коллектив - The Cambridge History of Law in America / Кэмбриджская история права в Америке. V.1-3 / Т.1-3 [2008, PDF, ENG]

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The Cambridge History of Law in America / Кэмбриджская история права в Америке. V.1-3 / Т.1-3

Год: 2008
Автор: Коллектив
Жанр: Научно-популярный
Издательство: Кэмбридж
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Описание: История права в Америке...
Volume 1: Early America (1580–1815)
Volume 2: The Long Nineteenth Century (1789–1920)
Volume 3: The Twentieth Century and After (1920–)

The Cambridge History of Law in America Vol. 1: Early America (1580–1815)
Law, Colonization, Legitimation, and the European Background by Anthony Pagden
The Law of Native Americans, to 1815 by Katherine A. Hermes
English Settlement and Local Governance by Mary Sarah Bilder
Legal Communications and Imperial Governance: British North America and Spanish America Compared by Richard J. Ross
Regionalism in Early American Law by David Thomas Konig
Penality and the Colonial Project: Crime, Punishment, and the Regulation of Morals in Early America by Michael Meranze
Law, Population, Labor by Christopher L. Tomlins
The Fragmented Laws of Slavery in the Colonial and Revolutionary Eras by Sally E. Hadden
The Transformation of Domestic Law by Holly Brewer
Law and Religion in Colonial America by Mark McGarvie and Elizabeth Mensch
The Transformation of Law and Economy in Early America by Bruce H. Mann
Law and Commerce, 1580–1815 by Claire Priest
Law and the Origins of the American Revolution by Jack P. Greene
Confederation and Constitution by Jack N. Rakove
The Consolidation of the Early Federal System, 1791–1812 by Saul Cornell and Gerald Leonard
Magistrates, Common Law Lawyers, Legislators: The Three Legal Systems of British America by James A. Henretta
Bibliographic Essays
Notes on Contributors (in Order of Appearance)
Law and the American State, from the Revolution to the Civil War: Institutional Growth and Structural Change by Mark R. Wilson
Legal Education and Legal Thought, 1790–1920 by Hugh C. MacGill and R. Kent Newmyer
The Legal Profession: From the Revolution to the Civil War by Alfred S. Konefsky
The Courts, 1790–1920 by Kermit L. Hall
Criminal Justice in the United States, 1790–1920: A Government of Laws or Men? by Elizabeth Dale
Citizenship And Immigration Law, 1800–1924: Resolutions Of Membership And Territory by Kunal M. Parker
Federal Policy, Western Movement, and Consequences for Indigenous People, 1790–1920 by David E. Wilkins
Marriage and Domestic Relations by Norma Basch
Slavery, Anti-Slavery, and the Coming of the Civil War by Ariela Gross
The Civil War And Reconstruction by Laura F. Edwards
Law, Personhood, and Citizenship in the Long Nineteenth Century: the Borders of Belonging by Barbara Young Welke
Law in Popular Culture, 1790–1920: The People and the Law by Nan Goodman
Law and Religion, 1790–1920 by Sarah Barringer Gordon
Legal Innovation and Market Capitalism, 1790–1920 by Tony A. Freyer
Innovations in Law and Technology, 1790–1920 by B. Zorina Khan
The Laws of Industrial Organization, 1870–1920 by Karen Orren
The Military in American Legal History by Jonathan Lurie
The United States and International Affairs, 1789–1919 by Eileen P. Scully
Politics, State-Building, and the Courts, 1870–1920 by William E. Forbath
Bibliographic Essays
Notes on Contributors (in order of appearance)
Law and the State, 1920–2000: Institutional Growth and Structural Change by Daniel R. Ernst
Legal Theory And Legal Education, 1920–2000 by William W. Fisher III
The American Legal Profession, 1870–2000 by Robert W. Gordon
The Courts, Federalism, and The Federal Constitution, 1920–2000 by Edward A. Purcell, Jr.
The Litigation Revolution by Lawrence M. Friedman
Criminal Justice in the United States by Michael Willrich
Law and Medicine by Leslie J. Reagan
The Great Depression and the New Deal by Barry Cushman
Labor's Welfare State: Defining Workers, Constructing Citizens by Eileen Boris
Poverty law and income Support: From the Progressive Era to the War on Welfare by Gwendolyn Mink, Samantha Ann Majic and Leandra Zarnow
The Rights Revolution in the Twentieth Century by Mark Tushnet
Race and Rights by Michael J. Klarman
Heterosexuality as a Legal Regime by Margot Canaday
Law and the Environment by Betsy Mendelsohn
Agriculture and the State, 1789–2000 by Victoria Saker Woeste
Law and Economic Change During the Short Twentieth Century by John Henry Schlegel
The Corporate Economy: Ideologies of Regulation and Antitrust, 1920–2000 by Gregory A. Mark
Law and Commercial Popular Culture in the Twentieth-Century United States by Norman L. Rosenberg
Making Law, Making War, Making America by Mary L. Dudziak
Law, Lawyers, and Empire by Yves Dezalay and Bryant G. Garth
Bibliographic Essays
Notes on Contributors (In Order of Appearance
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